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Maelstrom Moment

This picture is truest to the color.
Maelstrom caught me in its current and I had a swirling good time. This sock is as much fun to wear as it is to knit.
The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight, color Coral. It worked well for the leg and heel as my instep is high, but the foot would have been too large had I not decreased down to 58 stitches after the gusset.

They look great in my favorite shoes and my toes are happy and warm.


I love those! Awesome socks.

Lovely socks! and those shoes! me like :)

Very cool! Or warm as the case may be!

Those look yummy warm!

They look gorgeous. What a wonderful cheery color for the drabness of this time of year. I'm glad Mr. Sock Mojo returned for a bit anyway;-)

They warm my feet..oops I meant 'sole'..very pretty!

Da sock mojo has returned with a vengeance!

Yay, socks! They are beautiful! I bet your feet love 'em, too.

What a beautiful pattern and they look SO cute in those shoes!

They are gorgeous!


Those look so comfortable! Nice job!

supercute, and somehow, they remind me that spring will come.....

Very pretty socks - and way cool shoes. ;o)

They are so pretty! And do look awesome with your shoes!!

Those are great! Love the color. Awesome shoes.

Yay! Happy feet! Those thick socks will be nice for the cold weather.

Those are so pretty! I think I'll be adding that pattern to my queue.

They are wonderful, looking great with your perfect shoes! They are comfy with shoes? All that pattern makes me think that they should be bumpy to wear. Maybe that's just the Princess and the Pea coming out.

Just when I think my sock thing is over....

Of course, that could be the 'must finish' speaking. I'm getting bored and want to cast on NEW anything.

Those are really, REALLY pretty! Great job!

Those are a wonderfully bright and cute way to keep your feet warm.

I love that pattern, and they are so cute with your shoes.

Fab!! Great shoes, too!

Fabulous socks!

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