The Needles Keep Knittin'
New Year Slacker

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

At the first of the year I talked Smith into buying me a Gray Mist Bohus kit as a combo Christmas-Birthday gift. The kit has been sitting in plain view (no out of sight out of mind) for a full year and nothing, zero, nada knitting has been accomplished. I'm determined to change that in 2009. The main reason for the delay, for the anxiety surrounding this project, is the shear magnitude of stitches…surely a design knit on size ZERO and 1.5 needles will have eleventy-ZILLION teeny, tiny, super fine stitches to knit.


After thinking, stewing, drooling and desiring this sweater, I feel much better about starting it. There will be no deadline, no rush to finish, only enjoyment of the process.  Its time has come and with zero days left in 2008, starting a sweater on size zero needles sounds like good luck.  In an attempt to calm my excitement about NaKniSweMoDo I got a head start (can you call 3/4 of an inch a head start?) and cast on the neck band.  The yarn alone will make this pattern worth knitting as the angora content makes a soft, buttery fabric...ooohhhh yeah.  (One thing I've learned this year is just how much I love the feel of angora.) 

And so, away I go, starting the journey of a lifetime, knitting an heirloom sweater of a zillion stitches, a journey that starts on size zero needles.  Wish me luck.

Happy New Year!!


Good luck and a very happy new year to you and Smith :)

Good luck!! :) I look forward to hearing about your journey making this sweater. Also, EEEK!! NAKNISWEMODO!! ;) I'm kind of a little excited. :D

Just think of it as a series of socks, connected. You knit at that gauge all the time. Good luck, and happy New Year!

Good luck. I'm jealous. I really want to knit one too, but I MUST knit up stash this year!

I wonder what it is about a sweater's worth of knitting, whether on size zero or size ten needles. It always seems to be so much, almost too much, and I so often lose interest part-way through. I don't quite understand why. Perhaps in 2009 I'll explore and find out what happens when I push past those initial moments of boredom.

Thanks for all your knitting and blogging this year, Margene - I really enjoy it!

Good luck and don't forget to stretch!

Good luck. You don't need it, though. You are talented. You are determined. You are woman. I can hear you roar from here!

I have full faith and confidence in you on this one. It's a matter of pacing and expectation, and SPEED, you crazy woman.

Holy crap! Just think of it as hours of entertainment.

Happy New Year, Margene!

Happy New Year, Margene - your Bohus is going to kick ass!

Oh My..ZERO..I don't even own them. Makes my fingers cramp to think about..but you my talented KnitQueen will make it seem like a day in the park~Enjoy the Process~

It will be worth every single stitch. I am still admiring from afar. Have a wonderful New Year's Eve and here's hoping that 2009 is waaaayyyy better than 2008.

Best of luck to you. Congratulations on a year of great knitting and blogging and buddy-meeting-up (new catchphrase). It's been so much fun accompanying you on this journey. Happy 2009!

I've never even made SOCKS on zeros! I'm sure you'll do it, though. Happy New Year to you and Smith and the boys!

Good luck! I have no doubt that you can do this, and that the finished result will be worth every stitch.

I bet you will have it done in record time. Beautiful yarn makes up for the small needles.

That will be quite ze accomplishment.
; )

Yes - enjoy knitting that sweater with no deadlines. That's what it's all about is the enjoyment.

You and Smith have yourselves a Happy and Healthy New Year!

eleventy zillion!! hahah I like that!
I say ten hundred which annoys Moose to no end.
Happy New Year! Happy sweater knitting!

Oh, that is going to be gorgeous and well worth the size zero needles. I am always drawn to angora sweaters -- to buy, even -- not to knit. And it took me years to realize that I just.can' I'm allergic to angora. Could not figure out why I was itching and wheezing so. (duh!)

Happy New Year!!

I don't know if I'm patient enough to knit a sweater on size zero needles, but I'm ready to cheer you on! :)

I'm all for wee head starts! I myself spent my birthday working on the first of my sweaters for NaKniSweMoDo, and don't feel even remotely guilty about it.

Interestingly enough, I found a list I did a year ago of wish knits, and a bohus was high on that list. I haven't done a thing about it, though, or with anything else on that list. Hmmm....

Happy New Year and happy new knitting project.

Better you than me grrlfriend... and everything Carole and Laurie said. Happy New Year to you, Smith and the puppers!

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