Saturday Sky - Thursday Dawn
Sheer Will


This is going to be photos are not, uh, organized in folders, per se. Actually, you couldn't even call them "organized" at all! I do have some "albums" on the Mac, and something called Events, so I'll see what I can come up with. This might be the excuse I need to do some housekeeing on the computer!

That is definitely a good one!

That's the kind of picture that could give one hope through a long winter.

I see a theme here!

I told Marcia there are no picture police, and that the folders could be counted as she wished.

Oh, beautiful!

It is a good one! I can't even figure out exactly which is my sixth picture folder.

Why am I not surprised by that photo? ;^)

That's a perfect one!

That's actually kind of perfect! A single cloud over the apex of the mountain. Quite grand.

YOU TAGGED ME?????????????? The world's worst photographer? How could you;--)

Wow, I'm so disorganized that I am not even sure which folder will count as number six! Your photo makes me want summer hiking days back, already.

I like how it's like one of those little comment bubbles like you see in comics? Above the mountain? :D


Great photo. Love the cloud dot.

Gorgeous! Looks especially good, considering we've had gloomy grey skies and snow flurries here all day.

I love those little clouds, Beautiful! Now, where is my sixth folder,,,

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