Saturday Sky - Halloween Morning Edition
So Much is Happening Here!


Suggestive picture along with yarn. You have to tell me how that works up, feels, knits. Will it drive you nutz? I have the Kidsilk Aura book and I LOVE the cover sweater. But some have said it is the way to madness.

ah, there is nothing like the Indian summer days and nights after the cold sets in. They are very enjoyable indeed.
Can't wait to see your November knitting take shape!

OMG! An entire sweater from Kidsilk Aura? Wow! I knit a stole from Kidsilk Haze. I love it, but ripping? I had to look away and leave it. But, that's me, and I am such a weeny. I cannot wait to see it. It looks to be a very dressy-uppy sweater. Cool.

We had a HARD FROST last night ... again. We left the remaining squash and pumpkins outside, and so therefore I'm nervous about them and going to cook them all today so they don't rot. It's always something.

KSH is lookin' good!

Mmm, pretty yarn; I have the same colorway. Waiting for the right project, yarn squirrel that I am.

November is a bad month to NaKniSweMo for me, even though I am working up to knitting a sweater for myself for the first time in, oh, fifteen years. But holiday knitting and finishing things already on my needles comes first. January or February will be my PersonalKniSweMo (well, we'll see about the Mo part, but something like that).

But I am probably going to blog daily. Why not?

70 degrees at 10 pm on Nov. 1 in the mountains is pretty amazing. I wonder if any of that warmth is coming our way. It was a mild Halloween here after snow in the air on Monday.

Mmmmmmmm. That's going to be GORgeous!

It was very mild here yesterday but it got cold last night and the fire in the woodstove went out while we were out for the evening. Its only 55 in my house right now and I'm freezing but I'm NOT turning on the furnace!

LOVE the Kidsilk. I did my Birch in that same color. We had our windows wide open last night too. The crickets stopped a week or so ago though. Bummer.

I'm looking forward to seeing your Cardi Cozy, I just love that pattern.

Oh, the Kidsilk Aura/Haze is so worth any crazy making, don't you think? I love the stuff, and stash it like it is going out of style. That sweater will be lovely and so warm for its light weight.

Oh, where did I read about that sweater?? Totally love it!!

That will be 'scrumptious'..the color is divine!

Love Plan B!! We've had a glorious few Indian Summer days here but I fear they are coming to an end as well! Hello Sweater Weather!

Oh, a KSH sweater. *crosses fingers for no ripping required*

We're going to have a few more days of near-70 temps, looks like.

I am SO tempted to do that's the only thing from the new book that really grabbed me. Well, that and the linen stitch coat! Good luck!

That will be a beautiful cardigan!
And yes, I know we need the rain. But I don't have to like it, do I? *pout*

VERY pretty!

Hmmmm... whatever it is, I love it already!

Soooo pretty!

That sweater is going to look amazing on you.

The rain is on it's way. Nothing too harsh. Just a nice gentle start to what will hopefully be a wet winter.


I cannot wait to see what you think of this sweater. I think it is interesting and lovely and wonderful.

Ooh, lovely. We had our 2nd hard frost last night and am expecting more tonight. So not ready for frozen ground.

70 degrees?! wow.
its been so very cool here, I'm expecting a frost any day now.

I looked at that pattern the other day. It will be interesting to see how it turns out for you.

I went with another open work type sweater with thin yarn instead.

Will that cardi really keep you warm, though?

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