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NaKniSweMo Road Hazzard

No knit should be a slog. I've said that to several knitters this past week, including myself.  If it isn't fun, why are you knitting it?  If it's a slog, and not working out satisfactorily, why are you knitting it?  We could all use more time, especially more knitting time, so why are we so willing give up time to a slog of a knit. To digress just a little... If you need a quick gift, go buy something. It's unlikely the person your giving the gift to doesn't want your "quick" knit anyway.  Few people love your knitting the way you do and very few will appreciate it the way you do. Something as cherished as time should be only be given with great discretion.  This article in the Twist Collective says it better than I can.  OK, I got a little off track. Let's go back to the "No knit should be a slog" bit.

Unatrractiveblobhaze_3 Just as Plan B  (Ravelry link) was moving away from the hard to see increases and into the easy knitting of the body and sleeves, I made a tactical error. All that intuition and experience failed me and I hit a big bump in the road, a bump which nearly derailed the whole project.  All the adjustments to start the sleeves were made when I suddenly had the brilliant idea to knit the sleeves in the round. How cool would it be not seam them, to just knit round and round with the Kidsilk and be finished! Whee...it sounded great! 


HOWEVER, after purchasing the size 8 bamboo needles, and starting to knit the first sleeve I quickly saw the error of this decision.  The yarn just isn't quite right for sticky bamboo and trying to handle four needles, the fuzzy yarn, a cable and the decreases (which doesn't sound too bad as I type) turned into a nightmare.   The sleeve became a BIG OLD SLOG.  I told someone that I officially hated this sweater and didn't know if I could go on.  But, go on I must and when I sat down to slog on I knew, I just KNEW a change had to be made. 


Immediately I took out the needles and started rewinding the yarn row by row.  It felt good, cathartic in fact, and before long I had the offending 4" rewound and the stitches back on the lovely Addi lace needle.  The first row of back and forth sleeve knitting and there was no doubt it was the right thing to do. That evening the sleeve was nearly finished and there was no hesitation in starting the second sleeve.  All is well in NaKniSweMoland.  Let's hope this sweater photographs better when finished than it does now.


On a happier note, the Forest Canopy Cowl in yummy Manos Silk Blend, color Java, is finished and I love it's softness against my neck.  The pattern is very quick and fun to do.  If you love someone very much, and you would like to give them something you've knit, this would make a wonderful gift.  But, make one for yourself, too.


Thanks for introducing me to the Twist Collective. Their patterns are fabulous! And so is your cowl. Isn't that yarn lovely and soft. Happy knitting with the rest of your cardi.

I agree about the gift knitting - most people don't appreciate handknits the way we do. Glad you're back on track with the sweater and I love your new cowl!

no slogging!
what do you think of the manos silk blend?

I'm glad the sweater survived! Love the colors of the cowl!

We all need reminders about maintaining the joy in knitting. Thank you. I also believe your new cowl is absolutely gorgeous and I hope it's for you. You deserve it!

Your new cowl looks deliciously warm. Since our nasty cold snap this week, I'm all about the warm.

You know....I am interested to see how that sweater turns out. I had originally looked at it instead of the one I am knitting and at this moment, I am happy I chose the other one. ;)

Do love the gray yarn.

Wait a minute - you mean no part of knitting something should be a slog? That sleeves oughtn't to be the overcooked veggies we must eat on the way to getting the dessert of a finished sweater? You have much more patience than I do; I can stand about two weeks of knitting on a project, but just about the time the sleeves come along, I am bored to tears with the whole thing and want desperately to knit something, anything else.

Sigh...I have so far to go.

NaKniSweMo: The Adventure! Whew! What an update! Everything is looking beautiful, though. I really liked the wisdom in the Twist Collective article, too!

Love both the article and the cowl..The Manos was a perfect choice of yarn.
I haven't purchased that pattern yet..but it has been on my 'to do list'..today..maybe if I get upstairs to my other computer.

You know...I frequently get in trouble for thinking I know better than the designers...

Amen on knitting only what you enjoy! I think 2008 is my own year of the frog for that very reason!

I have to say that your sweater was the One that appealed to me most in the book, but it keeps falling farther down my list with each installment of your story! On the other hand, I do have a few people in my family who really like my handknits. And then there is that in-law who lives out near you.....

You need a light tent for that sweater. ;) I LOVE the cowl!

Thank you very much. Now I have ANOTHER thing I must knit before Christmas.

That cowl is gorgeous.

Love the cowl.. now for some time.

Gorgeous cowl, and I know that cardi will be worth the effort- the sample from the book is stunning and it looks like you've whipped that KidSilk into submission. Smooth knitting ahead!

Good for you for ripping back and continuing....a lesser person (me...LOL) would have tossed it aside. This is going to be a GREAT sweater when you are finished!

To me,sweater and slog are synonymous. Wait, is that you spell synonymous?

I still like the colors - beautiful against your rock garden. I'm hoping for a good outcome for you too tho!

You were inspired to slog on by my Sabine sweater adventure. Admit it.

I'm a moderation kind of grrl. Some slog, mostly joy. Seems more consistent with knitting life.

The cowl colors are wonderful on you.

Lovely, Margene. And I couldn't agree more about knitting for others. High effort, often with low reward.


I always feel better when I give in and rip back too. Lovely cowl, Margene.

Heh. I just finished my cowl.

You are so right, and that's why I'm ignoring that little voice in my head that says "must knit socks for everyone before xmas!" That's crazy talk.

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