Knitting Catch Up (Delusions Again?)

NaKniSweMo Report

If a knitter wants a sweater in one months time, it's best to keep a few things in mind.  A sweater knit at a large gauge will grow more quickly than say something on a size 2 needle. Use a yarn that is comfortable and lovely, one that your hands will love and that you'll love.  Of course the main consideration is the pattern. Is it a time tested pattern, something tried and true with few problems to fix? Above all, check for errata to ensure there are few, if any surprises. Input from other knitters is always a bonus (thank you Ravelry) and when you are ready to knit carefully read through the pattern and mark any changes that need your attention, such as size changes, increases, decreases, a change in needle size, or if it instructs "at the same time".  A yellow marker, pencil and paper,stitch markers, stitch holders and other neccasary items should always be handy.  Follow this advice and you'll be in the running to have the sweater finished in one months time.

2996657034_18aaf26074markersandrowsIt's proven to be a good thing that I moved on to Plan B for NaKniSweMo.  However, this seemingly simple cardigan has had its own issues from the beginning. I may not have followed my own advice when choosing this pattern. I did check Ravelry for errata and found many complaints and problems. In addition there was loads of advice and it seems errata was added daily for a time. Hope doesn't help a knitter much, but faith is active and requires participation.  I have years of experience, dozens of classes and many finished items under my belt.  That means my knitting intuition has been honed.  I know when a project is worth the effort and when its a bust.  I took the jump, acted on faith and went for it.

Even though the pattern called for only 2 balls of Kidsilk Haze, I knew this was unlikely.  I had 5 balls of my chosen yarn on hand so knew there would be no shortage if my intuition proved correct.  Later this corrected amounts of yarn were posted and I have more than enough.  I also saw a potential sizing problem as the finished measurements did not coincide with the schematic. This problem helped in my decision to knit a Small instead of the Medium size.


Addi Lace needles have been a big help, as they keep the stitches tamed and under control and the yarn has been interesting to watch, as it changed from white to gray to charcoal. It has been a wonderful experience to knit with this yarn and it hasn't caused one minutes trouble.  Even when I've had to rip back, it has behaved well.  This knitter is pleased.

To my advantage, the small size had minimal errata. However, the biggest problem has been the way the raglan increases are executed.  Once I figured out that the YOs in the "K1 yo K1" increases needed to line up one top of the other, the increases fell into place.  Reading them as if they were a lace pattern helps, as did stitch markers, but they are very difficult to see in the fuzzy haze of mohair yarn.

Some of the pattern rows are not written out and the only way to ensure the count is correct has been to write them out for myself. Counting the stitches in each section (front and back) is critical...nothing should be left to chance. Knitting through row 19 was an exercise in patience and perseverance, but once past that point the pattern has been easier to follow. 


The beautiful, ethereal cables come out of nowhere and if they are not well marked a knitter could easily to forget about them altogether. Sadly, the do not show up well in photographs (and barely in the actual sweater).  To make sure each cable is twisted on the right row, it has been best to keep a row count as I go.  This sweater demands constant vigilance, consistent and accurate counting.  Stitch markers are a must and there is no letting down ones guard, no easy mindless knitting. 

I am now knitting the sleeves (they are finished before the body, which is a good idea) and the rest of the project should be easy going (except for counting where each cables is twisted).  I do expect this sweater to be worth the experience.


It's going to be worth it to be draped in KSH!!

I love the look of the cables and think this will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Good luck paying attention!

It sounds like you're on track for a happy ending.

So far, so beautiful. I love it. And, it looks like it will be worth it. As Kathy said;-)

It's going to be a stunning fabric, and an amazing sweater.

You know what else is helpful in finishing a sweater in a month? Making sure your yarn is from the same dye lot. How do you think I learned this one?

My, my, my - she's beautiful. And something that requires that much thinking should be.

I adore the color(s)! It's really going to be a show-stopper when it's done. Keep the faith. :)


It's like a swirl of autumn smoke -- gorgeous. I'm glad it is benefiting from your experience and expertise. (Me, I'll be sticking to Knitting Pure & Simple for a while.)

Wow, talk about being ever vigilant... I like that ghost cable!

Elegant! I think this may become one of your fav's for a very long time~The colors are watching it grow!

I've been hoping to see that sweater come alive somewhere out there, and I can't wait to see yours! I'm looking for excuses to use that yarn again, so who knows.....

Lovely - like being wrapped in a cloud :)

Well, that's one I'm going to cross off my list. I'll live vicariously through your cloud of loveliness!

You've gotten through the worst - it should fly now!

Oh Margene....that is going to be gorgeous on you!

I love those cables. You are a Knitting Goddess!

Way to go on hanging-in...some of us would have found ourselves hopelessly lost. It looks as if it's going to be more than worth it!

What an adventure!! It's going to be gorgeous, but it's certainly not for sissies!

Great job. It's nice to see that someone will finish on time since I probably won't.

It will be so lovely!

I make note of your advice for the future!

Oh gosh, I am SO glad you posted about the incorrect yarn amounts. I was going to the store to get yarn for this tomorrow, and hadn't checked for errata at all!!!

It will be very much worth the effort! I am really looking forward to seeing this one finished!

That is just lovely. The cables and the color are very elegant. I can't wait to see the finished sweater!

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