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Let's Talk Socks That Walk First

The Mystery Sock proved to be the perfect way to keep Sock Mojo around.  He stayed the whole month, and is still hanging out, because he had such a nice visit.  Part of the reason he has enjoyed himself  was the interesting pattern Kirsten devised. He was in a state of delight all month!  As if to add icing to the cake, Kim's yarn made the pattern that much more interesting and enticing. 

Knitting with Kim's yarn is like viewing a pointillism painting.  Each stitch looks to be knit with a different color, but when viewed as a whole the colors blend in the eye and create a warm and unique colorway.  Moroccan Spice was the perfect mix of earthy tones and shades, and I must say, Sock Mojo and I were always entertained by it's changes. 


See the heel on the Mystery Sock? It is my first successful Eye of Partridge heel.  It's doubtful anyone has had the trouble I have had in keeping the stitch count right all the way through to the heels end.  I owe credit to Carole who made a very astute observation. She thought the secret might be to do all four pattern rows before you put the sock down for a break. That way one never need wonder what row came next.  I light bulb went off (I can be quite dim at times) and I was able to execute said heel perfectly when the time came!   I am easily entertained and love  little knitting tricks.


The best yarn, the best pattern, the best Mojo made Socktoberfest a blast!

Thank you Lolly, thank you Kirsten and thank you Kim. Hopefully I can keep Sock Mojo around and continue the fun!


I love my SOCKS!


They are lovely socks indeed!

I really like the Eye of Partridge heel (or, Partridge Family heel, as Sandy says), but I've had the same trouble keeping my place. Excellent tip!!

They are a wonderful combo of yarn and pattern. I'm so glad your sock mojo came back for these! This was my first successful eye of partridge heel, too. I think I still prefer a regular heel flap but at least I know now I can do this.

Thank you Margene!! I am so glad the pattern helped you find your mojo! They look great in Kim's yarn!

What's not too love!...They're just perfect..and what a way to welcome Mr.MOJO back, huh?

I love your socks, too! The yarn and pattern are so complimentary. So, sock mojo hasn't taken off quite yet, huh?

The EOP heel is quite striking in that lovely yarn.


Gorgeous! And that's a great tip from Carole, because I've had the same problem with the EoP heel.

Those are spectacular!

They turned out great! I had started but I didn't like the yarn I had picked.

I love your socks too! If I had even a small hope they would fit me, I'd be at your house right now, subduing Smith and the dog-boys and taking them out of your sock drawer to have as my very own!!

Thanks for the tip of the hat towards Carole. I missed that post. I've always had a hard time keeping my place but it's my favorite heel because it lasts longer. Real beauties.

They look great!!

They turned out great!

Great socks!

I am definitely going to knit those! Gorgeous! And I love Kim's yarns. I have both her lace and her sock yarn on needles right now!

Wow, those are GORGEOUS, Margene. I'm afflicted with loving EVERYTHING and wanting to knit EVERYTHING right NOW -- SOCKS, even -- and there's NOT ENOUGH TIME!!
I'm sure it's that seasonal thing and I'll work it all out -- or at least work on prioritizing.
; )

Did Dr. Suess write your title? ;o)

Love the socks!

Those look great! So happy to hear that Sock mojo is sticking around a bit.

They're wonderful - the pattern is great, and Kim's yarn is totally delicious.

Wow, what very interesting socks! Almost enough to bring MY sock mojo back.... love the colors.

*sigh* I have yet to successfully execute an Eye of Partridge heel. Someday.

Those are definitely some beautiful socks you have there.

Great idea on keeping track of pattern row. I use paper and pencil, but Carole's idea is easier.

I really like how your socks turned out! Beautiful!

Margene, they came out wonderfully!!! Whenever I do EOP heels, I do the same thing...that way I remember where I left off :)

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