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Coralformaelstrom_3 While patiently waiting for the sweater of my desire to be published in the Twist Collective, and for Knotions technical issue to end (poor Jody  has been working so hard towards the launch of Winter Knotions), the yarn for Maelstrom arrived! At least part of the waiting game has ended. This is the pattern that kept Sock Mojo on the hook. Now, Sock Mojo is an impatient guy and the fact that he stayed around to wait is a testament to how much he wants a playdate with that pattern. The yarn was rather photogenic when paired with the fancy cabled mug and that whet is desire all over again. We, Sock Mojo and I, cast on last night, but it was rather late, so we took no pictures. Surely you can imagine a short ribbed cuff in the lovely Coral yarn. So far everyone is playing well together.

This little shawl had its beginning a week ago Sunday.  It came to life as a result of the finishing flurry from the week before. With only 20 minutes to spare, the realization hit that I had nothing to knit while at Sunday SnB.  All my lovely fingering yarn was strewn around the room, as I'd been taking pictures for the ABC post. With all that yarn in front of me, I felt more overwhelmed than inspiration. 


As often happens, thank goddess, one yarn stood out and said it was her time and I knew immediately what she wanted to be when she grew up. I wound the yarn, grabbed the right needle and pattern, and headed out the door.  So far, with fits and starts of time together, she's been  growing slowly, yet surely.  The yarn is a Louet Gems fingering that Susan dye a couple of years ago. The pattern is the simple and beautiful Shetland Triangle Shawl from Wrap Style.

Newsecretprojectfromsusan During the tea party last Sunday I made an error on the shawl that needed extra attention. Rather than fix an error while chatting with grrlfriends, I turned to a new, easier project. Susan has a new pattern almost ready to publish and I had an advanced copy. (It pays to have friends in high places.)  I cast on, knit a few rows and, later that night, knit a few rows after everyone was gone.  It's going to be a fun, quick project and the only thing I'll say is how much I love Manos Silk Blend. Watch Susan's blog for details.

But wait, there's more! As soon as Winter Knotions is published, I'll be starting the Magic Mirror Mittens (look in the Entwined section). The yarn is ready to go when the pattern is available.  I'm also excited for the Salt Lake Knitters Guild meeting tomorrow night, where the guest speaker will tell us about her Bohus sweaters. I've put off starting Gray Mist because of NaKniSweMo (a Bohus sweater is not a one month sweater, at least not for me) and I'm feeling rather anxious to get started. The projects are starting to dance in my head like sugar plums!

Plan B has had quite a bit of time dedicated to her growth this week, but that sweater deserves its own post.  As Nora  says, What's on your needles today?


;) For me, it's the same old, same old. You are one busy knitter, and as usual, everything looks beautiful. Hope you got that ST back on track - I think that's one of the all-time fabulous lace patterns!

I have nothing on my needles right now. I knit a hat yesterday and may get another one started today, though.

So many pretties in coral, oranges and peachy tones. Hopefully, your November sweater is in a different color. Might get a bit monotonous;-) You have some mighty beautiful patterns to knit. You go, grrrl!

You always have such lovelies here! Right now I have the Twisted Vine Cardigan and a second sock on the needles :)

Oh Canada. Still. Just shoot me.

Whoa! I leave you alone for one moment and look at all you've gotten yourself into ;^) Pretty stuff! Being so enamored with all things socks at the moment, I can imagine the pretty coral ribs ... I can, I can!

Hmm. Maybe the question should be what ISN'T on your needles right now? ;)

I've got my eye on the Magic Mirror Mittens, too. Not that I don't have plenty of mittens/gloves on my plate already.
Though I AM waiting for an order of DPNs to arrive... Six sets of needles will let me cast on six more projects. Woohoo!

My head is spinning..how can you have so much going on at once?? I am afraid to look in all the places I have UFO's..but my main focus is a baby blanket that is about half complete,a cowl using some handspun*(not mine) a few scarves..then I'm casting on socks...if Mr. Mojo will return to these parts..he's been AWOL since last fall in this area.

So many secrets yet to come! Can't wait...

I love your shawl, Susan's yarn is beautiful. I really can't believe how much you get done. I'm still working on my Hey Teach but it should be done soon.

That is busy with knitting! Whew.

Didja ever notice how you pick such great bright colors for the gloomy days of winter? I shoulda known that shawl had Susan's "help" towards being.

Bloglines just ate all my saved information! Anyway, your knitting adventures make my simple little Wallaby and mittens seem BORRRRing!

Oh no, you're making me want to cast on for lots of new projects!

You are just as busy as I am. The chill in the air seems to be inspiring wooly thoughts in all of us.

It's all waiting and temptation at the moment, isn't it? I'm currently bobbing along on a Mystery Sock and a Mystery Hat and a Veste Everest for my mum.

I love how the Shetland Triangle is turning out. And Susan's new pattern is great.

I have a huge queue already, yet I am checking Twist's and Knotions' websites many times a day. Why, why, why? I should just be knitting :-).

Pretty projects - all of them!

Susan's new pattern looks like a cowl. I wore my Seaweed Cowl yesterday and it was perfect for the weater. Can't go wrong with wool and silk!

I just queued those mittens as well. You always find the best patterns!

Look at all your lovelies! I'm rocking away on the Matthew scarf, and I've got the Trekking Socks that Will Never End stashed in my purse for a traveling project. I'm really starting to hate those socks.

At least your knitting mojo is holding up. I bought yarn at Stitches East fr one project but decided to buy extra yardage in case I change my mind. I am also waiting patiently for the new Twist and Knotions to be up. I wonder what that yarn may turn into. And friends who design are always good to know.

What busy fun! Be sure to give us lots of details about the Bohus talk... I have mine on hold as well, waiting for a time when there is less competition and more ability to concentrate and give it the love it deserves.

I thought that lace looked familiar. ;^)

I am half way done with the decreases on sleeve #2. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to finish it today and go back to working on the body of my cardi.

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