Saturday Sky - Thursday at Dawn
Tea Party


Oohhhh.....I love coral! In fact, I have my eye on some coral yarn at my LYS during the next sale.

Don't you just love the mug! I haven't bought mine yet, but will later this week.

How cute. A knit cup. I may have to venture out and add it to some Christmas packages.

Very pretty!! Like the cup too~

I love the cup and the yarn is so spring-like and beautiful. It appears you had a good day:--)

You could SOOOOO knit that mug - with that yarn!

Cables on a mug?? Wow.

Very pretty, and thanks for the source info on the mug! I'd seen one somewhere, but didn't know where to get one :)

Hey, I'm going to have to check with my baristas!!

LOVE the mug! Looking forward to seeing you this afternoon!

Don't you just love days like that?

Gorgeous yarn - for Maelstrom?

ok. i may need to find that mug.

That mug is totally awesome! I never go to Starbucks but I might have to make the effort so I can get one of those.

What a great photo. I've been tempted by some of the new mugs lately, too, but I've held off.

Ooh... pretty yarn AND A great mug... want. that's almost enough to get me to go to Sta*bucks without stealing an espresso maker...LOL ... quasi quote ' they're stealing our culture, i'm stealing this" paulie walnuts

that coral is divine - me thinks perhaps your sock mojo has found its way home?? or shall it appear as another lovely pair of mitts ;-)

Hmm, I usually stick with the plain white mugs that match my dishes, but this mug is white.

Then there's the lovely coral shade. I wonder if they'll bring any semi-solids to Madrona this year?

That is so cute, and will make a cup of whatever even cozier.

Cute mug!

Out the door to Starbucks!

Very pretty! Looks like sock mojo has come home to stay for the time being. Use him well!

oh, i need that mug!
lovely yarn color.

i need that mug!
lovely yarn color.

Nice! Good combo. Very photogenic.

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