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Some of you have been concerned about my sanity, and my health, as I consider knitting twelve sweaters in 2009.  The way to go about any KAL, about any large knitting project, is focus, maintaining focus.  The main thing, the biggest deal will be to maintain the FUN!  If it isn't fun, if it become a problem, it won't happen, and that's the promise I'm making to myself.  No fun? No sweater(s).

There is that "faith in oneself" thing, too.  This year I knit seven sweaters and last year I knit several, too.  Only one sweater in that bunch took more than one month and that was due to my being too sick to lift my head during that time period.  It really does seem doable and there may even be time to throw in a couple of small items along the way.  BUT, as I said...No fun? No sweaters.

CherylS has designed the button and come up with a "name" for our bit of insanity fun.  NaKniSweMoDo!  January 1, 2009-December 31, 2009


I love the Do part at the end.  It's stands for Dodecathon, or dozen, or just plain DO, as in we can DO it, yes we can! 

We'll keep the "Rulz" simple...twelve adult size sweaters (knitting for yourself is the point) that can include vests or shells.  See that's not so hard, is it? We won't make you knit a sweater in 30 have a whole year without deadlines until the very last deadline...December 31, 2009. 

Now MY rulz, the rulz I will live by will include the main rule (sweaters for myself), but I'm going a bit further:

1. I will enjoy the process.
2. If it turns out something happens and I can't continue (for whatever reason), there will be no guilt.
3. There will be no guilt no matter what.
4. I will not give up until December 31, 2009.  There is always hope.
5. Laugh at myself.
6. NO competition with myself or others.
7. Things will happen as they will sweater at a time.  
9. Just be, no stress and enjoy.
10. Get enough sleep each night.
11. Eat well and exercise.

506025523_a96454b3d1noro There have been a few yarn developments.  I forgot about the 15 skeins of Noro Silk Garden that have been marinading in my stash for 3 years or so.  Often I think about knitting a sweater with this yarn and never quite bring myself to do it. I love the color combination, but not sure I love the yarn enough to wear it.  The jury is out for now.


After seeing Kim's Twisted Vine Cardigan I just had to order a kit and it arrived very quickly. The yarn is heavenly and the sweater looks like one I'll wear for years.

Rowanspundkgray And, one more a recent yarn swap I picked up 6 skeins of discontinued Rowanspun DK in a beautiful tweedy gray.  While I have nothing in mind it should make a beautiful vest.  I'll be searching for just the right pattern.

ETA:  We have a Ravelry group!  NaKniSweMoDo

There's still quite a bit of contemplation going on and a whole month to fret, worry, think and ponder.  This weekend I'm going to spend time with family and friends, time relaxing while knitting and spinning.  I'll also be counting my many blessings and the only shopping will be to gather a few supplies for drop off at the local food bank. The food bank is in dire need of all food stuffs at a time when many more people are in need. We must do what we can to help.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate.


You know, I was thinking about this last night as I was falling asleep and I thought, nah, I wanna do lots of different kinds of knitting in 2009 - mittens, shawls, maybe even socks. Plus lots of weaving and spinning, not just knitting.

And then I had an evil thought: Nobody said I had to start the sweaters in 2009, so maybe I could finish all those sweater WIPs first, and then knit whole sweaters.

So much for getting to bed on time. I can report there are at least 6 sweater WIPs around - oh, seven! I literally just remembered a vest - so maybe, maybe I'll join you guys. Or maybe not.

I have been lurking for about a year now and wanted to thank you for inspiring me to knit lace. I enjoy looking at all the beautiful pictures you post also.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I still think it's a crazy idea but I know you and I know you will act reasonably even in the face of the crazy.

I'm still wondering about your sanity....but you go grrl! I will be cheering you on. You are going to enjoy working with that Sunday knits yarn...scrumptious stuff I tell you.

Now those are some rules I can live with! Believe me, I've seriously been considering joining in - especially after a quick look at the stash the other day and several pattern book reviews. (The knitting for one's self is a pretty big goal of mine, too.) I'm going to think about it during my THanksgiving vacation, and I'll let you know what I decide next week!

I admire people who can stick with KALs. For me, as soon as I join one, it's a sure sign that it's one thing I will *not* be knitting on for quite a while. Good luck on your sweaters!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good luck with the sweaters, I'm sure you will be able to get them done. Me on the other hand could not even think of it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Joins the cheering section..singing..YES YOU CAN!!

It's good that the goal is twelve sweaters in a year, not one sweater per month. This is doable, though I have a feeling a year-long commitment will grow old with most people.

And here I was thinking the "Do" was like "D'oh!"

I think it's a splendid idea. My goal is more modest -- two sweaters in 2009. Since I finished one in 2008, this means I ought to be able to join your KAL in 2019. You're still planning on running it then, right? ;)

Funny, the blog that came up before yours on my google reader was the Keyboard Biologist's retrospective look ( at how well her favorite sweater, made from Silk Garden, has held up in the five years since she knit it.

Can't do it. Sock Madness made me a leeetle crazy and that was just a couple of months. Now if you had a National Finish the sweaters you've already started KAL, I would be down with that!

I think you certainly have the right attitude about this KAL. You'll have to have a grand New Year's Eve fashion shoot!

Oh, there are some wonderful sweater patterns out there that really show off the Noro, if you can bring yourself to wear it.

Love the button and the motto. :)

Have a relaxing holiday!

You've got me wondering if I could do this? Just think of the end of Dec 2009 and a dozen sweaters.....ahhhhhhhh! Well, as you said, there's a month to ponder, wonder, and/or plan.

Now, if it were SIX sweaters in the year, I'd be so in! Hmm, maybe I'll start a KAL for us underachievers! Seriously, there are greandkids who need hats and mittens, husbands who need socks, and a huge bin of Noro Kureyon destined for an afghan, plus all that lace I want to knit. But, good luck to you! Happy Thanksgiving!

As I told Susan, I'm not sure I can even watch this! Sweaters intimidate me more than pretty much anything.

May I suggest the Mendocino vest for your lovely new grey? It is a bit lacy and buttons up the front. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Is it bad to say that after being pregnant for the last 8.5 months, one of the things I'm most looking forward to (apart from the baby!) is knitting sweaters again? :P

My suggestion for the Rowanspun is Knitty's Honeycomb vest:

Yep. I think I'm just crazy enough to join up.

I'm going to have to give serious thought to that Twisted Vine Cardigan. The yarn is scrumptious.

I was working on the Noro tea cozy yesterday, and thinking that maybe I should try a cardigan from Kureyon, too.

It sounded insane at first but you put in perspective. Especially when you figure in some vests - not bad at all. I would actually love to join in - problem is that I am larger than the average gal and knitting a sweater for me, well, it takes some time!!! And I'm too selfish to do all that knitting for somebody else.

I love the Noro - awesome colors!

a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours....

Hmmmmm - I've never done an "along" before, but this one is tempting. I've been toying for some time with knitting one of every EZ shoulder/yoke permutation, just to get the feel of them underhand... this could be a good impetus to get going. I'm not sure I could handle any more creative pressure than I already put on myself, though.

Oh, that Noro is lovely!
Happy T-day!

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