NaKniSweMo Report
A Small Collection


It's been such a crazy week and I haven't had much time to knit.  Everything else is taken up my time, my precious knitting time included!  Work is crazy and my social life the first part of the week was a bit busy, too.  Tonight I hope to sit on my arse and catch up with myself, my knitting, the laundry (why does it never go away?), and my favorite TV show (Survivor).

Jadis_foxfireyarn Last night the Knitters Guild meeting was fascinating and I'll have pictures and a report for you soon. Susan N. brought her wonderful Bohus sweaters and kits for us to see and it gave me new resolve to start my own Bohus sweater as soon as I can.  However, I saw that the picture-less designs for the Winter Twist Collective were starting to showing up on Ravelry.  Last week the yarn for Jadis (the pattern I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for) arrived and I am chomping at the bit to start knitting this luxurious cormo/alpaca/silk yarn. Isn't the Winterberry color gorgeous!?  (Can you tell I'm excited!??!) I hope the designs are published soon!

I started the Maelstrom sock from the first Twist Collective, but because of the meeting I had NO time for pictures. If there is a picture in this spot it's because I three and half minutes before I ran out the door.  It's a very cool pattern, so far.


Smith and having dinner together (for the first time in a week) was more important than the blog (sorry, sorta).  We went out to our favorite burger place, a place we rarely frequent as we don't eat burgers and fries very often.  It just felt right last night.

And one last quick note...Paula would like you to take her survey.



Nicely color-coordinated projects you have there, Margene. You should finish the Kidsilk Haze piece soon and so have to decide between your original plan of Jadis or your Bohus. Not a bad dilema, that.

I love the title of your post. My son just said to me the other day "Who says egads?" - so now I can tell him "Margene does!" Love the exciting knitting and future knitting going on at your place. Have fun!

Gorgeous colors! Glad you found those 3 minutes.

Sometimes you just have to eat a burger.

Even if you don't knit the sweater this month I know it will be knit up quickly. I'm glad you finally broke down and bought the yarn.

Thanks for the shout-out Margene! Mwah!

OOOOOHH. Such pretties. And, the Maelstrom sock in that colorway is beautiful! I remember pictures of your burger place, so I'm glad you had a nice dinner with the hubster. Now, when you get home, sit on your arse and knit!

I got 2 skeins of Winterberry this weekend!

Whew! Reading all of that makes me tired! You are gonna do 2 sweaters then in November, right? :D

Ah, it's one of THOSE weeks. Hang in there! Love that sock. Hmm...

Those colors are so pretty! I saw Jadis last weekend at the Gathering -- Barb Parry was there -- it will be STUNNING on you!

I spent alot of time with Barb of Foxfire fibers this weekend. She is such a nice will love that yarn!

Can't wait to see that Maelstrom grow! What's the yarn?

What a great color for you.

LOVE the beginning of the socks! You had a burger? Oh I want one! A good one, of course...
I guess it's the time of year, we're ALL crazy busy, right?
Take care of yourself.

Winterberry is your color. Gorgeous!

I'm normally a rabid Survivor fan, but the people are just not clicking with me this year for some reason. I don't even really hate anyone this time, and usually I have a few by this point. Anyway, that yarn is gorgeous, but anything Barb does usually is gorgeous! We have that burger place on our list for our next trip out!

jadis + winterberry colorway = perfect margene sweater!
pattern will be available very, very soon!!

Oh, that Winterberry is absolutely gorgeous! I have a week like that next week, and am getting tired just thinking about it. I actually have something going on every night, and so does my husband. And then he is going on a boy scout campout that weekend. We work together, so at least we will get to have some lunches together, otherwise it might get to where I didn't even recognize him ;).

SO pretty! I've had little knitting progress this week too - trying to decide if I really want to knit a cardigan on 3.25 mm needles is a toughie.

I"m glad you're excited!! How inspiring.

Now I can't wait to see Jadis. Your taste is exquisite, so I know the sweater is truly drool worthy!

Love the sock. Color and pattern are so pretty!

Publish! Publish! Publish!
(Do you think that will help?)

Patterns without photos are like, like,, like,,,,

Your new sock looks lovely, your yarn choice is as yummy as usual, now only if that pattern will show her face already!

I certainly understand crazy weeks. I hope you get reacquainted with the couch soon.

Fabulous colors.

Aren't you glad I don't email you about Survivor every Friday morning? ;^)

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