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You may have noticed that when things are not going well between what's on my needles and me, posting to the blog becomes a slog. The lesson learned this weekend was...it's all in your perception, and what you perceive may not be what is true. (How many times do I need to learn the same lesson over and over!?) It's all in the attitude!


Every chance I had I've been knitting, just knitting and knitting without thinking about what I was creating.  My reason was a good one, because if I gave it too much thought, my thoughts would turned to the negative, and I didn't want to go in that direction and speak ill, or think ill, of my knitting.  If you can't say anything nice... (you know the rest).  As it turns out, I was saved from myself by a few good things that happened along the way.

The first thing that changed my attitude was a lovely new tea I picked up at the Tea Grotto (my favorite tea stop).  It's a green tea flavored with pineapple chucks and mallow flowers (called Green Goddess) and it could not be more delicious.  The flavor is sweet and delicate, which makes a perfect afternoon into evening refreshment.  Having this tea as my companion made sitting with the slogging knitting all the more enjoyable.

The second advantageous happening was an early Holiday gift, a gift I'm withholding information on to ensure there is good fodder for easy blogging over the long weekend. Suffice it to say its existence in my life has been a boon.


The last development, and the best as far as knitting is concerned, has been the knitting itself!  Last week, after spending a couple of days knitting the sleeves I realized there was no way to tell how long the sleeves should be without trying the sweater on. Now, one cannot try on a sweater that has no body, which meant  I had to started knitting the body. All that going back and forth over so many stitches, set me off on a journey to the wrong mindset...the mindset of a slog.  My bad attitude was the cause of cables missed, with other problems along the way and, after fixing mistake number 129, I realized an adjustment in the mental state was needed.

The project sat in my lap as I worked and it was hard to tell if this gray mist of fluff, this shapeless, diaphanous entity could become something wearable, something that would fit.  Sunday evening, just when my attitude seemed to reach its lowest point, I decided to slip the sweater on and see if it was feasible to continue.  Was this perceived slog going to be worth the extra effort it would take to finish?


As I slipped my arm through the mist of gray I caught a glimpse of its potential, I saw the light. This sweater had form, albeit compressed (for it will need a good blocking), plus it also seemed to fit (hard to tell, but certainly looked right), and not only did the sleeves look almost long enough, only a few more inches of knitting would be needed to finish the body!  It was rather stunning to see and watch as hope grew and faith was restored. Now I can knit on, crisis averted.


That was a close one. Slog be GONE!
(I don't need to remind you of the process, right? It should be a good process, not a slog, I'm sure)

That is going to be a stunning, unique garment.

Yay! It's going to be so lovely, sheer and ethereal!

So happy she's not a 'slog'..she's much too pretty to have that label..It's possible she may become your favorite when all finished..which looks like may happen soon~
Happy Thanksgiving!!

We all need the reminders, don't we? I do believe that is one beautiful sweater and you'll love it more because you know how much you put into it. Simply lovely.

Slog averted, it's going to be gorgeous.

Things are really taking shape (as they say) for you...prettily! Nothin' like being wrapped in a cloud.

Oh - heh! Isn't it fun to look up and all of a sudden see the light at the end, and all your hard work paying off into something so beautiful?

Whew! It's gorgeous - I bet it'll be like wearing a cloud. A dry cloud. ;)

Looks pretty good to me, I can't wait to see it on you.

Margene, I think this sweater is going to be the ugly duckling that turns into a swan....in your last picture, one can tell just how beautiful she is going to be!

I find that one of my biggest problem areas in knitting is letting my doubts and fears for the project overcome me, causing me to stall to avert potential mistakes. nine times out of ten, I discover those doubts were wrong and the project once picked up (although sometimes years later) and completed, turns out to be one of my favorites.

Congrats on slogging through the clouds of doubt, so that you could see the sunshine of a beautiful project.

Yay! Congrats on getting through the slog! I can't wait to see what it looks like when finished.

There's got to be a name for those doubts we experience as we knit a sweater. If not, we should come up with one. I'm glad you've overcome that feeling. The finish line is in sight!

Congrats on your perseverance! I agree with our Woolen Rabbit- it will be a Swan when all is said and done.

I'm so glad the sweater is working out as you hoped although I'll admit I had my doubts, too. I remember visiting your Tea Grotto with you and Terry and Kim. That was a fun afternoon!

That is going to be a stunner....but I'm still not gonna do it, not in a million years! I have trouble with things that are easy for Margene, so I'm smart enough not to try something that causes her any slogging!

Attitude is indeed everything.

Good news! And the knitting certainly LOOKS lovely...can't wait to see!

Oh, look! It's a sweater!

Yay for the light at the end of the tunnel... as it gets larger, the slog through the darkness gets easier. So, would you recommend this pattern? this book?

Thank goodness! I started swatching for mine last night and as I made all the corrections on the pattern and looked at people's comments about the pattern on Ravelry I began to have second, third, and fourth thoughts. I put down the swatch and decided to sleep on it and measure it in the morning. Your post is like a beacon for me to forge ahead and cast on! I so love the look of the sweater so hopefully my faith can bring it to fruition!

I'm so glad the slog is over! That is one pretty sweater.

diaphanous. great word!

the cloud of grey mist is lovely too. Keep on goin', can't wait to see it on.

Isn't it wonderful when it all comes together like that? Here's hoping it's smooth sailing from here on out!

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