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A Small Collection

Off and on over the last few years there have been one or two objects of desire that have captured my imagination.  At first this cause an increased my desire to gather them close and start small collections. I learned quickly that I'm not about "the quest" as much as a collector should be and I quickly lose the drive and the "collections" languish. 

You all know how I love the weather and how the sky infuses my daily life. OldgreenishbellisstillnoisyThat love was the reason behind this small collection of wind chimes. Our patio is partially covered by a roof  which offers the perfect place to hang the chimes and, as luck would have it, the wind often swirls through the open area.

The wind chimes have been collected as we travel and when I look out and see each one I remember when and where it was acquired. This clanging, sturdy bell is a reminder of our trip to Martha's Vineyard in 1992.  It's one of the noisiest in high winds.  The color has been faded by years in the weather, but nothing else has worn.

Rustedbellisthefirst This is our oldest chime and it's rusted over the years, as it was meant to do.  It's been hanging here since the early 1980s and what I knew about the maker is lost in the ether of time.  As with the other chimes, it is noisy and easily rung by a gust of wind

If the winds kicks up when someone is in the guest room the chimes are taken down or the guest will never sleep. Together they produce a cacophony of sound.

MelodiouswindchimeThe most melodious wind chime reproduces each note of an octave.  Its silver tubes rarely play a known melody, but more often create music of its own to send out on the wind.

Fishwindchimeisnoisy The hanging fish are my very favorite of all the wind chimes on the patio. Their sound is not beautiful, and as you might guess, they sound like clanking terracotta pottery.  The fish were purchased from a catalog  years and years ago (long forgotten which company) and about 2 years ago the thick string they hang from broke during a winter storm. The fish hit the cement of the patio and shattered to smithereens. A Google search produced the website of the designer who still had several of the same wind chime in stock.  He was so pleasant and, also, delighted to know I loved the chime so much I wanted to replace it.  Sadly, I could not come up with a link for you today and I can't remember anything about the company name. ETA: The Chain of Life Chime is from Wiltjer Pottery.

This post has helped me decide that this collection must start growing again.  New additions to the patio wind chime symphony will help with my new found resolve to have a good winter season.  The chimes will help create a winter wonderland of sound.

W is for wind chimes in the windy weather of winter.


Your oldest one looks like the buoy bells that are ubiquitous around these parts.

If you ever make it out to the Acadia area, though, I highly recommend a visit to U.S. Bells ( ). If David weren't so noise sensitive, I'd have them all over our property.

As someone who has been a guest in your home I can agree that the chimes are beautiful but definitely make a lot of noise!

Cool! You are so creative with the ABC a-long!

Great collection!

Superb W! I share your love of those fish.

Wonderful! The fish remind me of a poster on the wall when I was in junior high: a succession of fish, each a little bigger, preparing to eat the one in front, with the caption "there is no such thing as a free lunch."

I'll bet your neighbors just love you.

Lovely collection. I would love it.

I find the sound resonates within me. I love our wind chimes. We even have a tiny wind chime hanging from our kitchen ceiling fan. The sound is wonderful. Thanks for that little visit with something that makes you happy. Have a wonderful weekend.

What a great W!

Those fish are GREAT!! Happy Weekend!

I love wind chimes. Ken always wants to put them away when the snow flies, but I make him leave me at least one of them out....I just love listening to them.

I really like your Martha Vineyard chime!

I have a chime like your iron bell. I took it down to spare the neighbors one windy day and have never put it back. :)

The fish one is so funny! You should go listen to Christine Lavin's song "Wind Chimes" on :)

Beautiful windchimes! I adore them and inherited my mother's, a set of the tubular ones you have, made by a local artisan who passed away this year. I don't have much of any place to hang them now, and I miss them!

Does it make me weird that the sound of wind chimes totally freaks me out? Always has. Yours are cute, though!

I love wind chimes. Our wind chime was a wedding present from the church choir that DH and I sang in. It always reminds me of walking down the aisle to a full church choir singing.

My Utah son gave me one just like the second one but wasps kept nesting in it so it's been down for several years now. I have one like the third on the screened porch but it rarely chimes for some reason. They are fun..especially love the fish!

I love wind chimes and I can see why the terra cotta fish would be a favorite. So whimsical. Great W.

I have ones like your 2nd and 3rd ones - love them. I found the tubular chimes in MN on the way home from Knitting Camp one year when Mom was still able to go with me. We were shopping in an outlet store, and I couldn't move without the tubes clanking - we were both nearly rolling on the floor from giggling over it. Thanks for the memory!

I like wind chimes a lot, but my musician husband is driven to lunacy by their intermittent noise. So none here.

(My W was GOING to be for Weather, since I -- as you know -- am also fascinated by Weather, and it's such a part of our lives in my home (as yours) that it may not be in other settings. (My friend in Florida lives inside climate control 90% of the time, except when she goes to the beach -- and it's a necessity in the desert southwest, where the weather changes are not QUITE as marked as for us! But I would miss the Weather elsewhere. Except I could definitely deal with shorter winter.) But my W got changed at the last minute, after planning Weather from the very beginning....)
: )

What a sweet W! Have a great weekend.

The fish are great, it's no wonder you had to replace them. I have chimes like your "melodius" ones, which were a gift from my favorite uncle.

I love wind chimes. I have a set of porcelain masks that are wind chimes that I hang inside near a window for decoration purposes. Growing up my parents had a set like your silver tubes and I LOVED those. Very melodic. And in our neighborhood, the winds would REALLY BLOW during the fall and winter, and they were under my bedroom window, so the sound of those always remind me of being snuggled in bed on a cold night when I was young(er).

Fun post! I love wind chimes too!

I love your fish chimes. I would have replaced them also. If you re-learn where to purchase them I'd love to know where. I would really like to get a set. Thanks, Sue

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