Under the Influence
A Day of Pure Gold


Gorgeous, Margene. Makes me want to drive to the beach. Too bad there's a storm coming in.

Margene at the ocean -- there's something we don't see very often!

What a great picture. Was the sand still warm from the earth, or has it started cooling down already?

As someone on the other side of that ocean I have to say, it looks pretty much the same over there as it does here. How strange!

Fabulous picture, Margene!

It's good you mentioned that was NH, or I'd be really worried about California right now. ;)

Wait long enough and Utah may have its own beach! It is pretty on the NH shore and I'm glad you got to tickle your toes in the sand of our coast!

Oh, I need some time on the New England coast! Next weekend in Midcoast Maine if all goes according to plan.

This is my favorite kind of sky!

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the trip, if I can't go there myself, I can live vicariously. Thanks again!

That is a gorgeous picture. I bet you were freezing your butt off.

it's one of those photos that has a beautiful variegated yarny feel to it!

Mmm - I can hear the soothing sounds now!


One thing that Utah does not have and NH has (a little of)!

I love that, and it's all the better because what you are wearing is all driftwoody and grey-blue-denim sky, the same as the background. Awesome!

Now there's a beach I recognize . . . same sand, same sky . . .which NH beach was it? I'll bet I've been there. How fun that you got to go!

Terry just won't leave that beach alone, will she?

LOvely shot. All the colors, including you, match.

oh, that looks so much like the Oregon coast -- which I miss SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!

Ooh, I bet you weren't sure your camera worked at sea level. VBG!

It's good to have pictures of your adventure. Hope you're having a wonderful time!

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