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Happy Days Continued

Smithmadekugelforfridaynightdinner Not to sound like a Pollyanna, but the happy, good "stuff continued right on though the weekend.  Last Thursday LizK blogged about her Aunt Cookie's Kugel and I just knew Smith would be reminded of his grandmother's if I made it. I printed of the recipe and left it on the counter when I went to work on Friday. When I came home there was  a warm pan of kugel cooling in its place(almost as if by magic).  Smith actually followed Liz's recipe (something he rarely does) and it was such a treat!  We had it for breakfast and dinner over the next three days.   

Coldwetandrainybutthefeltedboothwas Saturday we woke to rain, something that is desperately needed around here.  Sadly it was the weekend of the Great Baisn Fiber Faire and it was cold and miserable for the vendors and attendees.  Susan and I braved the wet to show support and found some lovely things to buy. Hopefully a few more Ewe-tah grrls made it by as it was surely a slow and wet day for everyone.  The bright spot of the festival was a booth of felted items from Kyrgyzstan that were brought by Big Yellow House.  I bought a thick, warm felted hat that protected me from the wet and chill.  It's funky and fun to wear.


The knitting happiness continued as Sock Mojo, inconjuction with Kim's fabulous yarn, smiled on me as I knit the cuffs for Kirsten's  Mystery Socks. Kim's yarn is a rich, warm, spicy brown created by a mix of colors like beige, tan, green and every shade of red brown. It's makes for very interesting knitting and combined with the pattern, very entertaining, too. 

You may remember the Georgia O'Keefe flower in Friday's post and my wish for a yarn in that colorway. Well, as fate would have it, awhile ago I was enticed to by a beautiful pink yarn (I know you're surprised) from Ruth.  The colors are a perfect match to the picture, a perfect match!  How lucky is that?  I think I have an idea what it will grow up to be and I know we'll live happily ever after, too. Ruth has a new online shop where you can by all her available yarns, jewelry and notecards.  Congratulations,'s a great spot!


Happy Monday!


Ooohhh, those socks look like they'd match my new sweater perfectly. And a good kugel...well, it's a thing of my past, what with the noodles and all, but mmmmm, it's got my mouth watering this morning!

That's a shame about the rain for the fiber festival. Good for you and Susan to go and show your support. Kugel - mmm!

I haven't had kugel since I spent summers with my Grandma. Yours looked wonderful. Socks? Wow!!! Of course, they could also be the ribbing to mitts, so I'll wait until you get to the heel flap;-) And, the pink yarn! It's stunning.

Those socks look like they might be in my favorite twist-stitch pattern. They look warm and cozy, in any case. And that pink yarn... good enough to eat.

Glad the rain didn't dampen your Fiber Spiritz'..the hat is adorable..and the socks are looking lovely..happy your MOJO is back..and that sure is an awesome needle keeper

I wondered if y'all would brave the rain. I, for one, was happy not to be sitting under a tent vending in the downpours and wind. Brrr....

I wish I had a cooking fairy who would make things from recipes left on the counter! :) Alas about the fiber festival - very common occurrence here, too.

for one more kugel---check out deb's at made it last year--it's pretty awfully good.

Its was so cold and rainy that I forgot all about the Fiber Fair. But I did get alot of knitting done. I'm loving the pink yarn!

I'm just loving Smith making Aunt Cookie's kugel. Spreading the love!

Oh, that is TOO bad about the Great Basin! Fiber Twist in Massachusetts was like that last year, but fortunately the booths were all inside a school. Better check the long-range weather before you head for the Hudson Valley next never know around here! Winter coats one year, tee shirts the next!

Looks like a good weekend all around!

I love the felted hat! Wish the Big Yellow House folks had an on-line catalog for us East coast folks! And I love the pink colorway - what is it's name? I didn't see any on her website....

Glad the weekend was a good one for you, rain & all.

Wasn't the weather HORRIBLE?

I'm going to try that leaving the recipe on the counter thing!

Pink yarn? Shocking.


I didn't get to GBAF until the afternoon. The stuff from Kyrgyzstan was definitely the high point, but no slippers in my size were left, and I didn't think the hat would be flattering for me. Karen bought one and it's ADORABLE on her. I'm sure yours looks great on you, too. It's well-suited for short hair.

I totally heart that yarn.

Sounds like a terrific weekend, and what pretty pink yarn!

Hmmm. Perhaps I'll have to try that recipe. Looks very similar to something Joe's mom used to make every once in a great while. Pretty pink.

I love the pink yarn-I have been hearing my pink sock yarn calling me!

what a cool hat you got - too bad about the icky weather, but sounds like Utah needed it badly.
thanks for the links to both the recipe and the Mystery Sock!! How fun.

Sounds like John better pack some warm clothes for his trip to SLC this week. Good thing I just washed all his wool socks. Love the felted hat you bought. And it's good to see socks on your needles again.

I'm going to print out the recipe right now and see how many days it will sit on the counter before I get some kugel!

The felted hat is fabulous!

Sory that it rained on your festival. Good for you going anyway. That kugel sounds delish. I may have to try the recipe.

Hmmm,,, Smith creation looks really yummy!
I love your new hat and the cuffs.
Have a great week :)

Kugel from Aunt Cookie? There's a recipe I need to check out. :D How fabulous is your Smith!

Loving that yarn. Isn't Ruth amazing?!

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