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If fingerless mitts are just a "knitters thing" (although many of you don't think that's true), we're the smart ones (but we already know that, right?).  Mitts maybe something you need to try to see if they're right for you.  I've found them very helpful alone when it's a bit too warm for gloves, under or over gloves for extra warmth, and when it's cold but the fingers have a need to be free.  Last winter they were indispensable and this winter I expect to be wearing them almost constantly.  Do you hands get cold while you're holding a book, typing, knitting, or driving?  Mitts are the answer. 

Kirsten's Genmaicha Mitts are high on my list of favorite mitts. This was such a fun pattern to do. The textured rib on the cuff hugs the wrist and offers pure knitting entertainment and it is long enough to tuck under a sweater or coat sleeve.

Mittsformeingenmaicha This is a well fitting mitt and many of my knitting pals have tried it on to find it comfortable and a "must add" to the queue. (It won't be too long before I knit another pair as I must have a set for myself.) The pattern is a nice combination of beauty, good fit, fun knit and elegant design. The yarn, Araucania Ranco Solid was also very impressive.  Every aspect of the yarn is wonderful from the dye quality to the yarn quality.  The color changes were subtle, gorgeous and rich and the yarn itself was soft, non-splitting, and top quality.


If you haven't yet tried knitting and wearing a pair of mitts, you really need to give them a try.  They are the perfect thing for blustery fall days and the Genmaicha mitts are a cut above. There will be more!


Really so pretty! And they sure do seem to fit quite well....

I. Love. Mitts! And those are beautiful. My daughter complained of cold hands at work, so I handed her a pair of mitts. Ummm. She wouldn't even try them. Said she just wouldn't wear them so why bother. Some things are just incomprehensible.

I am still in love with those mitts. And, they look so lovely on your hands. I love mitts, but often find that I forget to put them on (a stubborn streak of stupid;-) I can't wait to see the yarn you choose for yourself!

They do look nice...tempting to miss too!

Those are gorgeous. I've already added them to my list. You might need 'em this weekend!

Way to go to convert people! Those are a great-looking pattern, and I can see why they'd be a great fit. Yep, I'll have to knit those at some point too to add to my mitt collection and gifting list.

Thank you Margene! I am so happy that you like the pattern. I look forward to seeing your next pair.

You may have just helped me decide what to knit next while I'm searching for a sweater pattern. Love these mitts!

They're gorgeous! Heh, just added them to my somewhat overwhelming queue...

Those are wonderful, Margene. I've got them on my Ravelry queue - now to find the perfect yarn!

Simply wonderful! How could anyone not appreciate the fingerless mitt?

I just need to cast on! Love, love that color!

The perfect fingerless mittens - Kirsten's patterns are wonderful and in that gorgeous Auraucania solid - Beautiful!

I love 'em!

They're just my color. :-) And I couldn't agree more--mitts are some of the most useful knitwear I own. (Fun to make, too!)

My socks knit from that yarn have confirmed that you must wash them absolutely separately. There's lots of extra dye. They do wash up nicely, though.

I have a pair of (store-bought by my SIL) glittens that are very nice, but the mitten part tends to flop annoyingly when I'm doing things like hanging laundry where I need my fingers. I'm definitely going to try mitts this winter (but I'll probably invent my own pattern).

I nearly wore out a pair of Fetchings last winter. Love the mitts, and those look spectacular -- like the longer length. I think I have some of the same yarn you used, too. What's one more ball in the air, eh? It's yarn... and soft...
; )

That's a lovely color.

fabulous mitts!
I have a few in my queue to knit as well. They are one of my favorite gifts to give.

Yup, I queued them too. They look to be fun and practical and interesting to knit.

awesome pics!!

Ohhh, very pretty. I love the color too. They look so...fall.

Fell off the planet for a while, but I'm back to say Gorgeous Mitts! Added to the queue. I'm such a copycat since you always knit such great projects.


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