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After seeing the Knotty Gloves in last Friday's post, Zarah asked if the fingers were a pain to knit.  While it is a bit fiddly to knit so few stitches (about 17-20) on double points there are only 4 fingers and a thumb needed and, truthfully, 5 little digits really don't take much time to do.

When nearing the tip of each finger, I stick my hand into the glove to check the length and after finishing each little finger I put my hand back into the glove and wiggle the clothed and unclothed digits at my own face, at the dogs and at Smith.  We (ok, maybe the dogs don't care) all get a kick out of it and while in that good humor I go back to knitting the next finger.  It's a kick, and just that little bit of whimsy makes the task enjoyable and fun. 

Wigglewigglewiggle_4 Wigglewigglethosefingerss
In no time at all you have a pair glove ready to keep your fingers warm when the weather turns cold.   

Redtailhawkbrownbearfoot Mountain Colors Bearfoot is a great yarn for gloves.  It's soft, thick, warm and the colors blend well without doing anything weird.  Smith thinks the yarn and pattern are great and he has requested a pair. In time, I'll oblige as I have a lovely rusty brown Bearfoot in the stash.

Some knitters have a problem with second glove syndrome just as they do second sock syndrome.  However, in both cases they are called "A PAIR".  A pair of gloves, a pair of if they were one entity. AND, that's just how I approach them. AS ONE.  As soon as the first part is finished the second piece is begun and knitting continues without break.  They are not very useful if you only knit half a pair. 

The pattern was easy to follow and fun to do.  The long cuff is fabulous and a perfect way to keep the wrists warm under a coat sleeve and the knot pattern makes the fit snug and comfy.  This pattern is a keeper!

Keeping my hands warm this winter just got a little easier. is Kim's birthday.  You know what to do!


I do love those but I think I'll stick to mittens and avoid those fiddly fingers!

oh, yes, a my zeal to make enough gloves for the next few year, i knit twleve are an inspiration to make them into pairs. and i think knotty uses the best basic glove pattern that i have come across yet.

They are fantastic!! It is very tempting to knit a pair using some of the Dream in Color I have laying about the place.

Yes - I love that yarn. I adore that great photos of the gloves covering your face. How adorably adorable! : )

Still getting giggles over the image of you waggling your fingers in everybody's face. Silly goose! The gloves are gorgeous!

Those came out great! I can see why Smith wants a pair. :)

Yay! They look awesome. I agree - it is definitely the perfect yarn for gloves. I've got 2 fingers done and they do go quite quickly. Thanks for the inspiration!

They are simply lovely. Elegant, which is something I didn't really expect in a woolen glove. And, they look beautiful on your hands. Not only warm, but pretty. I can imagine that if you didn't continue to waggle your fingers at the puppies, they would come to check. The kids probably expect it now. There is nothing that takes the mundane out of things like a bit of whimsy;-)

Huh - great idea! Now I'm not so afraid of gloves. Plus the thought of wiggling my naked and non-naked fingers at myself will give me something to look forward to!!

They are lovely!

However, when I saw the red gloves isolated from the usual winter gear, all I could think of was "Muppet Hands". Actually, one could do much worse! Muppets are good!

Beautiful gloves!

I'm with you on the PAIR thing! I've never had a problem finishing a pair of anything, and often enjoy the second one better because I know what I'm doing by the time I get there.

Funny, I love Bearfoot to pieces, but have never used it for socks. Instead it's becomem fingerless mitts, mittens, etc. at my house.

When you mentioned Smith, a thought occurred to me. Is there a way to put something "grippy" on the palms and fingers so it's easier to drive?

They are just dandy! And I've never had a hankerin' to knit gloves.

They are absolutely lovely! Heh, I'm sure the dogs appreciate being included.

Love the yarn and it sounds like you had fun making them. I haven't tried gloves yet I just might have to give them a try.

They're fantastic. Queuing them right now!

Oh, Margene, they turned out great. Love your peek-a-boo FO shot, too.

Hmm. I'm intrigued. I may need to think about hands instead of feet for my sock yarn stash!

They look great! I'd been stalling on some gloves for the DH to wear under his (motorcycle) riding gloves, but now I'm feeling inspired.

I do the same thing when knitting fingers! It's a must!

Is that Ruby River? I did socks in it and love them. Hmm, I have some Targhee fiber dyed in the Ruby River colorway somewhere in the stash.....

I was a bit afraid of all of those fingers, too - but once I did it, I realized it wasn't that bad. And I do love gloves.

Those gloves look fantastic and I love the finger wiggling shots. Off to add these to the queue.

Thanks Margene!!!! The last pair of gloves I knit were ones I knit after being inspired by a pair you made.

I think I am feeling inspired again :)

They've been on my queue since I saw them here first - I've just found my yarn (an STR Raven...)

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