Saturday Sky Tree Top Edition
The Grow or Go Rule

Change is Coming...but Not Now

Summer's grasp let go a little early this year, on Labor Day to be exact, but fall has still been slow to show her colors.  From the valley there is only a slight tinge of change in the foliage on the mountains above us, but higher in the canyon the change is more vivid where the change of season has colored a few of the gambol oak,
Coloronpeakofmountain Firsthintofcolorinthecanyon
The months of summer have left the flora of the canyon parched and the results will be a brown and colorless autumn show. To see any of the the reds and golds of fall we will need to venture to the higher peaks. 

As we walked around Silver Lake (my favorite pictures is the one at the top of the post) it was easy to see that summer hold is lessening and fall is slowly encroaching.  The willows have begun turning to gold, but the aspens, the last trees to give way to a color display have yet to show any change. The greenery, sky and water took over the spotlight.
Aspenfoestreflectedinlake_2 Lakegreenreflection_2

Laketreesmountainandsky_2 Laketreesandsky_3
The morning had been cool, but after breakfast at Silver Fork, the temperatures had warmed enough that wearing o'socks was a bit premature. No jackets were required as we strolled around the lake and the socks came off the minute we arrived back at the car.


Hopefully the fall will be long and beautiful and the toes can remain unclothed for awhile longer.

Oh and BTW, S is for Silver Lake and it might as well be for Shoes, too.


Love those shoes! I haven't had to wear socks yet and it's humid here again. ugh.

What wonderful photography. Of course, I'm wicked jealous of those shoes. ;)

Gorgeous pictures! And those shoes rock!

The remnants of Ike are pushing through along with the tropical temps and humidity. Lows last night were 72 here. Love your photos and that very blue sky.

I try to have a no-socks-until-Columbus-Day policy, but I could see making an exception for yours. I saw a few turning leaves this weekend here in NYC and couldn't believe it.

oooo, those shoes! I'm still looking for the perfect show-off-my-socks shoes ... every pair I covet don't fit my freakishly high arches.

What gorgeous shots! And, such a wonderful day to go to Silver Lake. Love the foot shot. The shoes are darling and the socks are beautiful! We are at about 54F this morning, but the temps are supposed to rise to 70 or so.

it's nice to see fall in another part of the country--what a great place for a morning stroll..

Margene...those are COOL shoes!!

Maybe by this weekend? Looks cooler then....

sky oh the sky! out my back window i see the yard, clear of trees and then almost nothing but trees. only patches of sky. i've heard that Gainesville Florida is so thickly wooded that it's nearly invisible from above.

Beautiful pictures! Any of those would make lovely wallpaper for your computer -- although, how you would choose I don't know.

I'm ready for it!!

Cute socks. And shoes.

It's fall here too, which means the highs are only in the MID 90s instead of the high 90s. If you want some more sockless days, head south a bit!

Oh MY! What cute shoes!
(and my favorite shot is the one at the top, too!)
We're going to be in the 70s ALL WEEK! I think Fall has "fell" around here...

I didn't leave the house like this, but I am currently wearing socks (with my Birkies -- go ahead and sue me) AND have a scarf wrapped 'round my neck! It's the time of year when I carry those things with me... you never know. We had the most dreadful weekend weather, but I am hoping for some nice autumn days.

What a beautiful location for a walk!

Summer's grasp is still strong in SoCal.

Although, if you have to clothe your toes, you have much splendid raiment to choose from.

Spectacular pix as always.

Ahhhh... so lovely. And what sort of shoes are those?!

Oh, it's so lovely! I'm glad you're having such great weather, and I hope it holds out long enough for the Alta retreat!

Beautiful pictures!!!

Your tootsies look so comfy in those lovely shoes and great red socks.
Fall is slow in coming here this year - and the socks have only ventured out of the drawer once thus far.
beautiful photos from your walk.

Gorgeous pictures and I'm with everyone else...your shoes ROCK!

Gorgeous photos.... but the shoes... please tell us about the shoes. I don't normally get all that excited but I LOVE those shoes!
I'm still running with bare feet or flip flops (the sturdy crocs that don't 'look' like your usual croc shoes.. can we even call them shoes?)

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