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Summa This, Summa That, and a Meme

Have you seen Knotions?  Our knitting community is so talented!  Jody has been working on this for some time and it was worth the wait.  It's full of patterns (socks, sweaters, lace, baby items and even a pair of pants), useful techniques (check out the short row info!), and many of the patterns from Magknits.  There is so much more, too!

Tonight we're heading up to Snowbird for a free concert by my favorite local band, the Band of Annuals. It will be outdoors on the plaza and we're looking forward to a quiet evening an evening in the mountains and some good music.  While I'm on the subject of music, allow me to reminisce a bit.

The 30 and 40something guys in my office are big fans of Led Zeppelin and they are very impressed that I saw them live-TWICE!  Memories of the first concert were fuzzy (as in who was the headliner) and what was the exactly concert date (my guess was late 1969). I finally decided to google and see if any info would pop up, see if my memories were real or messed up with the fog of age. 

OMG! Up pops THIS, a poster from the show.  I doubt anyone remembers much of anything about Vanilla Fudge (I don't), but I do remember talking about the opening band (why we went) for HOURS after.  Jimmy's guitar flying through the air, Robert's voice, the whole BIG SOUND. They Shook Me and I was Dazed and Confused. Zeppelin came back a year later to a new venue, the Salt Palace.  (We hated it for concerts but that's another story.)  I was to the right of the stage, second tier, above where Jimmy was playing and remember watching as he use a violin bow on the guitar...grrl, that sound was awesome. 

Following in the footsteps of Karen and Terry  (Carole did this meme, too) I bring you "the reason I keep this guy around". There is no Communication Breakdown when it comes to knitting.

Me: What is your favorite thing about my knitting?
Smith: How happy you are when you when a project is done and you love it. I love the way you light up. 
Me: Awww, that's sweet.  What is your least favorite thing about my knitting?
Smith: The way you swear when something doesn't work.
Me: I call them technical terms. What is something I have knitted that you recall as being good?
Smith: Everything! I don't recall any thing that isn't good.
Me: Thanks! Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?
Smith: Yes.
Me: Do you have any hobbies?
Smith: No. Oh, taking photos for your blog.
Me: Nice try. What about the boat (he finally sold last year), the Land Cruiser for 4 wheeling and all the camping stuff?  Doesn't any of that count?
Smith: No, that was for both of us.
Me: NOT! (I forgo the next question which is to compare money spent on hobbies.)
Me: Has my knitting in public ever embarrassed you?
Smith: No.
Me: Never?
Smith: No!
Me: Do you know my favorite kind of yarn?
Smith: Blue!
Me: Type, not color.
Silk and wool?
Me: Good one. Can you name another blog.
Smith: Ravelry.
Me: That's not a blog.
Smith: I can name people names, but not blogs names. Oh wait, Etherknitter?
Me: Way to go!  Do you mind that I want to check out yarn stores everywhere we go?
Smith: No.
Me: Do you understand the importance of a swatch?
Smith: Yes, it's to check out what the yarn is going to do. You've got to swatch if you want to be good.
Me: Nice one! Do you read Zeneedle?
Smith: Yes.
Me: Have you ever left a comment?
Smith: Once or twice.
Me: Do you think the house would be cleaner if I didn't knit?
Smith: No.
Me: Wow, is that good or bad? Anyway, is there anything you'd like to add in closing?
Smith: I love to read comments.
Me: Sweet!  Show the guy some love!


Have a fabulous weekend!!


My husband is not a big fan of my knitting (yet), but he is a huge Led Zep fan! So I guess I'll keep him!

Hi Smith! Good answers dude! Have fun at the concert tonight! Bring a sweater, shawl, or scarf!

Your man is fabulous, lucky you! I love his first answer.

I can't believe you saw Zep! Holy cats! I would have died and gone to heaven.

I saw Robert Plant once, but never got to see LZ. Closest was Dread Zepplin, which is a reggae band whose lead singer dresses like Elvis and they do pretty decent Led Zepplin covers!

Has Smith grown back his 'stache?

If that's a recent picture, I am glad for your sake that the mustache is back. :-)

Lean over and give him a big KISS right now! Thanks for your honest and insightful answers, Smith! I'm a huge LZ fan and as of late, a big Robert Plant plant (with Allison) but I think I've told you that before!

Excellent interview! :) Have fun tonight!!

Well done, Smith! By the way, I have a whole repertoire of "technical terms" that I exercise while knitting too!

Fun interview! I knew you two were a good match for each other.

I think "Ravelry" will be Larry's answer to a blog name, if he even comes up with that. I -KNOW- he doesn't know any blog names.

How can he have no hobbies? Really?? I mean... he must. Going to the gym maybe?

Anyway - we already knew he was a keeper. His answers just confirmed that for the rest of us mortals. :)

What a fabulous man! I know knitters who don't understand the importance of swatching.

I'm hoping the mustache is back. It was so odd seeing photos of a 'stash free Smith. It was like you had a new husband, Margene. o.0

Happy weekend! xo

You obviously know Smith is a keeper; now the rest of us know how lucky you are. Ruggedly handsome, attentive, present, cares about knitting ~ he sounds darn near perfect!

I really must do this. I love Smith's answer to the hobby question.

A most obvious well trained man..with all the 'right' answers.
Have a great weekend!

Hi Smith!
Supportive husbands are the best. When I get cranky at the end of the day, Greg just suggests I go get my knit on. He knows it calms me right down.

Good job, Smith. Paul won't even look at my blog.

I loved Smith to pieces already, LOL. I DO remember Vanilla Fudge, but then I grew up in CA and many of the psychedelic bands got their start playing around locally, such as at the state fair. Have fun tonight!

You guys are too cute!

How awesome is Smith? He's definitely a keeper :)

Thanks for the insight Smith. :)

Sounds like he's a keeper!

Smith is the MAN.

That was great! I loved this and did it over on my blog too.

So this one's for you Smith - love the 'tash!

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