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Quick Weekend Quickie


I'm sorry your concert was canceled. That IS high humidity for you. Of course, ours is around 86% right now. Ugh!

Yeah, try that 61% humidity when it's in the high 80's....that has been the summer on the East Coast this year. Could explain all the funky things going on with my tomatoes! Sorry about your concert.

That does look like Northeast humidity in the sky. Thank goodness weather changes, eh? I wouldn't get champagne powder otherwise, and your weekends would never provide photoshoots.

Currently 15 C (60 F) and 90% RH here in Ottawa, ON. Your conditions yesterday are what we would call perfect!

too bad about the concert being canceled.
I hope the humidity eases up soon. I really don't like that part of summer.

Darn it! Sorry about the concert.

Alas about the concert. :( Our humidity is 71% right now, temp 69F (10 am). Looks like we'll be down to a nice dry 41%/81F by 5 pm!

Rats! Here's hoping they reschedule soon.


That's where my clouds went!

OH NO! Your concert was canceled? What is the alternate plan?

I don't even want to KNOW what our humidity was yesterday. Near 100%. (Is torrential rain 100%? heh)

Today it's a bit better. Blue skies and fluffy clouds.

Hah! I keep my DE-humidifier set to 60%. Now you know how the rest of us live, right?

Oh no! We've been having a ton or rain too. I even posted a Saturday Sky shot!

ACK! Sixty-one percent humidity? Yuck!

HIYAS!! I've got a new laptop, so I can actually start leaving comments again! Woo!!

Ouch...welcome to our world of humidity...I hate it.

Please don't tell me it was the concert with Josh Ritter that was cancelled. I am looking forward to hearing what you think about him.

Well..dang, that sucks!..especially the concert but humidity isn't my friend either.
We've actually had a few awesome days with cooler temps, lower humidity and a bit of a breeze..however we're bone dry~

I'm sorry about the concert, but the sky is gorgeous. It's lovely here, but the day has been stressful and difficult. Hope your Sunday is fabulous. Hugs.

Oh bummer about the concert.

Sorry about the concert.

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