Well, That Changes Everything!
Pose, Smile, Shoot

She's So Hot

Salinalooksbetterthanido_4 Brightcolorsofsalinaandfoliage Salina was the perfect sweater for a cool, cloudy morning in Berkeley California.  She was also a lovely companion at the wedding.  However, not many of the pictures were to my liking.  Could I have had a more agonizing look on my face?  I really did have much more fun than that photo shows. Ick The one on the right doesn't really show the sweater off well, but at least you can see I was smiling.

This past weekend we went out to find a spot to take more photos and ran across this river of stone.  How cool is that? The sky was clear blue and it was damn hot!  It was SO hot I nearly fainted.  However, dear friends, I held it together and we took several pictures while I stumbled my way around on the rocks.


Youwantmetogowhere Stumblingaroundontherockriver
You want me to go where?              Oh my gosh I'm going to fall!

Ackialmostfellandcouldntgetup  Stilltryingtokeepmybalance
Ack, I almost fell on my arse!                         OK, MAYBE I can hold still enough.


There was a little shade nearby and I took time to rest and cool off before either passing out or falling and hurting myself. Before we headed home Smith took me to the new coffee shop in our area where I could sit in a nice chair and enjoyed a cool drink. At least Salina looks good in the photo!

Pattern: Salina from Rowan Vintage Knits
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, 7 skeins Shocking Pink
Needles: Size 3.5mm and 3.75mm (US #4 & 5)
Time to Knit: June 23 – July 25, 2008
Modification: Lengthened sleeve 1", shortened cuff by 1", body lengthened by 2" before waist shaping

Chamomile is one of my favorite sweaters ever and Salina will join her ranks.  I could wear them both day after day. The yarns, Silky Wool and Summer Tweed are comfortable year round (except the hottest days of summer) and easy care, easy wear.  Most of the Rowan patterns I fall for are by Kim Hargreaves.  Her designs have a classic, up to date, styling and I love that.


Salina looks fabulous - and so do you. All that fun on the rocks suits you.

Beautiful! Oh, and the sweater is great too! hahahah! Seriously. It looks wonderful on you!

I love it! Another hit. the pics of you are great. Especially the comments.

It looks terrific!

Lovely sweater, and lovely you!

And, her designs were made just for you. I love Salina and that river of rocks was amazing and what the hell were you thinking wandering around on those rocks with sandals, missy????? Hmmmmm??? You could have turned an ankle (don't you just love a know-it-all bitch???) Me, neither;-)

The things we do for the blog!

Salina (and you!) look great, and I'm glad no resuscitation from heatstroke was necessary. It really is a classic and well-fitting sweater, made piquant by the fun color.

Now cool off, for heaven's sake!

Looking good! One thing I've noticed is that your mods really make your sweaters fit great!

Salina is perfect for you! What a beautiful job you did on this sweater. You sure know how to knit them grrl!

Very pretty sweater; love the color!

Looks great! You're better than me. I don't think I could have worn it on a hot day, even for the blog.

Lovely sweater! Thank you for clambering about on our behalf. No one has ever clambered a rock river for me before! VBG!

Absolutely beautiful. Makes me wish I had more opportunities to wear sweaters in Arizona.

Pretty in Pink! (And many other colors, too.) Congrats on another fantastic sweater that you LOVE!

Salina is beautiful! Thanks for the pics and for suffering through that heat!

Both of you look good--I think the sweater looks wonderful, but I'm REALLY impressed by your wearing it in the heat!

It looks great! I'm glad you made it through the shoot!

It looks fantastic. And the fit is divine. Congrats on another fabulous top.

oh that's beautiful margene! i always liked the look of that sweater . . i should knit one for myself

Love them both!

It's beautiful! And I love being able to see YOU ms thang!

You wore a wool sweater . . . last weekend . . . outside?? This proves that you're crazy.

"classic and up to date", for sure. I love my Salina, and I really, really love yours. Beautiful job!

"classic and up to date", for sure. I love my Salina, and I really, really love yours. Beautiful job!

What a beautiful sweater...and you're way to hard on yourself. You look fabulous, grrl...

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