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Sideviewofroguehoodie Do you remember your first time? The first time you took photos of your knitting to show the world?  My first time was when I finished Rogue, the first sweater I knit as a knit-blogger, my first KAL, my first on-line FO.  I really didn't know what to do, how to show it off, whether to show my face, even how to pose. Just where do you do a photo shoot or HOW do you do a photo shoot!  As it turned out there was little imagination put into the process and I ended up hiding my face under the guise of showing off the cabled hood and sleeve. We won't even mention how bad the quality of the photo is, but that was my available  technology at the time.  Oh, it seems like ages ago!

Smugsillylook The next FO wasn't any better.  I was intimidated by the younger and prettier grrls whose blogs I read (as I often am not in person). So I didn't know if I should smile, or just how I should pose, or  where to have a photo shoot. How is that for a goofy look. OMG!  I had NO idea how to show off the knitting and certainly didn't do much about a fun or creative post. I (and everyone else) was knew to this forum and discovering new things about it all daily.

MorecomfortableinlaraWhen I finally decided I could have fun, felt more comfortable BEING ME, being myself in front of the camera, and when a new knit was ready to show, I started to have a great time during a photo shoot. The first time I remember going "on location" was for  Lara's photo shoot and it was the first time I felt good about writing a post that really showed off my knitting in a more interesting way.  It was also great to have input from Smith on locations and poses.  It was then we knew we could have fun with the blog and it was something we could share. Blogging can be very selfish and exclusive. Including Smith in this way has made him part of the process, too.

Some of our favorites photo shoots, that have resulted in fun posts, have been NBT the First, my 55th birthday, and the hike to show off Hanging Vines.  It's been fun to share our travels by doing photo shoots in unique locations like Bryce and the Grand Canyon. We've also had fun creating stories like the Cutaway photo shoot and doing goofy things like photographing Chickami in the snow. (GRRL, it was COLD!)  It's been an evolutionary journey, a great learning experience and, once we started having fun, it became addicting. We love showing off for you.


P is for Photos, photo shoots, poses and posts!  That's what knit blogging is all about, eh?

Today is blogfree Regina's birthday. With the wonder of Ravelry you can wish her a Happy one, so go do it, OK?


What a great story to go along with your ABC along. Love Rogue. Wouldn't it be fun to get out some historic knits and re-shoot them? Love seeing your fun photos. You give such inspiration.

BTW - BF and I are in the desert where it's also 104+ and there was a sign on the interstate that said Utah 526 miles. I thought about it. I really did.

; )

How had I forgotten about your red Rogue?!... Do you ever wear it anymore? (You should--it was pretty!)

And I loved your Hanging Vines photo shoot. That one was really something. Thanks for the memories! ;-)

I loved this post! It is so true. The photo shoots for a blog are such odd things. But man, they can be fun.

P is for Pulchritudinous! Which is my opinion of your Photos, and also how you look in them. (Yeah, I'm intimidated by the young folk, too, but we've forgotten more than they ever knew.) (I'm a Poet and I don't know it.)

I think it's wonderful how much your photo style has changed over the years and that you're really enjoying the modeling now.

Just wished her a Happy Birthday. :)

Wonderful to relive the history with you. I SO remember the double nickel post.

It is fun, isn't it?

I still have a lot of self-consciousness about planning how to creatively show off my knitting... thanks for addressing this topic so well. I greatly enjoy the effort you put into this part of your knitblogging, and could sure take a lesson or two from you.

I am in awe at the quantity of sweaters your produce - that actually fit you and look good!

oh, I love your P !!!
It's so fun to watch the evolution of the photographs as people spend more time enjoying themselves, isn't it :-)
that photo in the snow is a riot!

"You've come a long way baby!"

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