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Cookie!  Come on down (okay, I'll jus put it in the mail).  The yardage on the skein is 426 and by using the numbers of a special date, Cookie came in at 425. Congrats!   Thank you, thank you, thank you all for playing along.  The comments on the State of Blogland were wonderful, too.  I do enjoy being here even when posting almost daily gets to be an obligation and a drag (not often but at times).  It wouldn't be worth the effort if not for the comradery, true friendships, for the stories and lives you all share.

We had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend and it was full of fun and knitting.  We are refreshed and ready to face life anew after suffering a shock we knew was coming.  Even when you think your ready to face the music, it's still difficult when it happens and your hubby is without work.  It's not the best economy to be looking for a job, so please keep good thoughts for us please.  In many ways it's a relief to be away from the big corporate mentality and lack of respect.  Why treat the people who work for you as if  they are of no value?  In any case, we're hoping the next opportunity will be fulfilling and positive.

We went to the Park Silly Market yesterday and had a fabulous time. It's a fun place with loads of artisans selling their wares.  I'll tell you more tomorrow.



Sending you and Smith all good thoughts. Layoffs suck, but with any luck this one will be short-lived.

Congrats Cookie! All my best thoughts to you both. I'm in the same boat, hence the lack of posting and commenting lately. Here's to new destinations and bright futures!

Margene, best thoughts for you and Smith during this period of transition. I quit my job of over seven years in February for a variety of reasons, and, honestly, though being unemployed has its challenges, it is a wonderful opportunity to recharge and rethink what's important. I am a strong believer that the right opportunity will come along at the right time, so I hope that Smith's right time comes when he's ready for it.

Forewarned may be forearmed, but it's still not exactly fun, is it?... :-( Hope good news comes your way soon.

And I should have known the skein would have a kajillion yards in it. You're so good at producing the fine stuff! ;-)

Sending Smith and you all our good thoughts and crossing our fingers he will find a better job soon!

I'll keep you and your family in thoughts, Margene.

Good wishes and prayers for Smith. Job hunting is hard, but I've found the change usually if for the better.

So sorry about Smith's job loss! Keeping my fingers crossed for a better opportunity soon. The transition can be unsettling. Hang in there!

Sending *love* and *peace* and *good job* thoughts winging their way toward Utah.

I hope this proves in the end to be a good change, even if stressful and not actively sought. It may be. In the meantime, good thoughts in droves.

That's an awful lot of yardage; I thought I was being high at 4-oh-whatever! Wow, what fine spinning, in all senses of the word!

Congrats Cookie!!..
Margene, special thoughts with you and Smith at this time...many of our friends have had to deal with this 'downsizing'..
In my heart I feel there will be something much better for him where he WILL BE appreciated as a person..One day at the time!!..Know you're both in my thoughts for 'good stuff' to happen~

Oh dear...even when you expect can knock the wind out of your sails. Smith is a GREAT guy and deserving of much respect, so here's hoping that something better is coming his way soon! Sometimes when that door closes a better one opens :)


I, too, hope this change leads to better things for you two.

And let's hope the blog slowdown is not a sign of the end of the longest knitting upswing in living memory. We'll need our friends to get us through the near future, I'm afraid. Gusess I'd better get back to my blog now that life is a bit less over loaded.

I hope something better comes along for Smith soon!

Have been there and done that. A couple times. Seems to be awfully common these days. There will be good thoughts and prayers for a new job soon. Hang in there!

All best wishes for Smith (and for you) as this next chapter unfolds. And I hope it does so QUICKLY.

Looking for the silver lining (once you're past the shock) is the best way to go...I'm sending you both positive vibes and

I'm not much of a commenter, but a long-time reader. Since I commented on your contest post this past weekend, I felt like commenting on a "regular" day to let you know I'm hoping he is successful in his hunt for a new job. Being out of work sucks, but sometimes a new opportunity is just around the corner that he wouldn't have taken otherwise.

I'm sending good-job-finding karma.

Best wishes and good luck to Smith in the job hunt!

It is so heartening to hear everyone rallying around, and you already know my thoughts, but I am sure it brightened the day for both of you. I am now faced with too many choices, and hope the same for Smith.

Good vibes coming your way from Boise. I remember when my father had to find work, when times were tight. All we saw at first were storm clouds, then one day the clouds parted and a new opportunity presented itself. Carole's post said it best, "breathe in, breathe out."

I'm a bit late but the positive job hunitng vibes I'm sending are no less powerful. Lets hope that Smith has only the best of luck.

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