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Cookie!  Come on down (okay, I'll jus put it in the mail).  The yardage on the skein is 426 and by using the numbers of a special date, Cookie came in at 425. Congrats!   Thank you, thank you, thank you all for playing along.  The comments on the State of Blogland were wonderful, too.  I do enjoy being here even when posting almost daily gets to be an obligation and a drag (not often but at times).  It wouldn't be worth the effort if not for the comradery, true friendships, for the stories and lives you all share.

We had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend and it was full of fun and knitting.  We are refreshed and ready to face life anew after suffering a shock we knew was coming.  Even when you think your ready to face the music, it's still difficult when it happens and your hubby is without work.  It's not the best economy to be looking for a job, so please keep good thoughts for us please.  In many ways it's a relief to be away from the big corporate mentality and lack of respect.  Why treat the people who work for you as if  they are of no value?  In any case, we're hoping the next opportunity will be fulfilling and positive.

We went to the Park Silly Market yesterday and had a fabulous time. It's a fun place with loads of artisans selling their wares.  I'll tell you more tomorrow.



Good thoughts for Smith's job search. Breathe in, breathe out, it will be okay.

Sending lucky job hunting thoughts Smith's way!!

I'm really sorry about Smith's job. I hope they gave him a nice severance package. Good luck on the job hunt. What looks bleak now, may turn into the best thing that ever never know.

They always say that crisis and opportunity are the two faces of one coin, but it's hard to remember that when you are dealing with the crisis part. There are lots of good thought coming your way, Margene.... you know that all the loving kindness you send out has to come back to you!

You are my example of the best a blog can be: a friend out there in cyberspace who would surely come to my aid in real life if I needed it. (I always remember how you rallied the troops when Mr. Etherknitter broke his leg, how you got people involved, and also how you supplied practical, real life help in the form of cookies and knitting.) We'll all be sending positive thoughts, love, and who knows: the blog universe is amazing, someone out there might be just the connection Smith needs.

Fingers crossed that Smith will find a more satisfying opportunity;.

Hey girl! Looks like you had a good weekend and things are heating up out there. That poor dear looks hot at the wheel. I took a pottery class years ago and my souvenir from the class is my bowl. It weighs 5 lbs. and only cost $105.00! I cherish it to this day, but have sadly given up pottery, due to a lack of talent;-) Of course, you both are in my thoughts and prayers. As, always.

All good employment wishes, and fingers crossed!

Sending all manner of good employment thoughts and wishes, these are rough times.
Congrats to Cookie!

It's always impossible to predict how you will feel. I know Smith will persevere. Sending good thoughts, regardless.

As others have said, it may end up being a blessing in disguise....crossing fingers that this phase is short-lived!

congarats to Cookie! I was way off.

I hope the right position comes Smith's way, and when time has passed you both say "boy, we're sure glad that 2008 job change happened!"

Positive vibes coming your way!

Best luck and blessings on you and Smith. And hooray for happy spinning and persistent blogging.

All the good job mojo your way!!

All good wishes and prayers to Smith! It helps that you both have terrific attitudes and each other I'm sure!!

I'm sure your man will find meaningful work very soon! He's a great guy!

The Park Silly market sounds really fun - I'll definitely have to go. Best wishes for you and Smith.

I will definitely keep you and Smith in my thoughts. ::: sending job juju to Utah ::::
YEAH for Cookie! :D

Sorry to hear that Smith lost his job! I'm sending good thoughts your way.

So sorry to hear about Smith's job loss - sending positive thoughts your way for this to be the path to more fulfilling work!

Ouch. A forceful job change is no fun. I'm sending you good thoughts that something better will come along soon!

Really? Wow! Thank you, Margene.

We're rooting for Smith to find something better soon. xo

what a lot of yards in that skein! man, I was really off (grins big)

Many many good thoughts go out to Smith is his job search - may the perfect work find its way to him - and in the meantime, what Carole says... breathe in, breathe out.
and I'll share with you a thought my daughter sent to me a year ago "it'll all be okay in the end, and if it's not okay... then it's not the end."

Dang, I was so close! (432.) Congrats to Cookie! And so sorry to hear about Smith's layoff. Good thoughts to you both.

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