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Weekend Wraps


Colorfuldayinparksilly Did that get your attention?  Yes, Park Silly people can be very silly and they know (better than anyone) how to have a great time on a Sunday in Utah.  Every Sunday during the summer months Main Street Park City is full of colorful artists, musicians, shoppers, dog walkers and revelers. Smith found having a conversation with a beautiful Kuvasz quite enlightening. His name was Cody and he was as big as a bear, a polar bear. I had the best ice cream cone (blood orange) ever.

Smithandcodyhaveaconversation_3 Besticecreamever_2

Saturday we spent the morning at the Downtown Farmers Market and a fine time shopping, eating and walking around.Our city has so much to offer and we love to participate in everything and every way we can.

Salt Lake Farmers Market

In addition to all the running around, traditional 4th of July fun (we enjoyed several yummy barbecues), and general holiday lolling and vegging, there was a large amount of knitting accomplished. The little scarf that had given me such fits a few weeks ago was finished up in quick order on Friday.  How could such a simple pattern have been so hard to start? In any case, the scarf turned out to be worth the effort and ended up being very easy and fun to knit. I just had to work out the pattern in my (at times) feeble brain. It's Holding Hands Feeding Ducks pattern knit with Manos Silk Blend...lovely soft yarn for a very wearable scarf.


The big knitting thrill this weekend was finishing Sunshine from Laura in the  Feather and Fan pattern. Another easy to knit pattern made all the more beautiful by Laura's beautiful handspun yarn. Her yarn arrived on my doorstep this winter at just the time I needed a little sunshine.  I'm so happy to have a lovely reminder of friendship and love, the two things that get one through the worst of times.  Even in this heat I often have cold shoulders and I've learned to have a small shawl in my purse...just in case. Laura dyed the roving and spun the yarn in wonderful citrusy colors that are perfect for summer.



Blogland has brought such rich friendships my way. Thank you everyone for your good wishes and support for Smith, too.  We are very blessed.


You will hardly be shocked to learn that I just love that little shawly thing.

I love the Sunshine shawl with the pink in your top and that fantastic bag! The perfect summer combination.

love that little shawl - and such a nice reminder of being wrapped in the love of friends.
that vendor in the market is a hoot... I'll bet she gets her photo taken a lot.

Great weekend shots, and the scarf and shawl are BEAUTIFUL! (um. so's the model!)

What a cheery post, full of such beautiful colors and textures! Tell Smith we'll have the bowling alley warmed up any time he wants to play.

I second that emotion and
love my blood orange forest canopy. :D

Thanks for the links to two beautiful patterns. Your scarf and shawl are, as with all you make, just beautiful. Good luck to Smith. Hopefully he will find a grand opportunity out of this stressful time.

Very colorful! Blogland is a blessing, no doubt about it. Job-magnet blessings on Smith as well.

Wow - I'm so impressed with your FOs!

I've been thinking, and if you'd consider moving south, I can put you in touch with people at two big construction firms. E me on Rav. :o)

Fantastic post! The park looks like my kinda place...goofy people!

Your scarf is beautiful!

What a fabulous looking market! Smith makes friend everywhere he does, doesn't he? :D

Margene, I love that scarf and the photo of you looking so cool and relaxed.

Blood Orange Ice Cream? Was it sorbet-y, or was it really creamy ice cream? 'Cause if it was really ice cream...wow, that sounds fantastic.

The Hold Hands Feeding Ducks Scarf is lovely - not a pattern I'd seen before. I'll have to squirrel the pattern away for a proverbial rainy day.

The Feather and Fan scarf looks very summery and leaning on the pink bag is just perfect!

Such a vibrant post! I can't decide if I like your shawlette best or your Saturday Market collage.. both a creative wonders. Some down time is sure doing you both good.

That's definitely a wrap full of sunshine! I love it!!


I love the photos and the knits, it looks like you had a great weekend, excellent :)

I love both the scarf and the shawl. I get all my best ideas for knitting from your blog. I'm doing another Crest of the Wave scarf and I'll definitely make the Holding Hands scarf too eventually, I'm sure. Thank you.

The shawl and scarf turned out beautiful! I love the citrus colors of the shawl. It's so cheery and I think would brighten any day :)

Love the shawl and the scarf.

Blood Orange Ice Cream? Delicious!

Sending all the good thoughts and work vibes Smith's way.

You look so summery and bright!

And we have the same hat!

That ice cream sounds amazing. Mmmm. Hang in there, and keep in the moment -- especially moments like these.

I have to say, I think you knit the best projects in the most beautiful colors of anyone. The shawl and scarf are just lovely.

Both scarves are lovely!

Sounds like the perfect weekend.

What a lovely shawl!

Such pretty colors for the feather and fan. Those butt cheeks - definitely an attention getter!

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