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Weekend Wraps


Colorfuldayinparksilly Did that get your attention?  Yes, Park Silly people can be very silly and they know (better than anyone) how to have a great time on a Sunday in Utah.  Every Sunday during the summer months Main Street Park City is full of colorful artists, musicians, shoppers, dog walkers and revelers. Smith found having a conversation with a beautiful Kuvasz quite enlightening. His name was Cody and he was as big as a bear, a polar bear. I had the best ice cream cone (blood orange) ever.

Smithandcodyhaveaconversation_3 Besticecreamever_2

Saturday we spent the morning at the Downtown Farmers Market and a fine time shopping, eating and walking around.Our city has so much to offer and we love to participate in everything and every way we can.

Salt Lake Farmers Market

In addition to all the running around, traditional 4th of July fun (we enjoyed several yummy barbecues), and general holiday lolling and vegging, there was a large amount of knitting accomplished. The little scarf that had given me such fits a few weeks ago was finished up in quick order on Friday.  How could such a simple pattern have been so hard to start? In any case, the scarf turned out to be worth the effort and ended up being very easy and fun to knit. I just had to work out the pattern in my (at times) feeble brain. It's Holding Hands Feeding Ducks pattern knit with Manos Silk Blend...lovely soft yarn for a very wearable scarf.


The big knitting thrill this weekend was finishing Sunshine from Laura in the  Feather and Fan pattern. Another easy to knit pattern made all the more beautiful by Laura's beautiful handspun yarn. Her yarn arrived on my doorstep this winter at just the time I needed a little sunshine.  I'm so happy to have a lovely reminder of friendship and love, the two things that get one through the worst of times.  Even in this heat I often have cold shoulders and I've learned to have a small shawl in my purse...just in case. Laura dyed the roving and spun the yarn in wonderful citrusy colors that are perfect for summer.



Blogland has brought such rich friendships my way. Thank you everyone for your good wishes and support for Smith, too.  We are very blessed.


Lovely way to celebrate the weekend! Your FOs have your usual style and perfection.

Is the white dog as big as a Newfie?

I always love hearing about the adventures of Margene and Smith!

Lovely, Margene!

And... what's with the heinie??

Oh, how did I miss yesterday's post?! My best wishes to Smith on his new journey; these are indeed interesting times to live in. And your Sunshine shawl is spectacular!

I love sillies! Here's one for ya: http://whateves.com/?p=718

Even better, that feather and fan shawl - beautiful!

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Beautiful shawl!

oh I love that shawl, straight to the queue....

Sunshine is very cheery and lovely, but you know that little scarf is my favorite, right? :) Looks like you had a great weekend - and indeed, that first picture was doubletake worthy.

Wow! Two gorgeous FOs!! I absolutely love the purple scarf - you know how I feel about purple!

I love the pic of Smith and the pup. That is about the size of Grover. We have one in the neighborhood and they are just so sweet. I lovelovelove Holding Hands Feeding Ducks (???) and Feather and Fan in Laura's handspun. So very pretty. Even with the bright sunshiney cheerful colors it looks so delicate. Thanks for taking us along.

I love that shawl! Your weekends always look so fun and relaxing, I'm glad you went ahead and did stuff to cheer you up.

Love your newest FO's! Love your Feather and Fan- so many I've seen in much heavier yarns, but this one I adore in the lighter weight! And handspun to boot! That's a win-win!

I didn't know about the Farmers Market. You took some great pictures there. Both the scarf and the shawl are wonderful! Laura's yarn is beautiful! And hey, I think I have a hat just like yours.

Don't you love Park City, I really miss leaving up there. But I don't miss the snow at all.

What a fun looking time!..and much needed.
Your Manos scarf is lucious as is the Citrus..both glorious patterns!
I could have been entertained for HOURS with the Pup..just my 'cup of tea'..amazing at the conversations one can have with the dog..and they are kept private;)

Looks like a great holiday weekend. Funny, my neighbor just got back from Park City!!!

What great scarves! I have to laugh because I think I have that same colorway of the Manos silk blend and after seeing yours as a WIP I started thinking I needed to make that too. Looks like you had a great weekend!

That little shawl is FANTASTIC -- love that happy, happy color!

That photo of you at the end is so filled with vibrancy (is that a word?) it reminds me of a summer favorite that I haven't had yet this year, but now I WANT it -- that tri-colored sherbet!

In all the years we've been coming out to Park City, I guess we've never made it in the summer (last year, early June, didn't count, I guess) because I had no idea they did that! Looks like it would be worth a trip, if for nothing else but that blood orange ice cream...which went rather well with your pink bag and orange shawlette! I have yet to visit our new Farmer's Market...too busy tending my own garden, I guess!

What a great joke! Thanks for making me smile. Sending lots of positive thoughts and wishes. "When one door closes, another one opens" Here's hoping that the next door to open brings amazing opportunities your way.

Good luck to Smith! I know it's a stressful time- hopefully he won't be looking for long. Fingers crossed! :)

Oh, Margene! Two such gorgeous FOs in one post! The scarf is in my queue already waiting for the right yarn. And Sunshine... I have rarely seen such an excellent use of feather and fan stitch. It really does look just like rippling rays of light! :-)

Jack Mormon's everyday location is just a few blocks from my MIL's house -- and is a favorite stop when we're in town. The family who owns the company is lovely -- and the dad and grandfather who run the shop have vowed not to touch any of the tips, instead saving them for the children's college fund/future education.

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Your scarves are gorgeous! Al such rich colors.

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