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Saturday Sky Prize Edition

Yesterday was mostly cloudy with a few dry thunderstorms. A strong wind from the south drove temperatures up to 102.  It as a good day to stay indoors and knit.
Prizes for the contest (check post below) will keep with Holiday tradition.  Red (Jitterbug Sock Yarn), white (Baruffa lace weight), and Blue (Rio De La Plata sock yarn).  One guess is one yard shy.  If you haven't guessed already, give it a go. The winner will be announced on Monday.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.  The intent here is to have a great time at farmers markets, in the mountains and in general.


Pretty sky. We awakened to 60F and fog. This is a year of unusual days, isn't it? Have a wonderful relaxing and enjoyable Saturday and Sunday!!
P.S. My yarn is lovely;-)

We're in the middle of a string of thunderstorms. Or, at least, we've been getting them every night for the last few--and when you add the fireworks, you can imagine how happy Chappy is about this! At least he has his party to look forward to--the real one today, and his virtual one. (You DID see that he's having a virtual birthday party, didn't you?)

Love the sky photo!
That's an amazing amount of guesses you have.
Sounds like a good holiday weekend in your neck of the woods.

We're having rain almost every day, which certainly beats a drought. We'll take it thank you. Perfect knitting weather!

I'm just back from the downtown farmer's market and I hauled a watermelon all the way home, so I'm REALLY hot, but OOOH that watermelon will be tasty!

Beautiful sky picture.

Beautiful photo!

I hope it cools down for you soon.

That's very toasty! Hope you can escape to the mountains soon.

oh my - what a fabulous photo of those clouds.
And what great yarny prizes!!

Yummy yarn prizes! I think I missed the mark on my guess. Wishing for cooler temps for you.

Definitely too hot to do anything but indoor knitting! Hope a cooler front moves in soon!


102 degrees! Yikes! You could do Bikram yoga in the front yard there, I guess.

Great patriotic colors! The clouds are beautiful!

wow, that's hot! The sky looks amazing, though. Hope you did head to the higher peaks for some heat relief.

Beeyootiful sky! Do you know the song Circle of the Sun? Reminds me of it.

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