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The title of this post is written just the way EZ wrote the rallying cry in her book The Opinionated Knitter and it feels like victory when you do finally get to the point of uniting the sleeves to the body of EPS.

To make sure the second sleeve was finished in a timely manner, I packed it around with me all week.  It was the only thing I allowed myself to work on when I had a short break or while knitting in a group. Determination carried the day and it was finished Saturday afternoon.   

Everything was ready for the unification process, when I sat down to knit that evening, but then...worry set in.  What if after all my careful calculations, all the study of EZ's books and works, all the time and EPS didn't fit, wouldn't work out as planned.  I admit to a bit of trepidation and angst. The only way to know, the only way to see the results of all this work, was to try it on, and that prospect only added to the trepidation. 

Carefully I read through The Opinionated Knitter (again) and Meg Swansen's updated notes on the Fair Isle EPS pattern.  Live stitches for the underarms were slipped to holding yarn and then I started knitting, uniting, adding the three pieces together to form a sweater.  It was exciting to see everything fall into place.  After a couple of rows, half the stitches were slipped to an extra needle and I then pulled the sweater over my head.  As I worked it into place, slipping the sleeves over my arms, I held my it? would it? does it fit!? 

Oh my!  I do think SO!!  The process continues....

Lauren has finished her EPS Henley and it looks marvelous!
Karen Jo's cabled EPS is growing nicely, too.  Can't wait to see how this one turns out. 
Laura has finished 2 darling EPS sweaters for her daughters and is starting a third.  It looks like she really caught the EPS bug!

Nice work, grrls!


This is so exciting! I cannot wait to see the pattern you've chosen for the yoke.

Looking good!

The fit looks very good.

Thanks for the link. Of course you caught me just when I've had a couple of days of no knitting. I should get some good time in tomorrow, though. And I may squeeze in Knitting Circle on Wednesday.

I need to write my Favorite Place comment for you.


It looks great! I can't wait to see the rest of it.

Wow what an amazing fit. I may have to try that myself!

Hurray! I reached that point on my son's Cobblestone last weekend. What a relief! Now I look forward to each decrease round and then it will be done!

Yours is going to fit you perfectly. Nice job!

I don't think you can get a better fit than that!

PURRfect Margene..the wait is on for're like a 'drug' in a good way, of keep us coming back for more..good day to you~

Wow fits perfectly! It must be exciting to see it all come together!

Whew!! Looks promising. Hee hee - at first I thought the white shirt WAS the yoke of your sweater and I was puzzled about its lack of fair isleness.

Looks great, Margene!

What a feeling that is, right?

How exciting! I can't wait to see it finished :)

Now you can finish it with confidence, knowing it will fit.

The Place that Brings me Joy.

Rather than commenting on the posting where you asked this question I thought I'd post here to make it easier (I hope) for you.

I hesitated in posting, because there have been numerous occasions when I have experienced complete quiet and joy-both spiritually and physically. Picking one was difficult, but we go back to this location on a fairly regular basis to try and recapture the peace.

For my fiftieth birthday, not so very long ago, my husband asked what I wanted to do. (I'm sure he thought I'd want to go to dinner to celebrate.) Instead I asked that we, leave the house early (for us), and instead hike a trail in a state park about 20 miles from the house. The trail is known as the Stone Valley Vista trail. It is not long as hikes go, but it has technically difficult areas, and the first two miles are almost all uphill through primeval forest. A treat in and of itself on a hot day. When you think you can go no further, you literally "burst" onto a west facing rocky outcrop, that affords a stunning view of Stone Valley. The day was perfect, I had packed two sandwiches in my fanny pack, the hawks were lazily soaring overhead sometimes coming very close to inspect us. We just sat there in silence, enjoying the breeze, watching the sun set, and the hawks cruise, and it was, by far, the best birthday I can say I've ever had. (This includes the one when I was 10 and got a cake baked in the shape of a baby grand piano - legs, open lid and all.)

This hike will always have this special connotation for us. I'm hoping we are still healthy enough to do it again on my 60th.

It's awesome! I can't wait to see it in person.

Oh, I just love how this is coming together, and the fit is FABULOUS!

Amazing. You are giving me courage to try this someday. Right now, however, I think I'm in the throes of scarf fanaticism. As in, I haven't seen a scarf pattern on Ravelry that I don't like and want to knit. NOW! But eventually sweater desire will set in and I will have you leading the way. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

WOW! You make me want to try this myself!

Yay - it looks great! Reading your blog title reminded me of a bumpersticker - DYSLEXICS UNTIE!

Looks like it fits perfectly!

Looking good so far! I can't wait to see the colorwork you do on the yoke.

Great fit! Phew.

Wow! It is looking great. I wish you great fitting vibes for the yoke. It will be amazing!

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