EZ EPS - The Finale!
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Sun Dappled Maples

It  seems to be time for another finishing flurry.  Thank you for your comments on EPS.  It's one of my favorite sweaters ever and every one of you should try knitting a sweater with EZ as your guide.  Now to on of the most beautiful shawls I've ever knit.  This shawl certainly evokes the trees and groves of a forest; a beautiful forest of fall colored maples, with the sun dancing over the leaves, the roots diving deep to drink a last bit of water before heading into a long winters sleep.
Cornerofshawlingardenofzen  Aspenhangingfromgardenlantern Beautifulfullshawlonlantern

The design and yarn color were perfectly suited for either the spring green of aspen leaves or the warm richness of red maples in fall (the two colorways available).  Miriam is a genius when it comes to elegant lace and Anne is a goddess of beautiful yarn colorways. Together they created one of the most beautiful projects I've ever knit.


Shawlwithfullviewofforest The first section is designed to mimic the leaves of trees as they dance in the sun.  The lace patterning is knit on both sides of the fabric, which makes this the most complicated section of the shawl.  It's worth the extra effort as the leaves are beautifully formed.   

The second section evokes the trunks of the trees, complete with twists and knots.  This section was easier to get into a rhythm, but a knitter must keep an eye out for the subtle changes as the trunks twist and the knots of branches form.   

The final section shows the roots working their way through the soil to find needed nutrients. This was such a fun section to knit, but there was still the pitfall of knitting a row when one should be purling.  The garter stitch is effective, but reading and checking the pattern on every row (to see if it should be a knit or purl row) will keep a knitter from a visit to the frog pond. (Doesn't every forest have a frog pond?)

Aspen Grove is a forest of beauty, of color and of exquisite lace. 

Yarn/Pattern/Kit: Aspen Grove Shawl from Wooly Wonka
Colorway: Vermont Maples (Perfect for PS III)
Designed by: Miriam Felton
Time to Knit: February 10, 2008 – March 15, 2008



Absolutely stunning!

Gorgeous! It is a lovely pattern and you knit it so quickly. Congrats!

Hi Margene!

What a pleasant surprise to find another finished project this morning...The Aspen Grove shawl is just amazing!! The pattern tells a beautiful story and you chose a yarn to compliment so well. I love the intricate but simple network of the shawl against the stones very zen :-)

As always, I am in awe that you could knit something so delicate in lace so quickly...

Thank you for inspiring...

I can't believe you did that in a little over a month! And a sweater too! And who knows what else!!! Definitely inspiring.

It's just lovely. Well done, Margene!

Your description has as much artistry as their pattern and yarn... are you listening grrls? Here's a copywriter that will work for yarn!! I can see that this gorgeous shawl will be one of your favorites:)

This came together beautifully. Truly, it's exquisite--no wonder you're proud, I sure would be. :-)

There is nothing so wonderfully satisfying as newly blocked lace, is there?

It's Beautiful!!! I dug my kit out over the weekend and found my needles. Now, I just have to finish the one on the needles and this one is going on.

Your EZ sweater looks great on you. I love the colors you chose.

That's really great. I need to pull my Hidcote Garden out and see if I can still do it.


Lovely! Design, color and execution, a trifecta of lace perfection!

Absolutely lovely design and beautiful colors that show off the yarn to its finest.

Beautiful. I have lace envy now;) I love how the colors worked up.

I just half way doing this and seeing your lovely shawl is spurring me one. I am doing it in the green colourway though.

Gorgeous! Love that color!


Wow! That is a stunning shawl. The colors are lovely and I really can see the trees, leaves and roots. Very cool. Wear it well.

Beautiful and what excellent colors!

Just beautiful. And I know that having so many dear friends involved in the creation of this shawl makes it even more of a treasure. :)


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