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Not Quite Spring

Thank you for the birthday wishes!  The day was all the more wonderful because of you.  The office celebrated by serving our traditional birthday cake from Café de Normandie. This is chocolate to live for, the only chocolate cake I truly love.


Friday night we had dinner at the Silver Fork (our favorite spot), where the snow was lightly falling and we were treated to a spot by the fire place.


Saturday I was treated to a pedicure and lunch by sweet Camille and, yes, it snowed that afternoon.  Sprinter reigns, but my toes are ready for Sprummer.


While sitting in front of a little heater, to keep my bare toes warm, I finished Aspen Grove. (More to come)


The mail arrived while I was knitting and it included the funniest card ever.  It shouldn't be too hard to guess who it's from as you've surely read the pee break posts.  It's even more funny in light of Terry's recent post.  Good grrlfriends share everything, eh?


Inside it reads:

Friends like you
are few and far between
Just wanted toilet you know.

I laughed for an hour and then called Norma. She's a peach.


Sunday morning we woke to a winter wonderland.  I look on it as a gift from nature, as Pisces love their water. More snow in the mountains means enough water this summer, HOWEVER,  I am ready for some sun and warmer hear me Mother Nature?

Happy St. Paddy's Day!


I'm still catching up on blog posts. Happy belated Birthday it sounds like it was a good one! That cake looks to die for, yum. Can't wait to see Aspen grove in all her glory.

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend, in all respects.

Happy St. Paddy's Day to you too! Glad your weekend was fun!

I need to find out where Norma got the card, and buy a year's worth. Priceless! (Your toes are exquisite, btw.)

I'm glad you had such a nice birthday weekend. The card is priceless!

Oooh. A pedicure. How lovely. Aspen Grove is lovely and you're winter wonderland is beuatiful, but you know? That winter wonderland is a spring snow for sure. It looks heavy and wet. Spring, most definitely. YAYAYAYAY!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Birthday and Happy Springer!

Oohh, that cake looks positively divine. I'm feeling weak in the knees here!

Top 'o the mornin' to ye...will ye be wearin' any green today, me darlin'? Glad your birthday was so lovely...that cake is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. (As usual, I had to make my own.)

Sounds like a perfect weekend. What a beautiful cake!

What a funny card! That cake looks mighty good! Chocolate, red toes and Aspen Groves, what could be better?

Your toes look fabulous! And that cake - mmmmm... *sigh* It's snowing here, too.

Sounds like you had a perfect Birthday weekend!

Just wanted toilet you know: Oh, WOW, that cake looks like JUST THE THING!

The pedi in the snow is quite funny. The other day we had above-freezing temps for the first time in ages, and the sun was out. I saw a lady walking down the street in a tank top -- and she wasn't even a college student. She's clearly ready for sprummer, too!

Pedicures are a marvy way to bring in spring..or wish for spring..I tend to ignore my feet by covering with some homemade during the cold..then when it's time to 'bare' them..they're quite ready for a 'foot facial'..great's a hoot!
Your cake and special day sound it should's YOUR DAY!

Top o' the morning to you, too!

I must admit I've seen few pedicures on sock knitters. Could it be that we are reluctant to let our toes go out in public without wooies? (Yours looked "marvelous, darling"!)

Your office celebrates in style. What a gorgeous looking cake!

This morning I slathered some cream onto my feet and slid them (again) into wool socks. 11 degrees here, The snow just stopped and the sun is out! I'm ready for a little warm weather.
Sounds like a lovely birthday weekend!

Perfect card, perfect cake, perfect pedicure, perfect dinner... F'ING SNOW!

That chocolate covered strawberry is enough eye-candy to make it possible for me to go on this morning.


What a beautiful cake! You lucky grrl. Am excited to see Aspen Grove, but I won't be at knitting Tuesday, rats.

That cake sure does look to die for. I love your pedi. My poor feet haven't seen the light of day since....well....the light of day :) I'll wait for a little more sprummer like weather though. We have warmer temps around here but all that means right now is mud. Rain and mud.

With a cake like that? Who needs anything ELSE on your birthday ! OH YUMMY!!! (ok...the toes are gorgeous, as is Aspen Grove...and that tree photo? I love trees in the snow, even if it means cold and snow hanging in there a lot longer than we'd like)
Great post, m'dear! Glad your day was super special! No one deserves it more...

A beautiful pedi, a fabulous chocolate cake.. and a spectacular shawl? sounds like it was a perfect b-day! Happy happy b-day once again :-) (don't we get to celebrate for an entire week now?)

Thanks, Margene, (and Norma and Terry) for the giggle this morning! Have a great green beer day, whatever your beverage choice is!

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