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From the Ridiculous to the Sublime!


Dshelleygavemethebestslippers_2 The best gifts either make you laugh or cry and the birthday gift from Shelley made me laugh out loud.  She really got me with this one.  Shelley and I have known each other a good long time.  Needlepoint brought us together and we also discovered we both liked to knit.  Shelley has better taste in clothing than anyone I know.  She has great style and confidence. It's always fun to see what she's wearing as it's sure to be fabulous.  Years ago I gave her a T-shirt that said, "Every Morning I Wake Up and Thank God for My Unique Ability to Accessorize!"  Another thing I really enjoy about Shelley is her sense of humor.

Slippersfromshelley_2We were chatting a few days ago about when we learned to knit, which for both of us was a church function at around the age of 8.  Neither of us took to knitting back then, but we remember that one of the patterns we used was for a pair of slippers.  Happyfeetinmyhandknitslippers_2 I do not remember ever finishing my project, but Shelley said she made a pair or two.  Friday night she stayed up late and knit a pair for me! (What a grrl won't do for a laugh.)  When I opened the box we both broke out in roaring laughter…the whole restaurant must have thought we were crazy.  I've been wearing the slippers around the house the last few days and they have been warm and fun.  How cool! How crazy! How ridiculously lovely! Thank you Shelley. They bring a smile to my face every time I put them on.


Textureandpatternareinterestingan_3 One of the most sublime gifts I've ever received came with the card I told you about on Monday.  You must have read Norma's post about meeting up with Ruby and Judy and looking through Ruby's gorgeous handwoven scarves.  I looked with longing at several of the scarves Norma showed in her pictures.  Judy also took a picture of the Ruby and Norma "in action" and the scarf on the table just jumped out at me.  All the scarves were as beautiful as jewels.  I never suspected the reason for the meet up was to find a gift for moi!  When I opened the package and pulled out this scarf I nearly burst into tears.  It is so elegant, so beautiful, and so thoughtful. I love it Ruby.  I love it Norma. I'll be wearing it throughout the year as a lovely accessory.


Textureandpatternaresoexquisite_2 Beautifulfringeofmanycolors_2

Look at the colors in the warp and fringe, as well as the sheen and the intricate pattern Ruby wove into the fabric.  This is such a lovely work of wearable art. Ruby designed the pattern and calls it "Reverberations", a name that perfectly exemplifies the handwoven fabric.   The warp (the jewel toned fringe) is Tencel and the lilac ground is merino/silk.  It's one of the most beautiful gifts I've ever received. 

There is no doubt in my mind I have the best friends anywhere. Thank you everyone for making my birthday week so special.


They are both so amazing! Lucky you :)

What wonderful gifts! That scarf is perfectly you. Wear it well.

:) It could have been a hanger cover. Funny how (I for one) used to perceive these kind of things as somewhat unwearable but after years of knitting and developing an appreciation for the art - none of it is seen as such no longer. Happy Birthday! Treasure those hilarious friends and moments!

Love the tassels on the slippers! What is it about colorful tassels that never fails to tickle the funny bone?

As for the scarf... my adjective jar is empty again. I love the subtle geometric patterns rippling outward from the center.

And your slipper match your scarf! Another gift I see is your great friends. :)

Wear the scarf well, my friend, or use it for wall or chair art -- Ruby's scarves work all ways! :)

Those slippers are a HOOT. I love them.

My grandmother used to make those slippers...haha!!

Your new scarf is stunning!

Margene! Those are the same slippers I learned to knit in 4H(way back in the day). Brings back some good memories:~)
The scarf is breathtaking! Thanks for sharing.

What lovely gifts! I remember having slippers like that from my grandmother when I was a kid. What a wonderful gift from a true friend. Memories like ones form our youth are so special and it is a wonderful magician that knows how to bring them forth.
And the scarf is truly stunning. If you'll excuse me, I have to looks at Ruby's link....

Nice slippers and the scarf is great.

Truly thoughtful friends.

Slidey Slippers! I used to make these for my kids when they were little. They'd go sliding through any part of the house that had no carpeting.

I remember that they were fun to knit, too.

Lovely birthday week!

Who'd have imagined that the slippers and scarf would work so well together! lol Ruby's work is very special. She has a wonderful gift for color and texture.

I used to make those slippers. I think it is time for a new pair, I always liked wearing them. Perfect for sitting around knitting or when spinning instead of bare feet. Do you still have the pattern?

Those are the slippers I first learned to knit on, too! I knit one slipper, declared that I hated knitting, and put it away for 20 years. Now I think I have to go in search of that pattern again.

Lucky, lucky Margene! Those scarves are magnificent.

Beautiful! Ruby does wonderful work; her studio was not very far from us when we lived in Vermont. And her work is often featured in Handwoven mag - you lucky grrll!!

The slippers are classics! Love them!

The scarf is, indeed, lovely. But the slippers brought me back to my own childhood and memories of slippers exactly like yours. I can't remember whether they were made by my mother or acquired at a church fair....

My mom used to knit slippers like that for us when we were kids. She always used red yarn. Brings back memories. The scarf is beautiful!

Ha! My grandmother crocheted (or maybe knitted) me slippers like that when I was a child. In acrylic, of course, but it was a gift of love. Seeing them brought back memories. The scarf is breathtakingly beautiful.

Oh my - the scarf is totally breathtaking! I thought they looked beautiful in Norma's post, but the close-up detail is completely stunning. What marvelous patterning! You're definitely a lucky grrl!

You must feel very special indeed! I thought the scarves were fabulous when I saw them on Norma's blog, and I'm happy to see that one of them came to live with you. The colors of this one are perfect for you!

Fun gift and gorgeous gift - both amazingly thoughtful, and from people who truly know and GET you. What could be better?!

Oooh the slippers are fun; and, the scarf is absolutely beautiful!

Glad you had a lovely birthday. Happy late!

That scarf is amazing! I admired all the ones in Norma's post the other day. That Ruby sure knows what she's doing!

Those slippers are totally fun! I think I might have to make myself some. I love the poms.

You do have great friends! What a great birthday week :) These are the reasons I love blogging and being online. Where else would you meet such great people?

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