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Making the Best of a Weekend

Like many of you,  I have today off and will likely be spend it knitting, spinning and relaxing.  It feels so good to have a day off, a day just for fun, for myself (poor Smith is working).  We made the best of the last two days, however and enjoyed every minute. 

Handmadethankyoucards Inspired by Lisa, Saturday was spent, in part, making cards, a fun, creative and personal pursuit.  I also made groceries, ran a few errands and even had time to make sure the Monkey Socks were finished.  I love the crazy Hot Flash (STR) Monkey socks and they seem to keep my feet warmer than other socks.  It might be my mind playing tricks on me because they are so bright and flashy. Don't you agree?

Yesterday was Smith's birthday and I made sure he had a wonderful day.  The day began at our favorite spot where we had breakfast with a few friends.  They made sure he had a good time and celebrated well.  The day ended with a delightful dinner, made by me, and a slice of our new favorite cake, the yummy Blueberry Crumb Cake, also made by me. (You can call me a "one day" domestic goddess.)

Today I plan to make yarn, by spinning up the rest of the Crosspatch batt, make lace by working on Aspen Grove, and make time to do some relaxing.  Oh, and I might even make some time for EPS! 

Enjoy your day!!


Happy Birthday Smith! And my oh my...those are some seriously beautiful Monkey socks. Flamingly, screamingly pink goodness. I totally think they would keep your feet warmer.

How funny. I had totally forgotten that today was a holiday in the US. Oh well. The socks look great! Very, very pink. They would fit in quite well round these parts.

Hey- maybe you should subscribe to MAKE magazine! (or the CRAFT offshoot!)

A belated Happy Birthday to Smith! Your Monkeys are outstanding! Hope today is made up of all your favorite things!

Happy birthday to Smith! I'm glad he had a good one.

Sounds like a sweet weekend. Congrats on the Monkey Socks; they look fab!

...and it's all good, isn't it?


If those socks don't brighten up the day, nothing will. The striping on them really took center stage. Perfect match up of pattern and yarn.

Happy long weekend! I had a marathon plying session yesterday and got my crosspatch batt all plied up and I LOVE it! It's better than I even imagined. I forgot to bring it to work with me today to take pictures though, so you'll see it tomorrow.

Happy belated birthday, Smith! You aren't alone in having to work today. *sigh*

P.S. The socks are gorgeous, Margene!

Happy Birthday to my friend Smith. I'm sure you made his day really special. Enjoy your day today!

Happy Birthday to Smith! You certainly made his day. Your hot flash monkeys must generate heat all by themselves...they look great.

Sounds like you made a wonderful weekend! Happy Belated Birthday, Smith :-)

Love the pink socks.

You could warn a grrl to grab a pair of sunglasses for the pink glare that is coming off of those wonderful monkeys! :D
Sounds like you MADE Smith's birthday a wonderful day!
xo to you

Happy B-day to Smith! Have a great day. I have today off, too. I'm looking forward to some serious crafting time!

Happy Birthday Smith! Those socks are wonderful - and I hate pink.

Those socks are VERY cute. I agree that Monkeys keep my feet surprisingly warm. Perhaps because they use up a fair bit of yarn?

I do not enjoy making groceries, but I like making yarn. I think I'll join you in that today. Love the Monkey socks!

Happy Birthday, Smith! We have the day off as well, and I'm planning on some stash enhancement to celebrate. The Monkey socks turned out really well; they look extremely warm! It's gotten too warm down here to wear wool socks any more except maybe first thing in the morning.

Happy Birthday Smith! You've "Made" my weekend look very boring next to yours! ;-) I Kid.

Oh and those Monkeys are on fire! Love them.

Happy Birthday, Smith. Yesterday was my birthday too. So we're twins!

And don't forget to "Make Hay While the Sun Shines"! It felt good to see that pretty blue sky.

As usual, you *MADE* my day special. Happy Birthday to Smith!!

Happy Birthday to Smith! That yarn is amazing in those socks....love 'em. As for "making groceries", that brought me back to New Orleans. That's where the expression originated, as we found out on our many visits when Son #3 was in college. Fun times. Glad to hear you are still making cards, but can't tell you why!

Make it a good one! My man doesn't have the day off either.

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