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Setback x Two!

Yesterday we had our warmest day of the winter.  It was SO nice, so pretty and it was almost warm.  Moxie and I took a little longer walk than I've been able to do and it felt good.  However, it was still hard to keep my breath, but my recovery time has improved.

The weather did make up for the knitting disasters that struck this past week. Any knitter knows that gauge is very important and if the gauge is off, even by a bit, it's very likely your garment isn't going to fit.  As I knit a sweater, I check the gauge throughout the project to insure it will turn out as expected and fit well.  About 6" into the second sleeve on EPS, it was very apparent that the sleeve was too big around, the gauge was off and the sleeve had to be frogged.  Out, out damn sleeve....back to square one.

SecondsmallsleeveforepsSunday morning I started anew on the sleeve and it is now back on trackā€¦second sleeve looks more like the first. Yay!  It is the process (it is!) and the process continues (albeit a little behind schedule).   By March 1st I hope to UNITE the EPS pieces and start knitting the yoke!  Woo and hoo!!!  Of course, I'm ignoring the fact that I wanted the sweater finished by March 1st. 


Monday night I had a few minutes to spend on Aspen Grove.  Good progress was made, but half way through the second chart I noticed a huge mistake.  The double decrease changes from a Sl, K2tog, PSSO to a center double decrease and I had not made the change. I am a blithe, arrogant knitter who just does what's easy, thinks she knows what's going on and pays too little attention to detail.  It bites me in the ass with every bit of lace I knit, and yet, there is no change in attitude (call me a slow learner).  SO, out came 40 or so rows (big frown). I am now back on track, checking and rechecking each row to make sure the decreases are correctly IS THE PROCESS.  It is!   

Here's hoping the rest of my knitting week goes a little more smoothly and the warm weather sticks around. You'd think a grrl could catch a break somewhere, eh?


How frustrating. It's the process. It's the process. Repeat. Loved yesterday's post -- wow!

I'm tell you, at knitting yesterday we all reported making mistakes this past week. Must be some sort of lunar thing. Glad you're back on track with both projects. I finished chart 1 of Aspen Grove last night and just did a few rows of chart 2. I was glad you had pointed out those different decreases - the symbols are so similar on the chart that I may have made the same mistake if you hadn't.

Oh NO! I feel your pain. I had to start over twice on the FF&L shawl. Tinking back or ripping rows that include YO's always kicks my butt. I don't know how you do that! I'm glad you got it back on track though. I've been lurking watching this particular lace project. I just adore the color you chose.

Hi Margene! :)
I LOVE the colors of your newest shawl - just beautiful. They look like a gorgeous morning sunrise.
I've missed visiting!

This is exactly what scares me about lace knitting. I have ISSUES with detail ("blithe and arrogant" - yeah, sistah). And how the bleeding heck did you know where you were after you ripped back?? I'd need knitter GPS for that, I think...

Go Margaret! backspace, backspace, backspace, backspace, backspace, type "ene!"

I know what you mean. Heh.

I love that pink-and-yellow yarn. So springy.

Yay for warmth. I love the process. I love the process. I love the process......

Your lace post was wonderful and I can certainly relate to setbacks....I love the Aspen Grove, it is so beautiful. When I make errors (which always seem to be major and require serious ripping back) I always try to remind myself that it's the PROCESS....hah! The beauty in the whole thing is the courage it takes to rip it back and correct the mistake, not throw it in the pile for another day or pretend that the error isn't really going to matter.

Looking at those mountains everyday would definitely keep me calmer!

Here's to the process and catching all the breaks. I've no doubt we'll be seeing two gorgeous knits very soon :)

Oh no! I hate it when things like that happen! Glad your back on track. I wish you a good knitting week.

That bites big time though part of the process. For a moment there I thought were going to have to frog both sleeves!

When did you change your name to Margaret? ;-) That Norma is too funny! You should make her knit the Ene Scarf for that!

Wow, I feel a lot better about the yo in the wrong spot about eight rows back on my sock.

My goodness! Um, at least it was sunny and warmer?!? And both projects are back on tracks??

Just found your blog through Opal! Great blog! I love your work and was inspired by your persistence! No giving in on your part. Way to go! That shawl is going to be gorgeous. I love the colours!

Ouch....that had to hurt! I am a casual lace knitter at times too and I completely understand that bite in the's happened to me more than once.

Aspen Grove is going to be beautiful when you are finished! I am keeping track of you and Carole's hints as you go along :-)

Thankfully you found the mistake and were able to remedy. It is definitely a lovely piece. I can't wait to see the FO. It will be dramatic!

I had a mistake last week, too, and several inches to rip out... isn't it funny (as in, funny-weird) that even after all these years there are some projects that we 'relax into' and see our gauge loosen up midway along? Aspen Grove is a beautiful colorway - great match to the project's name, and I am looking forward to the blocked appearance.

Beautiful yarn in the shawl. And how many times have I found myself saying - and really believing -- that it is the process. Somedays it doesn't matter what I am knitting on, just as long as I am knitting and keeping myself grounded during the current times of stress. Glad to see that you are getting stronger and able to get out more.

Wait - you knit sleeve 1 and sleeve 2 in two different gauges to get them to match? I am confused! Aspen Grove is super beautiful. Can't wait to see her done.

Is "It's the process" really the first thought that comes to your mind when you catch a mistake? :)

oh my - 40 rows of lace undone? and nary a life line in sight?
process is good practice, isn't it..

I have so many lovely things I want to knit, and the yarn to knit them with - it is difficult to NOT make up goal-type deadlines, isn't it.

Darn! What a bummer about your shawl. And your sleeve.... but those fixes will be worth it in the end! I'm just glad that fixing knitting mistakes is so easy.

Sorry to hear about your troubles but it's good that you're back on track. I have to say that I love the color of the shawl. It reminds me of a pink grapefruit.

Into each life some frogging must fall.....keeps us honest!

It's my fault, I'm sure. I'm trying to get over my February phobia and sending you good thoughts and instead you're getting sick and frogging! Ah, well, at least it's almost over. It's been a horrible month for me, personally. March will be better, I know it!

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