This is SO Not How I Wanted to Start

To Begin

To clarify:
Smith has had that mustache for more than half his life. We were acquaintances in college and he had it then.  When we met later and married, he still had it.  It's like a part of our life together.  It's loss came as  a shock (no warning at all) and he did it to be funny!   NOT!  I still can't look at him...I'm still in mourning.

Despite the shock to my weakened system I did rally a bit on New Years Day afternoon to start my EPS.  After reading through all of EZ's books, gleaning ideas on the subject, the Opinionated Knitter, with Meg's updated percentages and yoke decreases will be used as my template. The day before the swatch had been washed just as I would the finished sweater...cold water wash, delicate cycle, lay flat to dry. Silky Wool washes up very nicely and I was pleased with the finished product.


The first thing to do was measure the gauge swatch accurately.  I counted 4" segments in a couple of spots and, also, one inch segments, always coming up with 5.75 spi (stitches per inch). Whew!  The size of sweater I decided on, after trying on several t-shirts and tops, was a 41". This should make a loose fitting, but not too loose, comfortable top.  Waist shaping will also be added for a less baggy look and I'd like it longish without being a 'tunic'.  That's the vision, we'll see how the execution goes. 

Justpasteturningrowofhem To find the correct number of stitches to cast on the calculation of inches into gauge was made.  41 x 5.75 = 235.75 then rounded up to 236...the number of stitches I need to make 41" at 5.75 spi.  In the OK Meg suggests casting on 95% of the stitches to create a less bulky hem (EZ used 90% in the other books) and then increase the extra stitches needed just before the turning row (in my case a picot).  I cast on 224 st with a provisional cast on worked a couple of rows.  THAT took some time!  Since then I have been able to work the hem, the picot and get a nice start on the body of the sweater.  As EZ suggested, the hem will be finished by sewing down the live stitches after the sweater is done.  I should have time to stop hyperventilating about that before then (or not).

The alpaca neck warmer is awaiting buttons, the only other thing on my needles is the Sangria lace shawl and I'm disinclined to start something else...maybe I'm still feeling under the weather?

Happy Weekend everyone!


The dude is C-R-A-Z-Y! As someone with facial hair ALL my adult life, THAT is no a joke.
The gauge on your swatch is fantastic. Looks nice. I'm using some Silky Wool, but at a much looser gauge.
Have a great weekend. And hide his razors!

I got my swatch started.

That yarn does look nice. I'm glad to see you're doing a fairly small gauge. Mine will be about 6.5 spi and a similar size. I'd better get on it.

So is he already growing it back?
And on the EZ sweater - you lost me with the math!

The Silky Wool is going to make a fantastic sweater.
Thanks for inspiring me to spin more. My wheel has been gathering dust in the corner for months as I madly worked on my Christmas knitting. Yesterday I pulled it out and spun for hours. Bliss. I guess I'd better put that NaSpiMoMo button up on my blog!

Whatever possessed him?! Silly boy. ;) Sounds like you're all set for the EPS!

As someone with a spousal unit who has had a moustache for more than half his life and for far longer than I have known him, I deeply sympathize with your reaction. Sorry to hear you are under the weather - hope it clears up soon.

wow! i cannot believe he shaved the 'stash! maybe get some roving and glue it to his face? ;-) can't wait to see your EPS!!

LOL...I remember the first time my ex-husband shaved off his moustache. I think I reacted in much the same way. Thank goodness they grow back!

Isn't Silky Wool the best?

Are you doing Secret of the Stole II? (You can check my post yesterday for link).

good luck on your sweater project margene. I did a % sweater last year and marveled that the math really works! (although my 'vision' for the neckline did not!)

The EPS is off to a good start! Thanks for sharing the process. Even if I never make this sweater, I'll learn from your experiences.

You MUST still be a bit under the weather. You need a pair of socks on them thar needles to start feeling more like yourself.

I got the Opinionated Knitter for Christmas! Seeing your process may inspire me on learning how to do the math. About the mustache . . . I remember someone I knew when I was a teenager who always wore a mustache. One day he shaved off half of it, and no one noticed! So a few days later he shaved off the rest. However he was quite blond, and I guess in his case the mustache didn't add much to his appearance.

I may end up knitting the EPS vicariously, so thanks for sharing the details of your process!

Is he going to grow it back?

Smith's M adds a lot to his "character". You know how men develop character and women just get older, right? No no... it's supposed to be that we just get better. He had a healthy looking M. It'll be back in no time.

You've always made me want to make a sweater with Silky Wool. It's seriously one of my completely FAVORITE yarns. I have to get a sweater quantity. Your NorahG sweater (what was it called?) in blue just makes me SWOON!!

Have a beautiful weekend - wish I was at SFL with you on Sunday morning. XOXOXOX

Well, Margene, I for one think Smith looks very handsome with and WITHOUT the facial hair! ;) Actually, I think it makes him look younger without---just my opinion. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial on your sweater progress. I look forward to watching you through the "process".

I understand your issue with the missing moustache. A few years ago, while my daughters and I were away for a week, my dh decided to shave his head as a surprise. We got home and my eldest daughter ran into the house to greet her daddy and came out moments later - crying hysterically because of the shock. It took her a long time to forgive him.

So - why do we need the EZ book again? :-)

Stop it, stop it.....

I have so many things in the queue and you are making me want to ditch them all and cast on for an EZ percentage sweater. I'd love to do one in Felted Tweed.

Chris once shaved off half his beard accidentally. I know, long story. So, he had to shave off the other half before we left for a big job we were doing that day. He looked like someone who belonged on a poster in the PO. I, and the rest of the crew, keep sneaking looks at him. He was furious that we were looking at him. I thought he looked awful, could hardly bear it. Somehow it just wasn't him. Anyway, one of the guys fashioned a "beard" out of the spanish moss we were using to hang from his ears and glasses. He got a chuckle out of that. Grew the beard immediately and has been a lot more careful with the razor.

The sweater is going to be GORGEOUS! Concentrate on that my friend. Smith will come around. ;-)

i would have the same reaction if my husband shaved his moustache and beard. and i am quite sure the girls wouldn't even recognize him. come to think of it, i am not sure i would!

That Smith! It's all his fault you're sick. It was too much of a shock to your system.

When my "ex" did that to me (and KEPT it shaved, no less), I was in shock for at least a week. Every time I saw him, I thought there was a stranger in the house. Really. Scared the bejesus out of me.

Though I am undoubtedly the world's biggest, most passionate fan of beards, I usually hate mustaches by themselves. There are only a very, very few men who are flattered by a mustache, in my opinion. Yours is one of them. Fortunately, they grow back.

i think i felt a sweater in silky wool and it has a very nice drape - i'm eager to see your progress! i hope the moustache grows back fast....

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