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Laughter is the BEST Medicine

This is SO Not How I Wanted to Start

...the year or Vicki's ABC Along.  One whole week of 2008 has passed me's a tough pill to swallow.  What does one do when treatment for one ailment does not work and it's obvious another trip to the doctor is in order? One gets thy arse to the doctor...that's what!   Can't knit, can't move, can't care or think about anything?  Good signs that something is (still) amiss.  So, to that end...


A is for Antibiotics...amazing drugs for what ails, and, especially, when what ails is pneumonia. Yeppers, a new one for me.  As has happened once before, a bug morphs and changes until it seems to run a course, ending with aggressive treatments that finally work...ahhh, what a relief when it's over (please, let it be over)!

Myviewmyconstantcompanion_2 My view over the weekend was rather limited to what I could see from the bed.  Moxie, a grrls best friend, rarely left my side.  He offered warmth and comic relief.  Sometimes, the tv you see was on the food network in hopes of stimulating appetite. It made me crave rich, wonderful delights that will likely never touch my pallet, but it was fun to watch (and I think it worked). 

Kimsbeautifulyarnbecomeslace_2Later on Saturday my knitting mojo returned. It felt good to hold a bit of lace in my hands and watch it grow. Isn't the color of Kim's yarn rich and beautiful? In the evening the EPS sweater grew a few inches, too.  The mojo does seem to come and go, but I expect it will stay around soon enough.  I'll give you more details on both projects later in the week.

The HUGE storm they predicted for our area never arrived on Friday or Saturday, but the sky was entertaining and interesting.  So, I bring you Saturday Sky on Monday. 


Because illness makes for boring blog posts, and because I have had little time or inclination to be in Blogland, I'm going to take a couple of days off and relax, work on healing.  I'll be bach!


Please feel all better soon, Margene! At least pneumonia gave you your A.

OmG I clearly remember mine last year which scared me to death. Fortunatly you do not have to stay in hospital. Hope you are getting better soon, I send you a lot of healing wishes from here.

Take care


I'm so sorry Margene! Pneumonia whoops one's butt and I'm glad you're taking a couple days off. You may actually need another week home to recoup. I had it in '93 and was on asthma meds for the better part of 6 months. I also tore some intercostal muscles coughing so hard. Feel better soon my friend!

I'm glad to hear you're a little better; hopefully a couple days off will result in you being ALL better! Take care.

REST. And heal.

Thinking about you - heal quickly!

Feel better!

Glad you are feeling a wee bit better.

Ah, I was worried about you when you didn't post! I mean, a mustache is important, sure, but not THAT important. Rest and get well soon (and then stay well)!

Get well soon! I'm glad the doctors finally figured out what was wrong, so you could start getting better.

Yikes!! I hope you get better quickly! My SIL is recovering from pneumonia, too. :( sorry to hear about this. Take care of yourself!

Pneumonia! Uck. I hope you are feeling your chipper self soon.

Poor you! I wish I could make you some chicken soup. Rest and recover soon.

Oh dear! Please make sure that Smith takes extra good care of you and get lots of rest!!

Your lace is scrumptious!

Ugh, I hope you feel better soon!

OOH, pneumonia. Nasty, nasty. Take care, my friend. :)

Feel better soon! I've had the same happen to me and I know how completely it whipes you out! All you can do is rest and take those magical meds as perscribed.

The lace is beautiful. Kim does have a way with color!

Pneumonia certainly is a big batch of kick ass. Hope you feel much better real soon!

Feel better soon....

I prescribe lots of green tea. Glad to hear you are on the upswing, and great "A" post.

glad to hear you are on the mend!

Hope you feel better soon.

Thinking of you my friend!

Here's to the mojo!

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