Boy, Oh Boy, Are You Going to Like This "B"
Warming Things Up

Sweet Sangria Lace

Lace is an excellent companion all year round.  During the cold days of winter one can knit warm, woolly, wrap to keep the chill away. In summer, lightweight lace is a nice way to keep the weight of wool from sitting in your lap while you knit, and yet, when worn, it has just enough weight to keep the chill of air conditioning, or cool summer breezes, off bare shoulders. Lace is perfect all weather knitting.

Lace has been an enjoyable diversion this past month, made all the more intriguing because of Kim's beautiful Woolen Rabbit Yarn. The rich depth of color has been entertaining to watch as the colors move, mix, blend, and swirl. Kim calls this color Sangria and it does have the deep red tones, and warm shades of purple, like a good wine. The yarn has a lovely drape and yet, a crisp enough hand for the lace to shine through.  It's a perfect lace weight yarn.


With the aid of Evelyn Clark's book Knitting Lace Triangles, a plan was formulated, but that plan was thrown over very shortly after execution began.  Intuition became my guide. In the end, the actual shawl became a mix of the Ripple and Medallion laces from the book. The bulk of the shawl was knit in Ripple Lace, with two sections of Medallions, thrice repeated, to keep it interesting. Everything fell into place as I knit, and after the second Medallion section, I knew one more repeat of Ripple, and then the edging, would make perfect finish.


At the last minute I decided each peak of the edging should be embellished with beads, and fortunately,  just the right size and color were in my small bead stash.  It's amazing what you can accomplish when curtailing all extracurricular activities in lieu of rest and recuperation (avec knitting).


Pattern: My own with the help of Knitting Lace Triangles by Evelyn Clark.
Yarn: Kim's lovely lace weight yarn from The Woolen Rabbit
Needles: Addi Lace size 6 (love them for their tips, but they do make your hands smell of brass)
Time to Knit: 12-18-07 – 1-20-08

I will try for "action shots" in the near future.


Beautiful!!! Just beautiful!

I always read your blog and am constantly inspired by the the lovely things you knit!

Beautiful lace, Kim's yarn and beads? What's not to love here? Nicely done.

It's lovely. I just bought that book and it's really neat.

Very lovely! The mix of both patterns is wonderful!

Oh, Margene. It's just gorgeous. And your own design! You should be really proud of this one.

oh my, that is spectacular.
what a fabulous combination of stitches and yarn.
I can't wait until I can knit lace once again's amazing! The design is so perfect for the yarn and the beads must give it just that little extra weight for a nice drape.

Well done!!!

Oh my gosh, that is absolutely beautiful. Nice design work and execution.


Lovely mix of the two patterns and the yarn looks wonderful.

It is perfectly stunning! I can't wait to see it on you.

The little beads are the perfect finishing touch. Just lovely!

lovely! The three little beads are a great touch.

Pretty pretty! I love the beads. Did you add the beads after the fact, or was the edging the last thing you knit?

That really is gorgeous! Yum.

It's gorgeous! You did a great job on the design!

Been bitten by the beading bug, eh? Just delish!

Absolutely stunning! Love the yarn color, and although not so much a 'bead person' myself, those are a really lovely touch. Enjoy!

Absolutely beautiful, Margene.

VERY nice, Margene! I love that book. Perfect!


you have outdone yourself this time!

Stunning - everything about it. And then the way you write about it too!!

This is sooooo beautiful! Love the little accent beads!

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