For One Brief Shining Moment...
Wearing the Crest

If It's Not One Thing...

If the sun hadn't come out in all its glory, if they day hadn't been deliciously warm, if my first full day out of the house hadn't been so fun, so nice, (including a new haircut), it may have been a pretty disastrous Saturday. 


click (see the snow blowing off the peaks?)
A snow covered park, with a fabulous view and lots of lovely sun seemed like a good spot for a photo shoot, but as it turns out, all the pictures were less than good.  It was nice to stand in the sun, feel it on my face, see the snow blowing off the mountain peaks, and enjoy the warmth of a beautiful day. For that alone, I will not complain about poor pictures. I also taught my first needlepoint class (something I've been doing for the last 13-14 years) since mid-December.  It was wonderful to see the students who were very happy to see me, too.

ChevronscarfwasnotemeanttobeHowever, more disasters commenced once I returned home and sat to rest, relax and knit.   The Chevron scarf I thought would be crazy fun and perfect for PSIII,  just doesn't float my boat. It shall be frogged forthwith.  The Hot Flash STR will likely become a pair of Monkey Socks (or maybe Pomatomas) instead.

Pieceoflaceneededfroggingbecauseofe The beautiful new lace project I started became such a mess it had to be frogged (twice) and reknit.  Thankfully it is now back on track (because it was restarted on Sunday?).  I'm very excited about this project because the pattern and yarn were created by Susan.  She spun the yarn last year, but wasn't fond of the pinkish color (much to my delight).  Details to come.

Foundaholeinmybelovedseaweed As I was folding up my beloved Seaweed I found a hole caused by broken yarn. (I may remember catching it in the car door.)  Surely it can be fixed, but it does break my heart, as it's my favorite warm wrap and it was just 'one more thing' to furrow my brow.

SleeveofepsisadudtimetoredoAfter spending much of Saturday afternoon choosing patterns, coloring a few ideas, and starting the sleeve of EPS, it became apparent that my choices were less than good, in fact, they stunk.  Frogging ensued, planning will continue.

There are two flights of stairs in my house and, let me tell you, in my current state it is very difficult to navigate both at one time.  The best way to handle the problem is to stop off in the kitchen for a nice treat (green tea and dark chocolate anyone?) and then head up the second flight of stairs.  It's rather a nice way to go.

Sunday started out cloudy, became rainy in the late morning, and then turned into a beautiful day! The predicted bigass storm may produce less than thought or may fall apart!  Things just might be looking up.



Sorry to hear about all the unhappy projects and the wrap that needs repair. Here's to a fresh new week!
ps with you on the green tea & dkchoc

Sometimes projects go that way but I know you'll be back on track with them soon. Be careful on those stairs!

Your daily views are so inspirational Margene. I am sorry to hear you are still not well; be careful with the stairs. As for the projects - part of me says eh, just knitting but the other par me knows how frustrating it is when the knitting just isn't happening; at least you have a good enough sense of your own sensibilities not to just keep knitting on something that doesn't really please you - way better in the long run. Have a better day today!

I found the cheveron scarf to be a very boring project but then when I got sick it was so easy to work on the I finished it.

Sorry to hear about your other projects. It can be frustrating when those knits just don't behave.

The road to recovery is longer than you expected, isn't it? You were one sick little pup. I'm so grateful you are feeling better, but I do believe Saturday was not a good day for knitting. At least in St. Louis and Salt Lake City. I had problems, too. I sure hope you can repair your beloved Seaweed wrap.

Nasty knits. Show your knitting who is boss. They must please you, or be frogged.

I'm about to try to fix a hole in one of my shawls. I was thinking of splicing a longer piece of yarn in first. Let me know how you work it out. We will, you know.

I don't know about the storm. It's pretty windy out and I just saw they're predicting 5-6 inches at the airport.

It seems to be the tragedy of knitting beautiful lace items...they become magnets for getting caught on things. That sinking feeling when a hole is discovered! My commiserations. Glad to hear you're getting out and about more. I too will be glad to say goodbye to January, but February is even worse in my opinion. My solution is to take off for 10 days of Mexican sunshine. I will try to blow some your way. :)

Ugh - the hole in Seaweed - thank Heaven you have the skill to repair her. Think of the despair a non-knitter would feel!!

I hope your storm isn't too terrible - looks like you're pushing cold weather down our direction - Thank You! It should't be 70deg in late January here!

Sorry about all the knitting frustrations during the weekend. Take it all in stride and it'll come together when it's ready.

Have a wonderful week!! XOXOXOXOX

Your opening picture is so beautiful! Bummer about the projects you were working on...I hate when I have a day like that.

That pink from Susan is beautiful and you know how I feel about pink usually..LOL

Poop. Sometimes that just happens all at once, huh?

I like the treat between the stairs idea. :)

Saturday sounds like a "do-over day" to me!! Hope today is going much better.

Oh, so sad that you're frogging the chevron scarf! It's so lovely. I understand though, if you're not feeling the love.

Hopefully today will be better.

Margene, I am sending you thoughts of healing today.

Can you do a spliced spit join on Seaweed as Judy eluded to? Sorry for misbehaving knits and still feeling the effects of pneumonia.

Oh, boy, you had me going there: I kept waiting for the broken ankle, especially when you said the word "stairs"! Thank goodness it was ONLY knitting, and trust me, I know!

Kind of a mixed bag yesterday, wasn't it? But it ended pretty well, didn't it?

But I do love your EPS colors!

This weather is odd. It's crazy windy here, even the backyard trees are stirring.

Poor Seaweed! I also hate to think of any harm befalling it. At least you know what happened, and don't have to worry about m*ths. And you can graft that closed, right?...

And I'm sorry the Mystery Pink Thing didn't work out. I had to click in order to appreciate the yarn fully--wow, is that ever beautiful stuff. :-)

At least the sun was shining and the weather report sounds promising. The knitting will get back on track before long too.

Sorry to hear about your less-than-ideal day. Hope things look up soon.

it"s a good time to begin Spring Things

That's what you call a bad picture? I know the frustration of not being able to capture the full glory that I see, but I love every inkling your pictures give me.

Sometimes I really like swatching, and sometimes nothing. is. working. But one beauty of knitting is that no mistake is irrevocable. I also know the frustration of working up a sketch and discovering that what looks great on paper doesn't do it for me in yarn. I predict that from the seeds of your not-quite-it attempts a glorious garden of new ideas will spring. (Yes, I said SPRING. Imbolc is next week, after all.)

The snow is coming down here today but it's warmer than it's been in weeks here in Colorado. Maybe the knitting needed a day to show all it's bad sides and now that's done and you can get back to wonderful knitting experiences.

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