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EPS - Not Forgotten

EPS* is only several inches of boring stone colored stockinette, not too attractive or interesting, but still growing, perhaps a little too slowly. There have been other knitting distractions, but even so EPS has had almost daily attention, just not been the main attraction.   Renewed interest came about when Susan helped me find a fourth color for the yoke and sleeve patterns; a gold that will add a bit of spark to the other colors.  Silky Wool colors have so much depth and this group should work nicely together. 


To test the colors, add a little more interest and get this project into full gear, I cast on for a sleeve (instead of a sock).  The body of the sweater is 236 st. and 20% of that is 47.  Rounding up to an even number gave me 48 st. to cast on, which is also perfect for a picot edging (being divisible by 4). The picot edge was knit in red and the rest of the hem with the main color. Patterning should could ensue immediately, however....a confession is in order.  The patterns for the sleeves and yoke have yet to be found, decided upon, or thought through (in more than just a passing way).  I need to get a plan in place, because the sleeve is stuck here, in limbo, until I'm ready.  Poor sleeve.


Bookofpeerypatternsthatshouldhelpwi At the moment the vision for the sleeve is about 6" of colorwork just after the cuff, with some of the same patterns mimicked in the yoke. Figuring out where to start is a bit daunting. I must keep the faith that this will all work out in the end (and get busy). Fortunately, I have Alice Starmore's rare book, Charts for Colour Knitting, which should help with ideas and pattern inspiration. Time to get busy and just do it, make a plan.

*Elizabeth's Percentage Sweater from The Opinionated Knitter


I know you'll come up with the perfect plan for the sleeves.

Time to get out your coloured pencils and grid paper! Have fun!

Looks like the fun part has already begun.

Poor sleeve! Woe! ;)

I was thinking of EPS the other day, wondering if you had been working on it. I can't wait to see how it works up.

It's going to be beautiful! I am a huge fan of Silky Wool!

Wow. What I would do to get my hands on that Starmore book! ;)

Love the addition of the gold in the mix there. Perhaps you could cast on the second sleeve to keep the first one company. ;-) Who knows, maybe inspiration will strike as you start the second one. It will at least keep your fingers busy for a short while.

I really love the colors tha you chose. They ought to create one very striking sweater. Thanks for sharing the process. It's fun to watch.

Those colors will be great, no matter what you decide for pattern. ( I, too, wish I had that AS book and a few others!) My EPS, however, has been frogged....twice.

Ohhhh, the colors are lovely. Sooner or later, I suppose I'll start to "get" EZ. The projects that I see people do according to her principles are so wonderful.

The fun of this sweater is figuring it out as you go. I know you'll come up with something good.

Those colors are wonderful. I can see you snuggled up in it, sitting by one of the fireplaces at the lodge.

Oooo - I love the additional fourth color you picked! Beautiful.

I know it will be gorgeous! The colors are great.

It's gonna be perfect. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I used that same book for the baby sweater I just finished. It's an old friend that I'd forgotten about until I needed it.

The silky wool is gorgeous. I think the color combo is fantastic.

Love the gold with your other colors! I think I see some swatching in your future though.

Oh, what a fabulous book! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Why is it that I can't stand that yellow/brown color all by itself (it's the exact color of... um, never mind), but in combination with other colors, especially warm ones, it really lights up a piece?

This is going to be one handsome sweater!

Funny - I just ordered some gold dye to add to my palette. I realized it was the missing key. Right on!

Wow, I wish I could design something like that.

I have a sweater's worth of that gold color waiting to become something from Viking Knits. Good choice! :-)

And if you can't find a motif you like in that book, I would be very, very surprised!

What a great color combo! Can't wait to see what pattern you choose...

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