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What I Knit Over Christmas Vacation

Flu of last week morphed into a sinus cold this week, energy and motivation were kept at bay. Searching for them daily only led to disappointment.   Knitting sat idly in the lap as often as it was in the works.  The worst part of being sick for so many days is the delusions you set for yourself are not met, not.even.close.   Even so, there was knitting accomplished.

Swapprojectforoneskeinready_2 Friday night, during a long bout of insomnia, I worked on the secret project for the SLC SnB Grrls One Skein Swap for our anniversary party.  There was a revisit of motivation and a simple, quick project seemed just the right thing to knit.  Things didn't start out well and went to hell rather quickly, but for some reason a stubborn streak set in. It was a "set in cement" stubborn streak, and I couldn't back away.  Knit, knit, knit, tink, tink, frrrooooog, restart...knit again.  That's the way my hands worked for the next 5 hours and I never thought about stopping.  From the vantage point of a few days, it's easy to see it was a flu induced mania, one best not to analyze too much.  As it turned out I knit through the whole night...yep, until 5:00am (between loads of laundry and other duties), slept for one hour and never felt tired until 10:00pm that night.  No wonder the flu morphed into a cold.   In any case, by 4:00 that afternoon, 10 hours later, instead of 5, I had a finished project and found it very satisfying and enjoyable. I even learned a new technique...all will be revealed after the swap. 

Loganwrapisfinishedandworn The next day, Sunday, I tackled the Logan River Wrap, which was only a few inches from completion.  Everything went well with this project (oh, thank goddess, that something went well) and by Monday morning it was blocking in all its glory.  I've been wearing this luscious wrap and its warm, soft fabric has been a comfort and kept the chill away.  When the eyes aren't so bloodshot, and the nose is less red, we'll do a photo shoot for your pleasure.   I learned many new things with this project, too. Short rows (I haven't been very good at them) YAY! Provisional cast on, hurray!  Kitchenering! Huzzah!  Okay, I did learn to Kitchener earlier this year, but it's still a thrill.

Firstwoolengloveisfinished The one project I was most excited to finish, and share, was the Woolen Gloves by VĂ©ronik.  It's the one project that, even with the desire to knit, I couldn't over come the lack of motivation.  It's a wonder that one glove is finished, but no wonder that I love it unflaggingly.  It's warm, soft, rich in color and blue-tiful.  The yarn, Apple Laine, Apple Pie, is THE perfect yarn for elegant, warm gloves.  The color (Royal Blue) is full of character, the wool/silk/mohair content has such a luscious sheen, and the yarn knits up smoothly and beautifully.  It would be SO easy to buy one of every color! (But, I am going through the process of learning to do with less and must stick to it.)  The yarn was a gift from Lisa and I can't thank her enough for the introduction.  I have more colors in my stash, from a swap with Elizabeth, so, for now, I'm a happy camper.


I love the color of your Logan River wrap! I learned a new provisional caston this month, too, using a circular needle cable as the second "yarn" in a provisional cast on - it made picking up the stitches later much much easier, as they couldn't pull into the fabric.

Hope you are on the mend!

Wow...I am impressed with how much knitting you did while sick! Logan looks lovely, but those gloves.....beautiful!

Be well soon my friend!

I'm sorry you've been so sick. I hope you're back on track for the new year. What are you starting on January 1?

I'm sorry to hear you've had such a rough holiday. :( But you do seem to have gotten a lot done anyway! Looking forward to seeing the modeled shots of the wrap.

Ooh-la-la - I love all your holiday knits. The Woolen Mits by Veronik are possibly my favorites. Love the pattern. Love the color. Love the wool. Simply scrumptious.

Why did I think you had finished Logan? Didn't I see a photo of you wrapped up in it...or am I imagining?

Mmmm. Apple Pie. It is wonderful stuff. I'm using it for a pair of daughter socks at this moment. You know, it comes from a little town just down the road a bit from me.

Hope you feel all better soon. oxo

Wishes for a non-chapped nose soon. Poor you. A great vacation all sickened up. Crap. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Logan Wrap and can't wait to see it. My sister was heavy-hinting for a shawl the other day after seeing my FBS. That sister, I can't figure her out. I never would have pictured her as a shawl person in a million years. I just can't figure out her taste at ALL.

Bad timing to be sick on your vacation. I hope you get over this stuff soon. Lovely items you've been knitting. Can't wait to see you modeling them, because then I'll know you're feeling better.

I haven't taken the time to knit gloves. Yours look beautiful. Feel better fast.

I can't believe you knit all night! WOW!

Hmmm...I think I have yarn that would work for that wrap.

Looks like a quick knit and warm too.

It's ok to sit quietly when you are sick. Be still and recuperate. Pamper yourself. Practice indolence. Read something fluffy and drink things that are warm and comforting. (hot broth? hot orange juice with cinnamon and ginger? Hot toddies with lemon, honey and a shot of good bourbon?)

What a frenzy! I hope you're doing ok now. The gloves are really beautiful. I've been looking for a yarn to do the Cabled Gloves - maybe that would be a good choice.

you have shown me that i need more wrap in my life. it's a little difficult to be motivated to work on anything blanket like while our weather is in the 70's.

you have some lovely knitted goodies! sorry you were sick - i'm in with the flu too, and it feels so good to be able to knit a few rows here and there....i can't wait to see what you knit up for your one skein swap....btw - hope you're feeling a whole lot better when 2008 rolls in so you can have enjoy a happy new year!

And you made some progress yesterday! It was lovely to see you (as usual) and I adore that Logan River Wrap. Not just cuz it's purple either. :)

5 am? Now that's dedication. I hope you are feeling better soon!

I just started my Logan River wrap, but feel a bit guilty after reading Mim's post. I think I'll still finish it because I love the pattern, but darn it all to heck. What is the matter with company's anyway? I'm glad you're better, though and cannot wait to see your finished projects. Even sick, you amaze me!

I hope you're feeling better soon!
I love the purple Logan River Wrap. What yarn is that? I scanned the archives and couldn't find a mention of it. :( It is gorgeous. Mim's patterns are awesome. Theres a Juno Regina otk at my place. :D

Good God, woman, what a marathon knit! Take care of those hands!

I'm excited to see the Logan Wrap sometime.

I don't usually care for blue (for me. i like it fine for others), but that's a lovely color you're using for the gloves.

Those gloves are CUTE. I'm assuming its a pattern out of her book?

You do so much, despite all the viral particles and bacteria settling in.

Can't wait to use my AppleLaine. I love Logan, too.

You keep causing my queue and my favorites on Ravelry to grow. I love your wrap and I am going to pull out the pattern tonight to look at it again. And I love the gloves. But I must resist temptation. I need to finish at least one big project already on the needles first.

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