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Ezepskalbuttonmini A while ago the SnB SLC Grrls decided after the first of the year we'd like to knit Elizabeth Zimmerman's Percentage Sweater (EPS) as a group (with or without a Fair Isle Yoke). The variety of ideas and yarns are as varied as the group and it's going to be very cool to encourage, support and work together.  Now,  while this will not be a formal KAL, you're invited to knit along with us if you like and, yes, there will be a button, but not a blog or group. I'd rather knit!

Yarnforswaab Now, as in December, is the time to decide on a yarn, knit up a swatch, and get ready for January 1, 2008, the day we'll start our project. (Of course you can always swatch in January if that works best.)  In my stash is the Silky Wool that's waiting to become my EPS and I have also pulled out a couple of leftover skeins that I'll use to make up a swa-ag. A Swa-ag is a swatch that will become a bag.  I (kinda) have a plan and will see how it goes as I wing my way through, trying an  idea or two for the sweater.


I'm rather crazy for the gray (main body), black, cream and red combo, but perhaps another color is needed (maybe the blue?)  Since the yoke pattern hasn't been decided, I'm unsure. There are several other decisions that need to be made before I begin (January 1st...did I say that already?).  What type of hem should I use (picot or plain) and should said hem be knit with a contrasting color? (Which, after seeing Adrian's mitten I'm pretty sure I'll do.)  Would a design on the sleeves be cool, or distracting, and which stranded pattern should I use for the yoke?  There is still time for contemplation.

Knitting a stockinette swatch, in the round, is just the project needed while running around with knitting  friends.  Think I'll cast on today!

Tonight the SnB grrls will be at the Main Library to visit with Debbie Stoller and check out the new Stitch 'n Bitch book.  Afterward, I'll be heading the airport to fetch Norma.  Let the fun begin!


You are tempting me!

Pretty sweater colors. Have a super time with Norma et al! I hope she can fly out this afternoon.

Neat project to mull over!! Have fun with Norma -- I can hear all the laughter already!!

I think those are wonderful color choices and you'll do a fabulous job with this sweater.

Silky wool is a wonderful choice!!! Have fun with Norma and Kim!!!

Ooooh, how tempting...I'll be watching your progress but I've got my eyes on finishing Kauni after Christmas.

It does sound like fun! I think I'll definitely join you girls. I guess I should get planning too!

Great colors! Have tons of fun!

What a fabulous idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with, especially with the silky wool.

Well, now, I've already started the Spiral Yoke Sweater from Meg's Handknitting book, although I doubt I'll get much done on it between now and the first of the year. It's definitely an EPS. Does that count? Want me to frog it and start over? I'm using some green Jaeger Merino Aran that I snagged in the back room at WEBS a while back. Hope Norma makes it....sounds like they are getting slammed back East!

Hmm, I can see the red OR the blue, but not really both.

I've been working on the Fair Isle Yoke Sweater in J&S jumper weight. I was hoping to finish before the holidays, but, uh, that's not going to happen, so I guess I'll probably stumble onto your KAL with a bit of a head start

I have tried the percentages method with a sock for my husband and failed miserably. I got to the heel and then had to find a pattern with the same number of stitches cast on to continue the sock. I don't know why I don't get this. I'm usually very artistic and make my own patterns for applique, quilts, and I paint. Why oh why can't I do this math thing? If this is an "informal" knit along, with there be those that can help a limping "math dead" knitter along with this project? I'd really love to try.

Oooh, that'll be fun!
Fingers crossed for Norma's timely arrival!
Have fun!!!

Wow, Norma's arrival snuck right up! But then, December is kinda sneaking by on me... I like the combo without any blue, traditional but the red gives it a bit of an edge. I like fair isles with just a bit of a 'bracelet' of colorwork at each wrist above the ribbed cuff, but you could also put a narrow band of colorwork just at the very top of the sleeve too. Colored picot hem? Maybe if it were the charcoal and your sweater body was the pale grey. This sounds like a fun project. Have a grand time this weekend with Norma and Kim!

I love the planning stage of a project! You've got some lovely colors to play with.

I like the idea of a contrasting color for the hem.

I saw a sweater with a design on the sleeves last week, and thought that would be a fun thing to do. And I like the contrasting hem, too. I love the grays, white, and red - one of my favorite combos. The blue might be an interesting addition if it was used sparingly, just to perk things up.

I'm definitely joining you! I was going to buy the wool after Christmas, but maybe I should get cracking on it and swing by this weekend. I'm going for scratchy, rustic, lovely coloured Alberta wool. I do love a wool where you are still picking out the straw, it has so much character to me. For certain projects that is!
Anne B.

I'm thinking about joining you. I have two sweaters' worth of yarn in the stash- earmarked for nothing. Hmmm

yay! have a great day.

Too many UFO's right now, but I'm excited for you and the group. I'll enjoy your progress while slogging away finishing things. Have a blast tonight!

I have actually been dreaming of a similar color-scheme, fair-isle yoke sweater. Dark gray (harvested from a disappointing sweater project)/ Light gray/ and Red. I think yours would look beautiful with gray/cream/red!

How fun! I vote for a contrasting hem with the blue - it'll be a pretty surprise.

I love the idea of knitting a bag as a swatch! I've been planning to knit a very basic cardi without a pattern and was dreading swatching. Now it can be something I look forward to!

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