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The Year in Knits

Knitting in 2007 started out rather slowly, only socks and scarves on the needles for several months. I just couldn't seem to get any knitting momentum.  Socks were the main distraction, 18 (two were small) pair knit this year and that's pretty much a record. The 2007 Photo Album shows off the years knitting results.  The year ahead holds more desire for sweaters and shawls than socks, at least sitting here, just days before 2008 begins.

Today seems as good as any to review my  favorite knits of  2007.

Ceildhandthelonioussocksarefavs The sock that's at the top of my favorite list is Anne's Ceilidh Lace Socks.   I love the yarn, the color and the pattern.  They were fun to knit, the leg is nice and long, and they feel wonderful on my feet. Despite all the Monkey Mania, Thelonious is my second favorite pair for the same reasons as Ceilidh, great yarn, great pattern, great fit.

Scoopbuttonedandlookingood Blueberry Scoop has the distinction of being my favorite sweater of the year.  It's been worn more than any other sweater. The reason may be it's a cardigan and perfect for this time of year. I do wear the other sweaters, but not as much. Blueberry is perfectly versatile.   

Mittensknitin2007weresomuchfun_2 I'm very partial to the Mitered Mittens and Bird in Hand. Mittens have rarely been part of my winter wear...I like my fingers individually clothed, for the most part. But, I do enjoy the warm, thick fabric of a worsted weight mitten and how perfect they are for snow.  Both pair were fun to knit and they are both special to me for different reasons.  It makes me smile just to see them sitting there ready to start a snowball fight!

JohoenjoyingthesunatgrandcanyonBeautifulhidcoteontherockwallofdr_2 Hands down, my favorite knits of 2007 were Langsjal Jóhönnu and Hicote.  It might be that both photo shoots involved traveling to exotic locations.  With the cold weather I've been wearing Jóhö more, as she's knit with warm, soft wool, but Hidcote is a favorite for cool summer evenings.

So the totals go like this:
Sweaters – 5 (including BJS a baby sweater)
Socks – 18 (two small size for charity)
Scarves– 4
Shawls/Wraps - 4
Bag – 1 Crochet
Mittens – 4 (two small size for charity)
Mitts – 1
Gloves - 1 (the Woolen Gloves WILL be finished before NYD)
Secret Project - 1

Now, onto 2008!


That is quite a tally! Congrats on a good knitting year. Best for 2008.

You had a wonderful knitting year! Great job!

Its very interesting to see what knitters end up actually wearing/using as opposed to what they knit.

Did you forget my gauntlets? Or was that the "secret project"?

That is quite a lovely and varied and accomplished list, grrl!

What a list of accomplishments! I'm in awe. :)

you inspire me (and put me to shame....)! i plan to finish at least one mini sock ornament (a month) for my 2008 christmas tree (i managed to knit 4 this month, and my 4 1/2" christmas tree looked really sad....) i hope to finish some ufo's and limit my yarn purchases by digging into my stash. but first i have to clean out my "dungeon" which is actually my "ultimate" goal to tackle this weekend....looking forward to more inspiration in 2008!

Awesome work this year--it puts my little list to shame :)

Here's to 2008--I can't wait to see what you finish!

Isn't it impressive when you list it all out? I always love that jolt of realization that I've done so much. Your list definitely impresses and, other than maybe the socks, it's pretty nicely balanced over different kinds of projects.

That is totally amazing! Can't wait to see what this new year holds for you.

You are a knitting goddess! :)

I'm getting better every time I study your work. Thanks and Happy New Year.

what an impressive list of completed goodies!
I enjoyed your year in review :-)
blessing for the new year ahead.

I feel like a total slacker.

Of course, the three jobs do cut into knitting time. . .that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Merry post-Xmas, Margene! And look how productive you were this year! I'm impressed and more than a little envious, especially of all your socks. ;-)

I am going to take a page from your book and start something new on New Year's Day. I love that little tradition of yours. :-)

lovely recap margene!! beautiful knits :-) I cannot wait to see what 08 brings!

Those are some great '07 knits! Can't wait to see whats in store for '08!

Very impressive list. I liked seeing your review. I look forward to the new year.

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