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Deb wanted to see a Spinning Year in Review and since she got a new wheel for Christmas, I can see why.  Enjoy your new baby, Deb. It's bound to bring you hours, and years, of enjoyment. 

Naspimomo_button_3 The first of 2007 was much more conducive to spinning progress than the last.  It may be I ran out of steam, but more likely, the knits just took over and Emmylou has been neglected because of that.  It's so hard to find time to do all the things one likes when one has multiple interests...something or other always gets a short shrift.  My fiber stash is overwhelmingly large and something must be done...something like SPINNING.  So, I declare January NaSpiMoMo.  To join you just need to spin more (easy peasy), and take Carole's fabulous button if you have a blog. Plus, there is a Ravelry Group. (Ravelry makes KALs/CALs/SALs so easy!)  You set your goal and spin.

Most of the yarn spun in 2007 was from the Spunky Club and you can see the glorious results in my Spunky Flickr Album.  It was fairly easy to keep up with the monthly fiber and, even knit something from it, until July when sweater mania hit Zeneedleland.   

Nightshadesinglesforshawl400yds_2 The very favorite of all my handspun hand knits is Susan's Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl.  The yarn was my first single and the project was easy and enjoyable. This was the May selection, Nightshade, and Amy, as usual, did a magical job with color.  This shawl is so easy to throw on with anything and I wear it often.


There are several skeins, spun early in the year and still hanging out, that I'd love to knit. Maybe 2008 will be the year. 


This is a skein of the most beautiful fiber.  It's one of the first I bought from Anne's Wooly Wonka.  It's 60% gray alpaca 20% gray angora, 18% purple/blue dyed silk 2% angelina and I ended up with 600+ yards. It's so yummy...why does it sit?

I'm rather fond of this beautifully dyed "Giverny" also from Anne's shop, as it was a gift from Birdsong.  There is enough for a small shawl and maybe I should just make another Forest Canopy.  I'd love to be wearing this now, instead of just petting it.


The next yarn just might be the last I spun, with any success, and I do remember how excited I was about it.  This is Celebration, the July offering from Amy's Spunky Club, which I plied in chained singles.  It's about a worsted weight and should make a great hat.  It's one I pet often as I did such a good job of spinning and finishing it. 


Let's hope NaSpiMoMo will bring the return of the spinning mojo!  It maybe a great colorway will help, too.   Amy's December offering is called Party Dresses, 80s Party Dresses!! 


When I opened the package I laughed out loud.  The colors are so happy, so vibrant and a perfect way to brighten dreary winter day. Think I might just dive right in...

(Turns out I had bronchitis, but with modern meds I'm feeling much better. The Near Year should start out "in the pink". )

Happy New Year, everyone!


Happy New Year Margene! I'll be posting my own NaSpiMoMo goals on my blog tomorrow(ish) -- what a great idea!

Happy New Year, sweetie. Thanks for the Ravelry heads-up - I joined the group and swiped the button.

I'm so impressed that you not only spun but knit from your spinning so much. I need to find a way to do that....

Happy New Year! Thanks for the inspiration!

I've been spinning a lot this weekend in preparation for NaSpiMoMo! Happy New Year, my friend.

I am certain Emmylou understands you have to allow her to vacation while you make room in the yarn stash arena for her products!

Hope you have a safe, healthy, happy and fiber filled New Year, Margene!

I am certain Emmylou understands you have to allow her to vacation while you make room in the yarn stash arena for her products!

Hope you have a safe, healthy, happy and fiber filled New Year, Margene!

I think we're all on the same wavelength. I have something I've cooked up for 2008 involving spinning.
And the last photo of you looks great, like you're a movie star in disguise.
Have a wonderful New Year's.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to you and Smith and Moxie and much fun with Party Dresses! I smiled just seeing it on your blog!

I love how your Happy New Year! flag color coordinates with your Party Dresses fiber. :) Glad you're on the mend.

Happy New Year to you TOO!

Happy New Year to you and the boys!

Love looking at all of your handspun AND knitting with it! Almost done with my " Hug from Margene" scarf using the skein from our exchange. Great stuff- thanks again.

Happy New Year!!

Blessings to you in 2008!

Happy New Year!! I'm so glad I found your blog late this year, I look forward to more inspiration from you!
I have SO much fiber waiting for attention...this may be the way to put a dent in it! See, you are already inspiring me in the new year!

Oh, your shawl from your singles is SO pretty. I love how you look at a skein and envision what it could be.

Best of health for you in 2008!!! Hopefully all that coughing is (mostly) behind you. Have a restful night tonight!

happy new year and many more to all of us

Hmm, the last time I touched a wheel was at the November meeting of my spinning group....maybe I ought to join the NoMoBlaBla and try to make a dent in Fiber Mountain! Happy New Year to you and Smith!

That shawl is so lovely - I can see why it's your favorite! Happy, happy New Year. :)

so glad to hear you're feeling much better. looking forward to more handspun inspiration - can't wait to see the a skein of the party dresses!

Thank you!! It's all so lovely and you will be my constant source of inspiration as I start the journey!! I LOVE Party Dresses - you'll understand why in a few days! Thanks again for honoring my requst and Happy New year to all of you!

Happy New Year to you and Smith!

Happy New Year Margene! NaSpiMoMo might be just the thing to shrink my stash a little. Sounds like a fabulous idea. I can totally see why that shawl woud be a favorite. It's lovely.

I'm glad you're feeling better.
Angie (from Purling Oaks) pointed me to the ravelry group. I think that since I can handle tiny yarn again, it may be time to see what I can do with a wheel. Thaks for the kick in the pants. :D

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