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Aknittermusthaveonsocks_2 When I leave the house on cold wintry days, you can bet I'm dressed for the weather.  This is the time of year that is most fun for an obsessive knitter grrl.  The first knit item I happen to don is a pair of socks...only socks that are knit by hand touch my toes...they are the best way to stay warm (and happy).  Since I've been knitting socks for about a dozen years it is easy to get through a month with a fresh pair daily. 

SweatermittsandgloveshandkintPerhapsascarfaround_theneck Dressing for the out of doors is the best, if you're an obsessive knitter.  First I  slip on mitts, to add a layer of warmth, under my sweater (hand knit, of course) or jacket (because I don't have a sweater for every single day.   If it's especially cold a pair of gloves (hand knit, too) slip easily over the mitts and I could win any snowball fight because of the extra layer of wool. On many winter day, the addition of a scarf is the only other thing needed to keep me warm and cozy.

Withavestimahappycamper_2 Since I'm not a fan of heavy winter coats, the mitts, scarf and a vest (microfiber in this case) take me through the milder days of winter. (Don't you think a nice  hand knit vest, like this one, would be just the thing to add to my queue?)  On occasion, if one spends long periods of time out of doors, the addition of a hat is nice to protect the ears.   

For an bit of elegance and warmth, I wrap up in a and beautiful, long stole and I'm ready for anything the weather can dish out.  Go me crazy, eccentric and/or obsessive... I can handle it. I am warm and happy!


Now for a few words about some of my pals.  Carole has done so much for KUO as I've been too busy to help.  Thank you, Carole!  Make sure you let her know if you knit for charity during the two weeks of KUO. You could win a prize!
It's Birdsong's Blogiversary and she's giving away wonderful, fibery goodies. Make sure you comment... you could win!
Chris is having a contest and if you write the best Personal Ad for her you could win a music mix. She mixes up the best CDs!  Chris challenge me to have a martini and enter the contest. I did....she might be a bit sorry.   


I think that you are my most favorite "crazy eccentric" (grin)
You look mahhhh-velous darlink.

I love your shoes!! plus are perfect to show handknitting socks ;)
I wish it would be so cold where I live, unfortunately I can't layer myself the way you do.

Margene, DArling. All you are missing is Moxie with a custom-fit handknit sweater as your walking companion, and a borrowed child so bundled in handknit goodness that it looks like a mini-Michelin tire man! I can imagine the toasty warmth enveloping you. Great stuff.

LOVE that last picture of you in your shawl!!! Isn't it wonderful to be able to wear the fruits of your labor?

You look terrific in all your hand knits! I'd rather layer in wool than wear a bulky winter coat, too.

I don't have quite the stockpile of knits (yet) from which to choose, but it's getting better all the time and I do love this time of year! You look marvelous!

I love that vest in Veronik's book!! That would be so right for you.

Seaweed is looking just gorgeous, and I love your hat too! I know I've seen that pattern somewhere online, but the name escapes me completely.......could you (or someone!) remind me?

a winter hat is always the first thing i layer on. i just couldn't make it through our 50 degree winter afternoons without one. you have given me an idea though, that perhaps i should knit Amber with the colorwork before i try Bird in the Hand. p.s. cute lil' shoes!

I have definitely not been knitting obsessively for long enough. onward and upward! :-)

Amber! That's it! Thankyou marie!

I would never have guessed you were a knitter! ;)

I'd be so happy to run into you on the street. I'd immediately strike up a conversation and we'd become new best friends... all because of a little handknit stocking.

: D

Uh, oh...I'm sure I didn't pack enough handknits for this trip! Not according to "Margene's Winter Survival Manual", anyway! I haven't been knitting as long as you....and much of that has been for grandbabies, so I'll have to make do with polar fleece and down, I guess!

You are so funny! Now all you need is a bag (hand knit) carrying all you knitting!

haha i was totally called out this morning because I as decked out in all my knits. i've been spotted too! ;-) love all of yours!

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one running around with more handknits than store-bought items on! My husband is always making fun of me as the girls and I parade out in my knits (he won't wear more than one or two at a time.)

You'll need plenty of those layers for tonight! Brrr.... it's actually sweater weather here!

Fun post! Hand knit layers are the way to go!

You look too cute! We are expecting record mid 70s temps again today.

So many hand knits and still so very stylish! and warm to boot :)

Yes, you totally need to make that vest.

Great post! I love layering the hand knits!

After the snow photos you showed us, who cares if you look eccentric as long as you're warm! Last winter I was away caring for my Mom when the cold finally hit. The Hubs put on his handknit alpaca vest, scarf, and hat, realized the opportunity for points he had created, and walked over to the LYS near our office to show off!

Hey, that vest would be perfect to replace the fleece vest I live in all winter (with a handknit).

You DO look warm and cozy! Isn't it a great feeling leaving the house on a chilly day dressed in the fruits of our happy process?! Thanks for the vest link - I am searching for an outdoor vest to replace the one I am giving away as a result of getting smaller.

Layering takes on new meaning when you've knitted the garments yourself.

What a great time I had with your post! It's ALL wonderful. I'm doing the hat, scarf, mitts, and sweater combo. Baby, it is cold out there..

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