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Hats Off to Debbie Stoller

Theslcsnbgrrlsatanniversaryparty07 The SnB Grrls feel like we owe a debt of gratitude to Debbie because she planted the seed in Laurie's mind that SLC NEEDED a Stitch 'n Bitch group. We may not have known how much we needed this group, but in the all of it, we couldn't live without it now.  Within a short period of time we went from meeting bi-weekly to meeting every week.  We also share so much more than 2 hours ever Tuesday.  How cool is it that we're no longer all grrls…we always have guy, at least one, who can put up with us all!  Our tightly knit group will be celebrating the beginning year five on January 8th!

Debbiesigningbooksatlibrary When we heard Debbie was coming to town we knew the only thing to do was let her now how much we appreciated the idea that brought us all together. Her books have brought great knits to beginning knitters everywhere, as well as more members to our group.  Last Thursday night Debbie shared with us how she learned to knit, why she knits, and the historical aspects of knitting. She is one savvy, witty, warm lady with a great attitude that has carried her far.  Knitting has had a big resurgence and there is no denying her hand in that surge. Her books and ideas take knitting across lines of age, gender, and thought, and into the region of the cool, funky, sassy and edgy. (If only more pictures had turned out well!)

Cherylinskullymittens  Susanandjessinhatandsushi

Jessinnijamaskandsusanlaughing Badpictureofdebbieandadrianssweat_3

Debbiesawesomenewlbooks The newest book, Son of Stitch 'n Bitch, maybe the best book yet.   It's full of creative, unique  and classic knits for grrls who knit for guys and guys who knit for themselves. We were all impressed with the patterns, many of which cross lines of age and gender.   Many of the projects were  things we knit for ourselves.  It was fun trying on the items that Debbie let us 'manhandle' and goofing off for each other.  We, the crowd at large, were very impressed with the variety of projects, techniques and yarns used. 

It was a great night and we love Debbie all the more.


Sounds like you guys had a wonderful night out together.

Sounds like it was a great evening - and I'm sure Debbie appreciated it. In Minneapolis, the store holding it did no promotion, so it was not well attended.

Oh, can you send me that group photo in the original size!

Wow - I'll bet she had has much fun as you guys did!

I'm jealous! I wanna join your S&B group, and I live in NJ. Piffle!

I'm jealous! I wanna join your S&B group, and I live in NJ. Piffle!

How fun! I'm glad you got a chance to meet her.

What is the item in the second picture of the photo collage? A hat, a scarf, an eyeball? I can't figure it out.

it looks like all of you had some great fun that night! 5 years of a knitting group.. wow. congrats.

I'd like a copy of that photo full size as well, getting Bruce into it was a great idea. I was looking for a giant green scary mask pattern! I wonder if she is coming to Calgary...
Anne B.

That was a really nice tribute to Stoller, Margene!

Your SnB group consistently comes off as the most warm, close-knit group in the country -- thanks in large part to YOU, Margene! But how wonderful that the group is thriving and meets so consistently. Yay for Debbie for planting the seed.

Three cheers for Debbie Stoller!

I want that book.

Yea for the SLC SnB! Glad you had such a fab time.

How fun! It must have been a bit of consolation:)

Sounds like you had a blast!

Sounds like loads of fun.

I so wish that there was one closer to me. Everyone that I have talked to on Ravelry are available at different times, so it doesn't look too promising. :(

Wow, I am envious of your great SnB and meeting Debbie! how fabulous :) I want to see the new book - I haven't looked through it yet...

I know exactly what you mean about your SnB group. I feel the same way about mine. It went from meeting once a month to once a week and I don't know what I'd do without my grrls. :)

Great post - it reminds me of how much I enjoy my own knitting group.

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