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The gauge swatch in Silky Wool is growing slowly, mainly because there is no need for it to grow quickly.  Already there have been lessons learned and ideas are starting to form. Silky Wool is heavenly to knit and should make a warm, yet light weight, sweater for cool weather wearing.

In the category cloud on the right side bar you'll find a new category, EPS 2008.  Any post on this project will be housed there as reference, if need be.  If you join in you're encouraged to leave a link in the comments of a post so we can follow your progress, too.  The goal is to keep this simple for everyone, but still offer support and suggestions. The main thing is to enjoy the company of others while we knit.  A Ravelry group, EZ EPS has been set up as a way to stay in touch, too.

Epsbooksyoucanuseforsweater I've enjoyed going through all the Elizabeth Zimmerman books, of which four have the pattern:  Knitting Around, Knitting Workshop, The Opinionated Knitter, and Knitting Without Tears. BooksfrommegswansenforepsThe basic sweater is the same in each book, the only difference may be the yoke style.  Meg Swansen, Elizabeth's daughter, also has two books, Handknitting with Meg Swansen and Meg Swansen's Knitting, and both offer versions of the EPS.  Her yokes are different still, very creative, and would be fun to do now or later.  (All books are available from Schoolhouse Press.)

The one thing you must do with this sweater, like it or not, is knit a swatch....a big swatch in the round to determine the best gauge for your yarn and the resulting sweater. If we follow the EPS rules carefully we should all end up with sweaters we'll wear and wear. 

Perhaps it's a bit too early to decide, but visions of Scandinavian patterns dance in my head.  So many patterns, so little room.  A sketch pad will be close by as ideas bounce around and land. First there are miles of stockinette to get through before the yoke, but I remain a stockinette avenger and will enjoy this easy peasy knitting. Hmmm, maybe I should start some lace on New Year's Day, too.


Nice color you're using. So how big of a swatch do you have to make fo your EPS?

Lace is always a good way to start the new year!

Ohhhh, someday I really want to do one of these....

loooove that orange!

That orange will look so pretty on you!

Hmm, somewhere I saw an article by Meg (I think) updating the shape of the EPS for our modern times.

Hmm, somewhere I saw an article by Meg (I think) updating the shape of the EPS for our modern times.

Don't know if I'll join the EPS fun, but I do have one of those books, so I'm off to check out the pattern now.

Your swatch looks like the beginning of the sweater. And promises a fabulous FO! So many great ideas come out of Utah! I decided to join in this. My progress so far: I joined the Ravelry group and have my yarn. Next, I will pick out a book.

Orange! Let me guess, you're knitting a hat?

I've heard of doing a cap as a "swatch" for this, or how 'bout a sleeve? You've got to do two of those anyway! (I'm cheating: I'm using Meg's written directions for the Spiral Yoke and following her numbers since it's exactly the size I need. The gauge is working out, oddly enough.)

lace is always good:) Are you suggesting a circular-knit hat as a gauge? I vaguely remember EZ mentioning that somewhere... how much extra yarn did you get for your 'swatch' over what you bought for the sweater?

Isn't Silky Wool wonderful?? It's my favorite!

Very, very tempting to join. Could this be the sweater that breaks the Curse of the Unfinished Sweaters for me? Have fun!

Hmm, I've got a sweater's worth of ultra alpaca light for a tangled yoke that never got off the ground, plus colors for a yoke. I may be joining you too! BTW, love the black, grey, red, cream - very nordic and classic.

Yes, I could be swatching right now.

I'm looking forward to miles of stockingette, too!

Okay, Margene. I think I'm going to have to join in with you. Even though I swore off knitalongs. Just wondering. I started a EPS and have only gotten as far as the ribbing. Is that cheating? This would be the perfect motivation to get it done. If not, I'll be honest and start something new.

BTW, being a partial Bears fan - I'm loving the blue and orange.

I really like the picot hem with a different color. I might have to do that - I don't really want a ribbed hem anyway.

Silky wool has such a great hand, doesn't it? I have the yarn to make SB a sweater out of it, but not the desire! Awful, I know.

That Silky Wool looks divine and the creative process of creating the EPS sounds delightful. I'm going to enjoy witnessing it's inception.

Well, I'm doing it and I can't wait. I better finish spinning that Romney, though. I love your gauge swatch. I agree that the orange will look really good on you and that blue is very striking. windybrook.blogspot.com

Mmmm...Silky Wool and EZ...what could go wrong?

Can't you just make a circular swatch?

I think starting with lace for the new year is a great idea. I look forward to seeing your EPS progress.

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