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December...and the Livin' is Easy

NaKniSweBloPoMo Fini!


I've fallen head over heels for Scoop!

Scoopfullbodyshoy_2 Scoopfromtheback_3 Scoopfavoritesweater

This was a fun, fast, classic knit that went together so smoothly, so nicely and I'd love to knit a second one, right now!  I've been wearing this sweater almost everyday since she crossed the finish line.  The fabric, the fit, the warmth, and style, are to live for. She's the perfect, dress up, dress down, always lookin' good sweater.  If I ever knit with Peace Fleece again you can bet it'll get the rough treatment.  It softened wonderfully and the itch factor vanished!

Scoop Pattern: Scoop du Jour by ChicKnits
Yarn: 6 skeins Peace Fleece, Blueberry Borscht
Size: 40
Needles:  As per pattern 5-8 Addi Turbo
KALs: NaKniSweBloPoMoFo
Time to Knit: November 1- November 22, 2007
Modifications:  Lengthened body and sleeves 2"


Love it!!

NaKniSweBloPoMoFo wasn't too bad, but I think I'll take it easy in December.  Have a good weekend!


Scoop looks marvelous! I love the style and color. Thanks for the info along the way, especially about how you handled the yarn. It looks like you took those pictures in my backyard with all the leaves!

How cute are YOU in all those leaves??? Your sweater is delightful - it looks like it was MADE for you. Oh wait, it was! :-)

It looks absolutely perfect! And you and Smith certainly had fun with that photo shoot. I can only wear my Peace Fleece sweater when it's REALLY cold.

Congratulations on all your November accomplishments! The sweater looks great. I can hardly wait until I get the Peace Fleece I have ordered.

I LOVE it, Margene. And with those mitts too -- how wonderful.

I absolutely LOVe the first picture....it is so you! I love your new sweater and I miss you!

Scoop looks great and I love the first picture! I haven't jumped in a pile of leaves since I was a kid. Did I miss your 007 post for November?

It looks beautiful, Margene ... and such a great color.

Classy sweater..on a Classy Lady..love the mitts too.

It turned out fabulously - a lovely perfect fit. Hopefully it was easy to pick off all the leaves after the shoot. ;)

You're braver than me to get in all of those leaves with the spiders!! The sweater looks great. :)

Scoop looks great and you look like you're having waaaay too much fun in those leaves.

Fantastic sweater Margene and very fun pictures!

Oh, I remember the Peace Fleece fondly when it was just a babe on the skein, and look at it NOW!!! That is just an awesome use of that yarn -- couldn't be better.

And you, taking it easy in December with the knitting? I'll believe it when I see it. :)

The sweater and the pics are so great! I love that color too.

You are a mad woman and we love you for it! Scoop looks awesome...as do you. Owen loves to jump in leaves. He makes little piles and jumps and throws them. :)

Brava! And the colors are splendid.

That's a winner, Margene! Perfect yarn choice for the pattern.

You're such a cutiepie. :-)

You are too much fun! Congratulations on a finished knit!

LOVE! THE! PICS! And the sweater too! Yay!

Oh boy, leaf angels!! The sweater looks awesome! Good job.

Beautiful sweater, Margene. It looks like you are having so much fun in all those leaves!

Great sweater - and the first and last picture are So. Much. Fun! Yay for fall!

Scoop looks great! Wow that is one good sized pile of leaves. Did you have to rake all of them?

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