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Dear Canon SD750-

You have my undying love, dear one, as you have given me a renewed and rejuvenated lease on blogging!  Who knew my relationship with the Nikon was so bad.  Sometimes a grrl just doesn't know how bad camera is when she's in the middle of a relationship.  It took a lot out of me trying to make things work, but now I see the error of my ways. Thank you for saving me and for treating me well.


Baretoesandmoxiesnose_2 Beautifulsunsetonawarmday Look at the color, the depth and texture your pictures have!  You have given me a way to show my friends how truly beautiful my view is.  It has been unseasonable warm (73!) and it was fun to walk my dog Moxie with you in hand. We had a wonderful time taking lots of nice photos.  Thank you for your good nature and eye to detail.

Always yours,



Wow! That mountain shot is AMAZING.

Great photos and wonderful temps. And the photo shoot for Portrait will be when?

Wow - what a difference! Your pics were always beautiful, but now they're GAW-geous.

Oh my goodness! What an improvement! Can't wait to see what else you can do with your new camera.

yea, the mountains are great but I love that picture of dog nose!!

Ditto the feelings about the Nikon Coolpix. Worst camera decision I ever made, and it was supposed to be oh-so-GREAT. (and I chose an expensive version, too).

Yesterday I got a new camera, too, and already I feel the same way you do about your new one. XO

Meh! My last little camera was a Nikon Coolpix. Piece of cr*p. We upgraded a bit with the Sony (I wanted the comparable Canon, but Pete liked that you can view your photos on the HD TV in HD from the camera. I think I just think Sony: music, Canon: pictures). It has a lot of features, and I hope I can learn to use them. Yay! I'm looking forward to even better photos from the mountains.

Wonderful pictures. Especially "Nose and Toes". But you need some snow, eh?

Beautiful! What a cute nose Moxie has!

The clarity and depth of "Canon"'s picture taking make me homesick for those beautiful Wasatch Mountains.

Happiness is a pic or two of your mountains. Now where are the projects. Some of us are never satisfied. :D

I have the Canon SD1000, but I'm a lousy photographer. My specialty seems to be photographing sock yarn!

Wow - so maybe that Nikon did you a favor!

I have always been a Canon girl. Whoohoo!

I'm thinkin', WHAT IS THAT THING BY MARGENE'S PRETTY TOES? Oh my goodness, it's a MOXIE NOSE!!! What a goofball.
; )

Wonderful depth in the mountain picture. And I love Moxie's snoot in the toe shot!

Lovely mountain shot and sky with tree. I also happen to love the feet shot with puppy nose.

I'm glad you found a new camera you like!

You had a beautiful day to try out your new camera. Love the blue sky! It's hard to believe you are having temperatures that high...sounds like Texas instead of Utah.

Awww, what a sweet post... I love the toes and nose together! I think what drew me to your blog in the first place was the mountain photos, then I found out what a lovely and interesting person you were and how much we had in common. Glad you can blog in the style you are accustomed once again.

I thought I loved my little Canon (SD300) but now I'm jealous! Those shots are amazing! How many megapixels? I wonder if I shouldn't tank the Pentax and go for the Canon! WOW! Gorgeous!

gorgeous Margene! I have a Canon on my Christmas/bday list ....

Wow look at that mountian shot. That is amazing. Glad that you have found a new relationship and it is a good one. ;)

I'm sure you'll love your new camera!

I do so love cameras....

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