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On the Road with Langsjal Jóhönnu

Patchofgoldenaspensinkiababforest The word of the day was not Grand (or Canyon), it was not gold (the color of the aspen trees), it wasn't even Jóhö.  It was WIND!  Our trip through the Kiabab National Forest, towards the Grand Canyon, was stalled twice by wind-felled trees.
We were able to drive around, or move (Smith strong armed one), the very dead trees out of the way.  Alas, the wind was the reason we saw little of the canyon, as the scenic roads were closed due to more felled trees.  The Lodge was the only destination we could visit, but it is a fabulous Lodge with impressive views...views almost overshadowed by the magnificent sky.


Dramaofthecanyonsky Skydramainthegrandcanyon_2

Distantstormmovinginfast Greendotsbuttsofgrandcanyon

Jóhö was a able to show off her beauty despite the adverse wind conditions.  She thought about taking flight, but I held on to her for dear life. We took a few photos and then headed to the Lodge for lunch, a delicious lunch with more fabulous views.  Our time on the Rim was short yet awe inspiring.  We must return for further exploration and a longer stay. 


Johoatthegrandcanyon Thiswasquiteatree


Pattern: Langsjal Jóhönnu from Three-Cornered & Long Shawls - by Sigridur Halldórsdóttir
Yarn: Plain and Fancy Lace Weight Singles apx. 500 yards– Violet Blue, purchased at Estes Park 2005, now discontinued
Time to knit: May 19, 2006-September 26, 2007

What did I learn?   First, everything happens in its own time.  Jóhö was on the needles for a long, long time, but she was finished when the time was right.  The yarn kept me going because of its beauty and the pattern was interesting, even if difficult (in the beginning).   Second, this is the most complicated pattern in the Halldórsdóttir book as there is patterning on both front and back rows. The symbols are for the right side only, which means every backside row the symbols must be 'flipped' in your head as you work.  Eventually the brain catches on, the eyes see the pattern and the work goes more quickly. Third, I, the Kitchener averse knitter, grafted 125 stitches to attach the second end to the main shawl and survived. Keeping the tension consistent was the main challenge.  Langsjal Jóhönnu is a very rewarding design to have under my belt and I'll love wearing this soft, warm wool against my face this winter.

Thank goddess the weekend is here already. It's been tough to get back in the swing of things after our wonderful trip.  Enjoy your weekend and I'll share more of the trip next week!


It's wonderful! The lessons you learned will serve you well, too.

Joho is gorgeous and so is all that wonderful scenery

Grafting?? How unfair! It's supposed to be 'knit, knit, knit, block, enjoy'!

Joho was well worth waiting for - so lovely. I love your canyon pics - what a shame you were only able to see so little of that awe-inspiring place.

Beautiful! Love the last photo- the winds seems like it vanished in that one. Kitchenering 125 st?! Wow! Brave woman!

Absolutely beautiful! I'm really impressed - that is a major piece of knitting.

Phenomenal shawl! Worthy of all the effort and time!

Gorgeous! Completely worth it, I think!

I can feel the wind from your photos -- hang onto Joho! Incredible shawl! Great work!

Wonderful knitting Margene! You look so cute - all windblown!

it is stunning Margene!

Joho is gorgeous!! What a beautiful location for the photos.

Masterpiece! Nice view, too.

when the student is ready; 125 stitches will be grafted.

marie in florida

I am always fascinated by the colors of the Grand Canyon. I've tried to catch them in watercolors. Will have to try dyes next. Glad you enjoyed your time, except the tree thing, that's really 'wild'.

It's good to have you back. I need my daily mountain shots, and project shots.

I've made a shawl from that book: Triangular Shawl (Halfskak). I've got a pic up in my notebook on Ravelry. Used 2 colors,and it is my all-time favorite shawl. And I'm going to wear it to Rhinebeck, even if it's way too cold. I don't care. So there!

She's gorgeous! The color is just marvelous, and I like how she looks great as either a scarf or shawl.

Joho is beautiful and so is the canyon! Great work :)

Joho is absolutely beautiful. I love the pictures and am enjoying coming along for the ride. Thanks and have a great weekend.

I would've been terrified to photo Joho in that wind! You're brave! Joho is lovely and worth.every.stitch, I'm sure!

Just gorgeous! Good for you for sticking with it - because now you have a beautiful FO to wear just in time for the winter months!

I couldn't wait until today to see Jojo but I waited to read your post until the very last one because I knew I'd want to savor it. It's just so - almost beyond words. First how you describe the process and the story and then seeing it in "person". It a work of art. Thanks for sharing.

Of course, your shawl is beautiful and worthy of reveal amidst such grandeur! Beautifully done, Margene!

Such pretty views. Joho is so lovely. What a great place to show her off.

Gorgeous shawl and canyon pictures! We went to the North Rim right after Sept. 11 and it was a lovely quiet retreat from the crazy world. We stayed at the Kaibab Lodge cabins and I highly recommend their restaurant. :)

Gorgeous Joho, just the perfect match to the beautiful North Rim, I love the photos with the clouds hanging over the canyon. Have a great weekend.

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