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Ruby's are Red

Violet's are Blue...

..and nothing is sweeter than a fancy new pair of hand knit socks.


Yesterday, in an answer to Beth's comment, I told her my feet were very happy feet.  They are housed in skimpy sandals all summer and hand knit wool socks all winter. After wearing Ruby My Dear socks for to the photo shoot my feet are looking forward to cooler temps and dancing to a jazzy tune…the happy jazzy tune of new Ruby's.

Tiptoesofrubytulips Ruby My Dear socks are ruby red, a very joyful color, a beautiful rich color.  If there were any tulips around I'd be tiptoeing through them in celebration, as this Tulip colorway is heav-eeen-ly, plus it's as warm and lovely as any sock yarn can be.

Rubysfromcufftotoe The pattern for Ruby was as complicated as any sock I've knit, but once my brain understood the way the rib pattern increased on one side and decreased  on the other it was smooth going. The second sock went off without a hitch and was much more fun to knit.  The way the lace panel moves down the leg and crisscrosses over the ankle is ingenious and creative.  I especially love the way the panels come together and run parallel on top of the foot. It's a shame such beautiful socks will be hidden inside a shoe, but I'll know, and my feet will know, just how wonderful they are..it will be our little secret.


Ruby My Dear Socks
Pattern: Thelonious by CookieA
Yarn: Ball and Skein Tulip by Judy
Time to Knit: July 1 – August, 23 2007


That is such a gorgeous pair of socks.

Beautiful ruby red socks! My feet live a similar life as yours, Birkies all year round, with wooly socks when the temperatures fall. ;o)

Wow! Those are stunners. You are right, it is too bad they will be inside your shoes. You'll just have to slip your shoes off more often.

An amazing pair of socks. I wouldn't have appreciated the intricacies of the pattern if you hadn't pointed them out so clearly. Who says socks can't be a fine form of art as well as any shawl or sweater?

These really are gorgeous! Lucky feet. :)

Wow...those came out beautifully! I definitely want to give those a try soon.

Fabulous! I don't believe there's a sock pattern you can't do!

very nice! i think those are my favorite pair of thelonious socks that i've seen. the color really seems to work.

btw, i slip off my shoes at work all the time when i'm wearing handknit socks. no one has yet to notice, but at least i get to see them a little more often :)

Very, very pretty! Love the red! I wish it got a bit colder here during what we call "winter" because as it is I only have a few months that are wool sock weather.

*sigh* They are so beautiful!

Gorgeous socks....... in red- one of my favorite colors!

That is a very cool pattern! I think the pattern and yarn look great together - way to go! You could always get some clear clogs to wear with your handknit socks.

Beautiful pattern, wonderful yarn, perfect combination!

They are gorgeous, Margene. Your feet will absolutely be doing a happy dance in those socks!

Happy feet, indeed! They're wonderful!

You're the only person I know personally who has actually finished a pair of Cookie A. socks. Good going! They are very red,too. Awesome.

That's a beautiful pair of socks! Great work!

Those are beautiful. You'll appreciate them in the dead of January.

socking love

Yummmmmmmmy. Great job!

Soooo pretty! I'd not want to cover them up with shoes!

Those are really great!

Very nice socks! The pattern and the yarn play nicely together :)

Very fabulous! You could always get a pair of 'winter' sandals so you can show off your cool socks on dry days.

Ooooo! That pattern is going on my must-knit list. Even if it isn't mindless knitting. I love em!

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