Spinning Drama


A perfect photo for the day that the final Harry Potter book is released!

I'll bet you've got a bunch of those and it was hard to choose just one! Great photo, Margene.

Ooooo.... cooool!! Isn't it just amazing that a tree could grow to that size in the desert.... and even more amazing that it's still standing!? Happy Saturday Margene! :)

What a cool picture. There is something about a dead tree that has always intrigued me.

Wow - just, wow.

Stark and lovely...

Beautiful...reminds me of parts of Yellowstone after fire ravaged the area.


A perfect Friday the 13th sky!

Are you trying to frighten us desert rats, or what? :) Beautiful sky!

How fab!

You win. ;^)

Ominous looking.

Love old trees like this...oh, the stories it could tell ;)

The lightening is great. Great lighting is seriously lacking here today. Thanks for sharing yours.

What a cool sky shot!

Oh, that's a gorgeous picture!! I love Bryce Canyon - it's so peaceful and beautiful.

Gorgeous photo!

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